Who’s on Q Impromptu

Who’s on Q Impromptu

I was asked 2 weeks ago by Transporter if I wanted to Q Impromptu today (2/25) I told him I would. This week when I looked at the schedule Rockwell was on the schedule. I asked Chastain if I was on Q today, since he does have the master list and I was told he did not see me anywhere on the schedule. 4:30 Thursday Transporter texts me and asks if I am good for today. I told him sure but I think there is some confusion. Chatter then posted on Group Me “I don’t know who is on Q…” Transporter later got back to me and I was indeed on Q.

The Warmup

from COT we Moseyed over to the entrance road around the front of the middle school and high school.

At every light we alternated between 10 squats and 5 lunges (2 is 1)

At the front of the High school we did some more warmups

Jimmy Dougans, side straddle hops, imperial walkers calf stretch, runners stretch and merkins.


We then moseyed back past COT to the path behind the middle school. We did a Paula Abdul with 7s. We ran 2 lights did 6 big boys came back 1 light and did 1 merkin then 5 and 2 etc.

From there we headed to the benches behind the middle school. We did 15 step ups, 15 dips and 15 dirkins, then ran down to the Poop shack. We then repeated with 10s and then 5s. there we went to the overhand next to the middle school, there we did Bear Crawls and lunge walks.

From there we headed over to the The stairs at the high school, there we did 1 burpee at the bottom of the stairs, ran up the stairs did 20 donkey kicks then ran down the hill and did 20 Dry docks 1 set

then we moseyed over to the front of the middle schools and did 15 big boys, 15 heals to heaven and 15 lbc’s took half a lap, repeated and then headed back to COT


I always enjoy Qing at the site. It is a good group of guys and for a lot its the last workout before the weekend. I tried to end it with a little advice or a life lesson that I wanted to share. I was inspired by a line in the “How God Makes Men” book. it said, ” We can endure almost any amount of pain, if we know it has a purpose” I encourage the pax to think about why they come out and do this f3 thing. We need to be able to answer the “why am I doing this?” question. If you have an answer then you will be less likely to have excuse not to do it. I believe we loose some guys because they just don’t know why they are out there. My answer to why am I doing this is for my wife and my family. So as long as I still love my wife and family, I willnot have an excuse to not get up and get at it. So I encourage all the guys to think about why we are out here and use that as your motivation for getting at it regularly. Even on the cold wet and gloomy days you will have a reason to do it.

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