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A shovel without a flag

It’s been a brutal week. The fartsack kept me from posting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Knowing I had to Q forced me out of the sack despite poor sleep (teething infant + challenging 4, 6 y/o daughters). 4 pax made it into school before the bell rang at 0530. Go time!

The Thang

  • Warmup in parking lot
  • Mosey to rock pile for lifting rock. Run with lifting rock to the basketball court, where the main event waited
  • Complete 8 sets
    • Set 1: 5 burpees, 1 lap around track
    • Set 2: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 1 lap
    • Set 3: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 2 laps
    • Set 4: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 20 american hammers with rock, 2 laps
    • Set 5: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 20 american hammers, 25 bent over rows with rock, 3 laps
    • Set 6: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 20 american hammers with rock, 25 bent over rows with rock, 30 squats, 3 laps
    • Set 7: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 20 american hammers, 25 bent over rows with rock, 30 squats, 35 LBC’s, 4 laps
    • Set 8: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 curls with rock, 20 american hammers with rock, 25 bent over rows with rock, 30 squats, 35 LBC’s, 40 plankjacks
  • Mosey to rock pile
  • Finish with 30 seconds of plank


  • I loved being about to catch up with Noonan as we were making laps around the track
  • Great chance to chat with a smaller group, covering a wide array of topics from high school football games to menstruation cycles
  • Rea View elementary is a great site, lots of options and plenty of ground to explore. Smuggler up next week
  • This was a productive 45 minutes, as we got 640 reps in and ran just shy of 2.5 miles
  • #truth nugget I needed this Q more this to physically get out of bed and mentally get out of a toxic fog that had settled in over the last few days. My work is still 100% virtual and it’s getting harder and harder each day to stay glued to the computer screen on endless Teams and Zoom meetings. My patience with my wife and children has been running short recently. I’ve had piss poor attitudes towards my family and work recently. I needed to be refreshed by the gloom. To see my brothers, my comrades, fellow warriors (as Rousey would say) face to face. My F3 brothers are evidence of God’s grace in my life. My days are better when I take the daily red pill and start my day in the gloom. Because these workouts distill little life lessons (sometimes even downright pointless or silly ones) that I carry into the rest of my day. I am challenged to embrace hardship head-on with courage and wisdom.
  • Das Boot showed up this morning with a shovel but no flag. Which was hilarious. And insightful. We still rally around the flag even if it’s just a shovel. We post in the mornings even when we don’t want to. We show up because we know we will get stronger, even on the days that means we’re not leading the pack or beating out everyone else during sprints.


  • Blood drive on 10/29 at Matthews YMCA
  • Waxhaw food drive still happening
  • Additional opportunities to serve at Christ’s Closet in the coming weeks
  • SOB holiday party on 11/19


Sons of Basketball

9 men showed up at the Brave for Midriff’s birthday bash basketball Q. We’re not just going to throw in a basketball for a few exercises, we’re going to play the game

The Thang

A few stretches in the parking lot while we wait for Right Turn to make his turn into the lot. Mosey down Community House to the British International School. Nice full court tucked behind the actual gym. Match up for rock-paper-scissors. Losers on one side = shirts, winners on the other = skins. Team skins is Wingman, Wild Turkey, Sweetwater and YHC. Team shirts is War Eagle, Right Turn, Cold Cuts, Picasso and Frehley’s. After about 2 possessions, realize this court is way too dark and need to find a better location. Mosey to other side of the school to play half-court on single hoop with only slightly better lighting. Team Skins nearly takes Game 1, but Team Shirts makes a vicious run to take the first game 7-6. Burpees and suicides after each game. Game 2 is a decisive win for Team Skins, taking it 7-1. Mosey back to launch, arriving a minute late.


  • Stoked to see a solid crowd, just one short of playing full 5 on 5. Soft Pretzel promises to join next time to round us out.
  • Sweetwater was an absolute bruiser inside, snagging rebounds on the defensive and offensive side and at one point finishing a finger roll with the left hand. He showed mercy to War Eagle, choosing not to dunk all over his face.
  • War Eagle had some sneaky assists and steals, surprising with his sharpness and basketball IQ. He quickly took the role of floor general, calling out the zone formation and finding the open man.
  • Picasso balled out, showcasing his court vision and ability to finish on a number of drives
  • MVP goes to Right Turn, who was carving up the defense on his drives and finishing at will. At one point he stepped over his own team mate, Frehley’s, who was on the ground after nailing a jumpshot
  • Shoutout to the guys who came out, despite not playing for many years.
  • Check out Brick City AO in F3 Raleigh:

I’ve always wanted to launch a basketball workout in the heart of Ballantyne. Is there enough demand for it? Does anyone have access to the full court in the BCC neighborhood? Are there any lighted courts to use in the gloom? Hit me up if you want to help make this dream a reality.


