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ByChastain Feb 23, 2021

That's a funny word. Today at Watchtower 14 PAX fondled some balls. Is it possible to fondle anything else? Anyways, thanks to Posse for loaning

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2nd Chisel

ByEx-LAX Feb 18, 2021

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.   DICCS given The warmup: Opening mosey to front of church entrance Circle

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Chickens, Donkeys and Mike Tysons- great monday

ByChicken Little Feb 15, 2021

DICCS- Given to include all the usual items. Warm Up- Long Mosey to front of high school for monster walk, knee's to chest and since Damascus

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Thats two you owe me, junior

ByChastain Feb 12, 2021

I'm going to attempt to blow up this website. GIFs (pronounced with a hard G) are way more fun than actual text to get your point across. Es

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Spread ‘Em Blue Screen?

ByZinfandel Feb 9, 2021

Sore. Tired. Useless. That’s a description of my body after Friday’s FSAUP. I probably would have fartsacked again today but Watchtower is so

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Here is King Ghidorah! And Happy Birthday ShopDog!

ByAckbar Feb 5, 2021

Good morning gents, Ackbar here. Big day at Impromptu as Transporter, Chatterbox, and I (Ackbar) are the Tag Team Site Qs for 2021! Transporter s

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Flash in the pan

ByRudy Feb 1, 2021

Warm Up  Mosey to High School entrance.  Stretching, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers, Mt. Climbers. The Thang  Grab a bench.  20 St

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