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The Wolf will get you Swole

Today was the first day of the new kettlebell program and it brought 8 pax out to McAlpine Elementary on a cool, but still humid Monday morning. Since it was a new program and I had plagiarized it, Mighty Mite asked me to Q today. I had every intention of getting to the workout about 15 minutes early, but that didn’t work out and I rolled in at about 5:28. At least I wasn’t late.


  • Swings x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Swings x 10
  • Prying squat x 2
  • Swings x 10

In an effort to keep Mighty Mite from bringing up yesterday’s Saints/Panthers game, I decided we were warm and should move on to the Main Event:

The Wolf – Week 1/Day 1

Double cleans x 5
Double front squats x 5
Double military press x 5
Double cleans x 5
Double front squats x 5

Do 3 sets with a work to rest ratio of 1 to 2. The exercises took ~1:00, so we rested 2:00. No resting during the complex, only at the end. Single bells can also be used, just work through the complex on one side, then the other.

Next, we did some Easy Strength to lower the heart rate:

4 sets of 5 double deadlifts
4 sets of 10 merkins on the bells
4 sets of 8 lawnmower rows per side
5 sets of 5 double swings


Waiter carry (single bell overhead with locked elbow) for ~20 yards
Suitcase carry (single bell by your side) for ~20 yards
Switch sides and repeato.

Voodoo complex (single bell):
Swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, press. Complete on weak side, then on strong side. Don’t rest until you’re done with both sides. First time through, do 3 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Second time through, do 2 reps of each exercise. Third time through, do 1 rep of each exercise.

Mary: elbow plank for 1:15, hollow body hold for 1:00.


  • HDHH at 5:30 on Wednesday evening at The Lodge at Colony Place. Join your fellow pax for some libations and 2nd F.
  • October 29th is our next blood drive at Matthews Town Hall. Get signed up as slots are filling up fast!


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out to follow my lead and try out the new complex. If you’d like to read more about it, please check out the pre-blast here. The spreadsheet with the workouts for the next 12 weeks can be found here. Recommended bell sizes are 16 to 24 kilos (35 to 53 lbs.).
  • After the first workout, I can tell that the next 17 workouts are going to be tough. Through the 6-week period that we’re following this specific workout, we will incrementally add sets, then reduce rest. If we gut it out, we will come out stronger on the other side. For the following 6 weeks, we’ll focus on a different workout program to get a little variety.
  • If you’re interested in trying some kettlebell work, please join us. We had pax doing singles, pax doing doubles, and a variety of weights. All are welcome!
  • Mighty Mite was kind enough not to talk too much about this past weekend’s football as both of my teams failed to show up and got crushed. Thankfully, as a fan of UVA and the Saints, I’ve learned not to get too excited or disappointed about 1 game because the reality is probably somewhere in the middle.
  • Frehley’s and The Worm took turns fumigating each other and making every one else’s eyes water. At one point, Frehley’s even claimed that his gas had interfered with the Bluetooth connection between my phone and the speaker. #science
  • Hoover was using the double 24s today and I’m pretty sure he’s got a dilemma for Wednesday since he has to choose from day 2 of this workout at Meathead or the Week 3 IPC workout at SACS.
  • Uncle Leo was looking strong with his doubles. He’s made a ton of progress over the last 18+ months. He’s bought bigger bells and seems to have no issues with the doubles.
  • Wild Turkey was getting after it with his big blue bell this morning. Next week, I’m going to bring my competition 24 so he can have a matching pair.
  • Despite a jacked-up back, Ickey came out and did the workout with a single bell. I think he also managed to finally get his Yeti back from our BRR team captain. All in all, a good start to the week for him.

Hills, Hills and more Hills

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception.

Mosey to the Lawson club house for a simple warm up,  we did stuff

The thang.  7’s on the back hills of Lawson and suicides on the front.  Merkin shredders and squats. Burpees and merkin shredders

Moleskin:  Good to see Stinger on the SOUTHSIDE he killed it an pushed himself. Glida and BC led the pax and didn’t even seem to be breathing, you both suck.  Ice admittedly was sucking wind this morning but he gave a solid finish along with Glida and Deflated who always kills the back half of a work out.  Not much mumble chatter and everyone pushed!



Anoucnements:  Christ’s Closet loading this friday 4-6 PM   @ 6025 New Town Road

Giving Event this Saturday 7 AM   503 Maurice Monroe




A zero running work out has challenges to keep the HR high but we found away to remedy that.

