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That bad kinda feeling

ByIce9 Sep 13, 2021

It was a fine morning for Ignition. I was especially excited to see Dasher, who is one of my favorites. (Yes I like and care about you too.) T

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Frustrated FUSE in the Pursuit of Excellence

ByChicken Little Sep 2, 2021

DICCS given to to cover normal safety stuff-- cell phone , cpr, ect... Warm Up- fast paced mosey with only a few peeps to first circular islan

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Summer time in the woods in July

ByTurnbuckle Aug 11, 2021

3 men ran through the steamy woods after a night rain in the trail thread. 3 men walked over the river and through the woods

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Weinke -Do

ByFoundation Aug 2, 2021

The time was 5:13 and no Q had been claimed and no Site Q on site, YHC looked around the parking lot and saw 1 gazelle to the right (hocking shir

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Lost clips of casting call from Howard Stern Movie (frisbee scene)

ByFoundation Jul 30, 2021

In history there have been some well known trios – Three Stooges, Three Tenors, Bee Gees, Huey/Dewey/Louie, so Sugar Daddy decided to do his be

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Monday Aggression

ByHollywood Jul 12, 2021

Warm Up Thang1: Ran to the nice wood benches behind the HS; did 50 dips feet on benches Thang2: -To the shed; 25 Mike Tysons -To the

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Commitment 7/10/2021

ByCarb Load Jul 11, 2021

Earlier in the week when Elsa was making her way up the east coast, knowing I was on Q at Commitment, I had been planning a Weinke that would kee

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Pursuing those hills

ByHollywood Jul 1, 2021

Wasn't sure how to avoid hills since you are either going up or down hills the entire time at this site.  So YHC decided to embrace it and we at

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