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Death By Man Cold

ByFuse Box Jun 11, 2021

I've been fighting a pretty hard fight this week.  Its known as the Man Cold.  While its symptoms often mimic the common cold, even when our wi

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“Give It All You Got” – Chop Choo

ByFuse Box Jun 8, 2021

14 poor souls brave men came out to Waxhaw Express today to run for an hour.  A couple new pax saw a fat guy was Q'ing and decided to venture ou

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MOIST – Flash BB

ByGhosted Jun 7, 2021

DISCS WARM-UP * Mosey lap around CMS Front Parking Circle * 20 Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *20 Imperial Walkers *Plank P

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Commitment Backblast

ByGhosted Jun 5, 2021

DISCS WARM-UP * Mosey to Nesbitt Park Circle * Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops * 20 Imperial Walkers *Plank Position – Cal

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32 minute workout

ByWolverine Jun 1, 2021

Diccs and mosey, stretch, mosey ... Easy workout today, timed intervals.  1 min, 2 min, 3, 4, 3, 2 & 1 minute of 5k pace with equal recov

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Kudos to the Floater Newbs

BySugar Daddy May 27, 2021

Every AO has their regulars and that is needed...but its always great to see guys posting at places they haven't ever posted or it has been awhil

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Ignition Back Blast -Tour de Champion Forest Mail Box Mania

ByGhosted May 25, 2021

Ignition Back Blast 5-24-2021 DISCS Warmup  Mosey 0.25 miles to circle behind CHS 15 side strattle hops, 15 Moroccan night clubs,

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