WU- 15 SSH, 10 Merkins, and something else.

The thang:  Mosey to the hill with cinder block,  11’s on the hill squats at the top, shoulder presses at the bottom.  Mosey to the parking lines,  11 lines variations of lunges, squats, calf raises, and curls with descending reps.  Back to the hill, alt lunges for the finish.

Great morning,  saw grit by all!

Kettlebell Pre-blast – Fall 2021

The next 12 weeks of Swole, Meathead, and Olympus will focus on workouts from the book More Kettlebell Muscle by Geoff Neupert. This book is based on complexes (a series of compound exercises performed sequentially with the same weight and without rest. All the reps of one exercise are completed before moving on to the next exercise in the sequence) and chains (a series of compound exercises performed sequentially in which each exercise is performed once before the sequence is started again. Each time the sequence is performed is considered one repetition.)

This is a complex:

  • Double swing (DSW) x 5
  • Double high pull (DHP) x 5
  • Double snatch (DSN) x 5
  • Double front squat (DFS) x 5

This is a chain:

  • (DSW + DHP + DSN + DFS) x 5

Complexes build up local muscular fatigue quickly, so the work you can perform is limited by the weakest exercise in the complex. Chains spread the fatigue over more muscle groups, allowing you to do more work overall.

All of the workouts in this program can be performed as complexes or chains, giving the Q the opportunity to inject a little variety into them. While all of these workouts are written for double bells, pax can modify to single bells if they are less experienced, working through injury, or need to deload a bit. #youvsyou

The workout should be structured as follows: warm-up, MKM program, and finisher (easy strength, another complex/chain, carries, Mary). The only part of the workout that is programmed is the MKM portion, the rest is up to the Q.

We will work through two 6-week programs from the book. The workouts will be the same each day of the week, but the # of sets and work:rest ratio will vary over time.

The first workout is called The Wolf and it’s based on the squat because “the legs feed the wolf.” The second workout is called Clean ‘Em Up 2.0. As you can imagine, it’s based on the double clean.

The schedule can be found here.

Exercise reference:

  • DCL = Double clean
  • DFS = Double front squat
  • DMP = Double military press
  • DSW = Double swing
  • DSN = Double snatch
  • DHP = Double high pull
  • DJK = Double jerk
  • DRW = Double row

We don’t do a lot of jerks, so feel free to substitute push presses. If you plan to do the jerk, keep in mind these cues:

The Jerk is a “3-D” exercise:

  1. Dip – Keeping your torso vetical, dip down with a quick, shallow, quarter squat.
  2. Drive – At the bottom of the quarter squat, reverse the squat and quickly stand up, driving the bells off your chest, guiding with the arms, to at least the top of your head.
  3. Drop – When the bells have passed over the top of your head, quickly drop back into a squat while fixing the kettlebells overhead by locking out your arms. You will “wedge” yourself between the ground and the kettlebells.

Q-Jack at the Body Shop by Large Pelagic

The schedule showed Das Boot on Q, but it was Big Tuna taking the Leader today! Here’s what happened:

5:30AM Launch for a quick mosey and COP Warm-up.

SSH x 15, IW x 15, Plank for Calf-Stretch & Runners-Stretch, and finish with 10-Merkins OYO.

Mosey to front of school for Board of Pain (inspired by Smokey) to complete 10-Reps of the following:

  1. Merkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Chippy Cross
  6. Mike Tyson
  7. Lunges
  8. American Hammer
  9. Heels to Heaven
  10. Burpees

On the odd number’s, make the long-run down the driveway and even number’s, make the short-run to the playground.

Finished strong with Merry:

LBC x 25, Pistol Crunch Right x 25, Pistol Crunch left x 25, Pretzel Crunch Right x 25, Pretzel Crunch Left x 25


It was a good spirited group of PAX today. Initially, they were engaged with the Board of Pain until I shared that the board is a ladder separated by the running. Oh, how those groans quickly turned to grunts of repetitive exhaustion.  (Speaking for myself of course!)

Our prayers are with One Star and his family as his Mother is dealing with some medical issues.

Special Thanks to Das Boot and his continued Leadership at the Body Shop. Thanks for letting me Q-Jack!