In Pursuit Of…

Ghosted is a master of Q headlocking. In the euphoric finish of WTF 5 months ago I agreed to make my way south to Q my first running workout of Pursuit. Fast forward to October and it’s time to Q YHC’s first-ever running workout.

Being my first time at the site and unfamiliar with running workouts my veteran move was to copy a prior workout. Far enough in the past Pax wouldn’t know I ripped it off completely. Thanks to Tuck for a solid backblast that detailed the route and founding of Pursuit. We’re going to run one of the first loops and revisit the roots of how the site got the name Pursuit.

The Thang

1.1 mile loop from the clubhouse through Nesbit Park.  Roughly 60% road and 30% gravel path.  It was a great little course.  Allowed you to see your pals more due to the short length and still had a lot of variety.

Challenge the pax to pick up the pace on each consecutive mile. Ghosted shoots off like a cannon and ghosts all other pax. Dasher and Hollywood dash into the dark, twisting trails of the thread trail. YHC settles in with Rubbermaid and Wahoo. Slow first few miles, then pick up the pace for the final three. Run just about 6.5 miles over the course of the hour. Ex-Lax joins us all back in the lot.


  • T-claps to PJ for getting back into this running thing after the arm injury. He’ll be back into marathon shape in no time.
  • The route was definitely entertaining with all the Halloween decorations out and still so dark
  • Dasher and I discovered we share the same birthday. He’s got me beat by a year or two. Or 17. Yet this dude can run faster than me and probably do any called exercise better than me.
  • Really enjoyed conversation with Rubbermaid and Wahoo
  • Reminded pax to Pursue men ahead of us that we respect and look up to. Pursue men alongside us and never tackle a challenge in life alone. Pursue other men in our footsteps that need the fellowship of shared suffering. See Tuck’s first backblast for the full version, it’s very good:
  • Has it really been almost three years this site has been around???
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Ghosted. And showing me where to take a dump in the wonderful Millbridge community


  • Canned food collection for Second Harvest Bank.
  • Brexit on Q next Thursday


6’s in the shadows of Calvary church

6 pax did 6 warmup exercise and 6 sets of bodyweight work while exploring the expansive Calvary Church parking lot

The Thang

  • Warmup: mosey towards Rea Road exit, pretending to run off campus. Psyche! We’re staying on campus baby and exploring every single parking lot available. Circle up for 6 SSH’s, 6 IW’s, 6 jump squats, 6 american hammers, 6 merkins, 6 burpees. See the theme emerging? Mosey to parking row #1
  • Parking Row 1: Start with 10 merkins, run to end of parking lot for 10 merkins, repeat this for two remaining aisles. Plank halfway through each set for us to not leave any pax behind
  • Parking Row 2: Same format, now with 10 american hammers
  • Parking Row 3: Same format, now with 15 merkins (regular, wide, diamond) Sprinkle in Mary at end of each row
  • Parking Row 4: Same format, now with 5 burpees and sprint. 2 rows instead of 3
  • Parking Row 5: Same format, putting everything together. 20 jump squats, then 5 burpees. 20 american hammers, then 5 burpees. Finish with 20 merkins, then 5 burpees
  • Final Set: Mosey to northern rock pile for 3 sets of bent over rows, with 10 slow, arms behind shoulder raises to really open up the back
  • Mosey back to launch, while issuing the challenge to pick up the six in our spheres of influence outside of workouts. Lots of people struggling to keep up, on the fringes, isolated or without hope. Happy clowns focus first on not leaving anyone behind – whether that’s a neighbor, a friend, a colleague or family member.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Participate in blood drive or else
  • Saturday, 9/11 Rock Zero convergence
  • Prayers for my M who is fighting depression

Truly a pleasure to lead. Thanks for the invite Point Break

It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!

YHC thinks of Qing a little bit like throwing a party. The initial excitement – What will the theme be? How do I make it unique and exciting to stand out from other parties? Then the fear in the back of the mind – What if no one shows up? Will I get laughed at if I say/do something stupid?

