South Charlotte

Where is everyone?

ByVoodoo May 18, 2022

YHC pulled into the lot at Calvary this morning with about 5 minutes to spare and found Big League Chew and The Worm waiting for me. Considering

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Welcome, Bulgarian Goat Bag!

ByVoodoo May 17, 2022

15 burly men (including 1 FNG!) showed up at Covenant Day School this morning to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Area 51's inaugural gear wo

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Sandbags and Fun Part 2

ByFire Hazard May 13, 2022

I have updated the 1/26/2018 back blast for todays workout. 15 5 men showed up to check out the new location for the hardest South Charlotte

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Select Each Image Containing a Skunk to Proceed

ByHorsehead May 10, 2022

Pax: Stone Cold, Smokey, Chicken Wing, MAD, Lois, Funky Cold, Horsehead 7 Skunks got CAPTCHA’d at the Ye Olde Covenant of Christ this Tew

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The real reason we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

ByHoover May 5, 2022

Let's cut to the chase (or is it chaise?) here, Cinco de Mayo is about as much of a holiday as Administrative Professionals day.  No offense to


Cleaning the Rat Traps

ByHops May 2, 2022

YHC arrived somewhat Q Magoo was first in...not including the dude cleaning out the rat traps around SCMS.  Next on Mike Rowe's "Di

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All we need is Chippy

Bywingman Apr 27, 2022

Its like that time you came back to your parents house during thanksgiving in college and went out to see all your buddies... 12 men assembled

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“Single Arm Park Snatch” – a Kettle Bell move or a Frehley’s story?

BySoul Glow Apr 27, 2022

Life is busy so having a spreadsheet serve as a guide for a given workout is pretty helpful. Even when that spreadsheet is color coded to resembl

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My midriff brings all the boys to the bag(pipe)

Bymidriff Apr 27, 2022

At least that's what I tell myself. It's actually Rousey's brilliant marketing. Early on in his Site Q days, he created the strangest photoshop c

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No Whistle, but still pain to gain!

ByTonyatine Apr 13, 2022

Beautiful morning today, so was happy to wake up and lead the group this day. Feel like I am at Marvin Middle and HS more times a day than I care

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