Big Tuna

Rocking Out at The Bottom Line

7 Pax gathered at this week’s edition of The Bottom Line.  If you have not made it out to this AO what is stopping you?  What other AO can you say that you have worked out in NC and SC at the same workout?

The Thing:

Mosey out of the Bridgehampton clubhouse and down a nearby cul-de-sac and back for a warmup.  There won’t be a whole lot of running for this workout so let’s get some in upfront.

Circle up for COP warmup consisting of IW, potato pickers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers and Morrocan Nightclubs.  Now that we are warmed up time for the Motivator.  Motivator was picked up by YHC at Slaughter’s Q at Centurion a couple of weeks ago and liked it.  Motivator is in quick succession SSH x 10,  partial SSH x 10, feet out and ins x 10 and calf raises x 10…then down to 9 reps, 8 reps, etc. until 0.

For the main event YHC wanted to do some exercises to help those going through the Iron Pax Challenge.  Walk over to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Partner up. P1 runs down to islands for called ab exercise while P2 does called lifting exercise with rock.  Keep flapjacking until the team hits the designated number.  The exercises went like this:

Round 1 = 200 total bicep curls with 15 H2H as timer.

Round 2 – 200 overhead presses with 15 flutter kicks as timer.

Round 3 = 150 tricep extensions with 12 big boy situps as timer.

Round 4 = 125 squats with rocks with 12 J-Lo’s as timer.

Return the rocks and circle up for last 5 minutes of Mary taking turns going around the circle to call ab exercises.  Everyone got to call one to not only work the abs but practice cadence counting and leading men in a workout.



Great work by all.  Thanks to everyone for putting in the work and leading Mary when the 6 was finishing their reps. The Brexit crew is getting stronger and faster out there in Bridgehampton land.  Toro and Inkwell HC’d to join Brexit tomorrow for his Q at The Maul.  Good job supporting each other and holding each other accountable.  Schooner noted during Round 3 that YHC was getting them ready for battle.  Either that or getting you ready to dominate the sailing circuit this year.  Glad to hear that F3 is helping Gimbells recover from hip surgery as he definitely puts in the work.  He will be lapping everyone soon.  Sweetwater had to leave us a little early but not before he selected a boulder for the lifting portion and rep’d it out without breaking a sweat.


  • Blood Drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall
  • Iron Pax Challenge has been fun and a success.  The “fun” continues this Friday at The Brave for the Week 2 IPC workout.

Elmer’s Gluesday Watchtower

DICCS given followed by a short mosey to the parking lot behind the school.

WARMUP: 20 side straddle hops

15 Moroccan night clubs

Calf stretch

Upward and downward dog


The RHOMBUS – its a lot like 4 corners but shaped differently.

Corner 1 – 25 Dips on the benches (Was supposed to be 20 but Elmers punished us for teasing him about how he says DEEIPS)

Corner 2 – 20 Rocky Balboas

Corner 3 – 20 LBCs

Corner 4 – 20 Flutters

In the middle 5 Bobby Hurlys after each excercise

Rinse and Repeat


Next we went to the back  of the school and at alternation lights we did

10 Merkins

then 5 Jump squats

We went up the driveway to the exit, then came back in and went to the entrance driveway

We finished at the parking lot behind the school and circled up and did

20 Moroccan night clubs

20 Low slow squats

did this 2X


Then we moseyed to the entrance of the school and did 25 Rocky Balboas

then we went under the overhang and did 3 sets of air presses and 2 sets of Jabs

25 times for each except the first set of air presses, Q forgot to count.

We then moseyed to the front of the school where we paired up One guy ran and the other partner began the exercise and  as a team we had to do:

Fiddy Donkey Kicks

Fiddy Mike Tysons

Fiddy flutters

Fiddy gas pumpers

Fiddy low slow squats

Fiddy LBC,s

Audible added here

100 Merkins

100 Bigboys


We then returned to COT where some guys finished their Big boys some guys did have a nice day.


This is one of Elmers first Q’s not is VQ but not far off, I think this is number 2. He did a great job! The guys were very supportive of him and I think everyone got a good workout.


That bad kinda feeling

It was a fine morning for Ignition. I was especially excited to see Dasher, who is one of my favorites. (Yes I like and care about you too.)

Then, I started to feel bad inside. You see, at 5:14, Dasher, who had been hanging out with us & preparing to have a great morning at Ignition, scampered off like Santa was calling. At first, I thought he was just so excited to spend the morning with me that his scampering was a false start. He would be back, I reassured myself.

