Hills, Hills, and more Hills

ByFuse Box May 6, 2021

12 came out to Pursuit to see if a Clydesdale would spill Merlot at his own Q.  Sorry to disappoint.  The goal today was to do the exact opposi

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PreBlast: 8 Weeks To Your Fastest Mile

ByTuck Apr 12, 2021

YHC will take the reigns at Swift starting next week for an 8-week training program designed to produce your fastest mile.  Why?  Because getti

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A Bridge Over Waxhaw

ByPaper Jam Mar 28, 2021

10 PAX showed up on a warm morning at the parking lot of the Millbridge pool to run. And run they did. After a proper disclaimer and poor explana

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The Clippy Challenge + Setting Goals

ByChastain Mar 26, 2021

10 PAX went to Pursuit and some of them attempted the Clippy Challenge. What's that? According to Paper Jam he was trying to come up with a route

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Pursuit – Rain, Rain, Go Away

BySoft Pretzel Mar 18, 2021

10 Pax - 8 ran, 2 rucked.  Route was ~6 miles and we did repeating intervals: 4 minutes at marathon or long distance pace x 2 minutes at thresho

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Footlong VQ

ByWolverine Mar 4, 2021

Started with a light jog up Millbridge Parkway to the first roundabout. Quickly gave instructions on how Indian Runs would work: Stay in single

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Go to the second round about go left run hill repeat!

ByRubbermaid Feb 25, 2021

We had 7 men run some hills for an hour.  2 men rucked.   Announcements March 13 is F3 Dads camp talk to paper jam its also the ro

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In Pursuit of LIES!

ByBottlecap Feb 11, 2021

10 PAX took a field trip to a new neighborhood at Pursuit with the goal of hitting some hills.  Mission accomplished. WARMUP: Mosey to C

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Just the Tip

ByCarb Load Jan 28, 2021

So this is Pursuit. Not much to tell other than we ran for an hour.   Not much happened that was funny, per se... Shout out to ExLax for get

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