Party Plan

IPC is on the horizon and even being considered for workouts in SOB land. So I wanted to give the pax the flavor of an IPC workout. I took 2020’s Week 0 workout and modified it as follows. Here’s the original workout if you’re curious:

  • 25 air squats (instead of 50)
  • 20 big boi situps (instead of 40)
  • 15 merkins (instead of 30)
  • 10 bonnie blairs (instead of 20)
  • 5 burpees (instead of 10)
  • .25 – .33 mile run (instead of 400 meters)
  • Repeat 5 times over the course of running 2.5 miles (started at the top of the Murderhorn and made the long way home on Ballantyne Commons)

Party Favors

  • T claps to Yard Tool for sticking with this thing from his first workout just a month or two back. Getting faster and stronger each time I see him
  • Quote of the workout comes during the final mile of the run back to launch. Frehley’s is making a push to the front of the pack when Sabertooth gleefully states, “Nice of you to join the party at the front of the pack!” To which Frehley’s responds without missing a beat “It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!!” A reminder that this is Frehley’s world and we are all living in it.
  • While simple in concept, I could tell the intended outcome was effective. Legs were burning after the squats and bonnie blairs. Modifications were needed. Pax were gassed in between stops.
  • Rousey and Sabertooth crushed this one, as they were darting like gazelle throughout this workout. During the last stretch Rousey challenged him to a sprint and they took off for the last 100 meters.
  • T claps to Sabertooth for taking the daily red pill and pushing to make these workouts. The only reason Kirby made it out was because he had to drive Sabertooth. YHC just would have given the keys and said good luck.
  • Rousey drives like works out: blasting with energy, reckless and unafraid
  • Good to see Franky and Loogie back out
  • As promised to Cooter, no cinder blocks were involved or hurt in the making of this workout. That will come later in IPC.
  • I’m intrigued by IPC because I want to challenge myself to push beyond my current fitness level. While this no doubt happens on a regular basis at workouts in the gloom, I’m drawn to the concept of tackling 4 separate workouts during the month of September that will require a new level of strength and resilience. One that can only come from the shared experience with other pax taking on the same challenge. Who’s with me? –>

Other Parties

  • Bike drive that Stone Cold is organizing for men in the area who don’t have viable means of transportation
  • Q school on 8/21 (looking at you Sabertooth and Yard Tool)
  • Sabertooth VQ on Saturday at Da Vinci!
  • Cooter launched us into the rest of the day in prayer

The Real Hero of Rock Zero

Ever had that nightmare when you show up to the first day of school and then realize that you’re not wearing any pants? That’s exactly how I felt at 0629 on Saturday morning. I had just arrived at Da Vinci (SOB’s PREMIER Saturday workout) for  Frehley’s BD, when Strawberry looked over with a quizzical expression – “Aren’t you Qing Rock Zero today???

I promptly checked my phone to realize that I had confirmed the date with Hoover. Just as Frehley’s and crew took off, I frantically hopped in the car and sped up north to my real destination. Stop at the house for a watch, grab a weinke off the shelf and start mentally rehearsing the main event that would be starting in less than 15 minutes.

Roll into the Calvary parking lot with 2 minutes to spare, strutting my stuff like I’ve been preparing this beatdown for weeks. Let’s see how this goes….

The Thang

  • 5 jump squats at every tree from starting point to first entrance, warmup in parking lot on the way back to main building (SSH, IW’s, Moroccan night clubs, merkins). Mosey to rock pile by northern entrance of the building.
  • Time to pay homage to the founding fathers of Rock Zero: GRAB A LIFTING ROCK, focus on lifting and not on running. Partner up. Will be spending most of our time with partner and said rock completing the three following sets
    • Set 1
      • Partner 1 chips away at 100 curls while Partner 2 runs to far parking lot lamp and back. Flapjack until complete, continue through 100 overhead press and 100 tricep extensions.
      • Partner 1 bear crawls to parking island while pushing rock, Partner 2 does 50 american hammers with rock. Flapjack until complete
      • Partner 1 balls to the wall while partner 2 does 10 crossover pushups on the rock, flapjack. Do this twice
      • 5 burpees with rock (block-ees) OYO before next set
    • Set 2
      • Partner 1 chips away at 100 squats while Partner 2 runs to far parking lot lamp and back. Flapjack until complete, continue through 100 bent over row and 100 ground pounders
      • Partner 1 bear crawls to parking island while pushing rock, Partner 2 does 50 big boy situps. Flapjack until complete
      • Partner 1 sits on the wall with rock while partner 2 does 10 crossover pushups on the rock, flapjack. Do this twice
      • 5 burpees with rock (block-ees) OYO before next set
    • Set 3
      • Partner 1 chips away at 100 curls while Partner 2 runs to far parking lot lamp and back
      • Partner 1 and Partner 2 bear crawl to next parking island
      • Partner 1 balls to the wall with rock while partner 2 does 10 crossover pushups on the rock, flapjack. Finish with mary
      • 5 burpees with rock (block-ees) OYO
  • Shed a tear while saying goodbye to lifting rock. Mosey back to launch. Finish with 2 called Mary and last 45 seconds in plank