Then I saw Santa, I mean Recalculating, beckoning him. And Dasher and Recalculating skipped off together, just the two of them, never to return. It is really hard to describe how much that hurt.

You know the feeling when you are about to eat ice cream and then the double scoop falls on the concrete, and it is nasty concrete, so you can’t even pick it up, brush it off, and keeping savoring? It was worse than that.

You know that feeling when you had asked Janet to the prom, and she said, yes, that she would love to go, but then when you arrived at her house to pick her up at the appointed time, she wasn’t even there, and when you went stag she was already at prom with your best friend Chester, pretending like that was normal and healthy and she didn’t know who you were? It was worse than that.

I didn’t know what to do with that bad kinda feeling. It felt like it was just boiling up inside me. Like lava. Or food poisoning. Luckily, the pax told me. They said what I should do was push them. Really hard. Like they were Dasher or Janet, and they were getting what they deserve! At least that’s what the voices inside my head that sounded like pax told me.

All in all, we went the long way around the school grounds 5 times, did well over 6 miles, 275 donkey kicks, and hundreds and hundreds of other exercises. I felt better. The end.

Crossing Borders

Luckily YHC was finally added to the SOB Slack page in time to get a DM fro Teddy and Wingman following up on a request weeks prior to Q at the often visited, but never led site in SOB land. The Waxhaw-Marvin Crew are frequent visitor to the point we are regulars, so we often need to pay our dues..

The first Monday after the NFL season was bound to be a little short, if not short, beat up from the weekends festivities.

Had a total of 8 Pax with about as many of the regular runners for the early smokescreen jaunt. does tDat run have a name? If not, I think I just named it.


quick mosey out to NW lot for SSH/IW/MNC/PP. another mosey to the bank for some of the easiest assisted peoples chair Jabs, Calf Stretch, Runner stretch, Up/Down Dog.


Head toward the Anails bar…. 5 burpees x2 en route. then lungwalk halfway to the Rockpile, 5 more burpees, then slow mosey to rocks.

pick a partner for a lap with workout

  • Lateral raise
  • Curl
  • Squat Thruster

Wave goodbye to Sweetwater who had to go take kids to school

  • Tricep
  • All LBC in cadence
  • Hernia
  • Chestpress
  • Shoulder Press
  • Rows
  • Triple Lindy
  • All LBC in Cadence

Head back to COT with 5 more burpees, and stop at the assisted peoples cahir (now called the Peoples Court since its not really court or the real peoples chair)

Finish some Flutters at COT.


this was my first Q at Firestarter with more to come as i start keeping an eye open as to areas and places to work with. Good small group today with a focus on more upperbody work. lots of Chatter about the upcoming week 2 IPC and how much it will suck.


  • SOB IPC at Morrison Y on Friday
  • Waxhaw IPC on Wednesday at Cowbell


Summer gone? Not so fast.

15 PAX showed up at Dromedary for a hump day post.  Humidity was back with a vengeance so reminder that summer in Charlotte has not gone away yet.


Mosey around parking lot.  SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Plank & Mountain Climbers.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves, runner’s pose.

The Thang

Entrance road to around globe – Alternate light poles on left with 2 exercises.  10 SSH’s / 5 Bobby Hurley’s .

Mosey to MRMS front entrance courtyard / canopy:

  • Air Press (in cadence) x 20
  • Air Jabs (in cadence) x 20
  • Big Boys x 10
  • LBC’s x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 15

To the MRMS rear patio.  Whiteboard with exercise routine on display.  Sets/reps consisted of:

  • Dips x 10
  • Step-Ups x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Dry Docks x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • Speed Skaters x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Plank Jacks x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 (10 each leg)

Run lap around track.  At half way point, 2 Burpees.

Repeat all of the above one more time.  MRMS canopy changed up slightly with PAX calling out ab exercise of choice after arms.  MRMS rear patio changed to 15 reps each, 30 for legs.

Mosey back to MRHS parking lot.  7-Ladder consisting of Mike Tysons & Bomb Jacks.

Mosey back to COT.


Rain held off but work-out and humidity had everyone drenched.

Announcements / Closing

Convergence, IPC and 9/11 event all planned for Saturday.  Stay tuned for more details and logistics.  Prayers for family members of One Star, JWow and Johnny Utah.