  • Shoutout to Strawberry for reminding of me of the right workout I needed to be at
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the crew. Nice mix of familiar faces (HH, Mildew, DW, Alf) and newer ones (Cottonmouth, Blimey, WD, Emoji, Beaver, Dr. Belding)
  • The Kettlebell Krew were not amused during the family photo. Everyone else was smiling except for these two. Must be the realization that bootcamps are better than KB’s
  • At least 5 TWSS moments, particularly when comparing size of rocks and the ability to get them up
  • Almost got lost in the parking lot a few times. Forgot how massive the Calvary campus is.
  • T-claps to Hoover, Cheese Curd, Wild Turkey, Udder and Chelms for completing Grow Ruck 24 over the weekend
  • Thoroughly enjoyable time despite my near-miss and last-minute prep work. I came away with more confidence in my ability to improvise and step up under pressure. I’m confident we each have more in us than we realize. The chaos and twists and turns reveal the resilience of our character


  • Q School at Da Vinci on 8/21, 0630 start time down the road

Always a pleasure to lead

Bagpipe – Where everybody knows your name

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you’ve got
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you wanna go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came

Rolling into Bagpipe in the gloom reminds me a lot of the opening song of Cheers. Tagalong’s steady bearded strut. Cooter’s 4Runner parked in the same spot each week. The squealing of Rousey’s two tires and reverberations of heavy metal music. Scattered cars in the dark from runners already launched. Upon arrival YHC instantly feels at home. A place where everybody knows your name.

YHC wanted to take the pax on a wide-reaching tour through the corporate park while keeping the exercises simple. T-claps to Wild Turkey (who stole this from Premature) for leading a similar format at the Brave weeks back that provided the inspiration. Four (called exercises), three miles, while working together in cadence. Every half-mile we did all four exercises starting with five and escalating up an additional five to 20. Then back down to five. We ended up not doing the final set of 5 of each exercise, so ended up with 75 reps of each called exercise.


  • Heard a few pax sharing how their hopes were dashed of an easy workout to ease back into the week. Mission accomplished. Tagalong went so far to even say he’d put this in the future weinke playbook. The simplest workouts are usually the hardest.
  • At one point Rousey found himself immediately behind Frehley’s during the set of 15’s, which prompted cautionary tales and curious statements from many pax. Happy to say Rousey made it out alive.
  • Goonie immediately called YHC out upon calling plank for the 6 before our first set. He also kept me honest on my burpee cadence count, which was all over the place. I still struggle with the count being somewhere between a 5-count and 6-count. At the end of the day we got 80 burpees in one workout, which is impressive.
  • Much respect to Mountie, Odd Job, and Yard Pole Tool for crushing workouts in the last week. Well done and keep up the effort, you each have been fantastic additions to the crew. You’ll be leading a workout in no time!
  • Sweetwater crushed the AYG sprint back up the hill to launch and left Happy Meal, Jerry World, Rousey and YHC in the dust. Must be the unlimited amount of beer he has access to that gives him the extra speed.
  • Frehley’s was thoroughly disgusted and disappointed with the fact that we left the final set of 5 reps on the table. Extra credit for later today/tomorrow morning before you post.
  • Sparkler Bombs are a thing. Happy Meal enlightened me and you should check them out.


  • Crane Relay
  • Flag making party on 7/17. 2:00 p.m. at Taco Stand’s culdesac. Going to be a good time for current and future site q’s to build a shovel flag, enjoy some libations and food with the brothers. Plant the flag, grow the men, serve the community
  • Speaking of current and future site q’s – Cooter is rolling off and delegating to none other than SOB’s rising star Rousey. Next Tuesday will be the ceremonial passing of the shovel flag when Rousey steps up. Pax are eagerly excited and fearful of what will come with Rousey and Cable Guy leading as site q’s.
  • Grateful for your service Cooter and creating a culture at the site where everybody knows your name

Questionable Ball Usage

Is the game of golf dying? Is it a rich, old man’s sport? How have One Star, Big Ben, Smuggler and the crew not being kicked out of the Firethorne Country Club yet? We may never know, but one thing I knew going into this Q was that I wanted to utilize as much of The Golf Club at Ballantyne Ballantyne Backyard as possible over the course of 1-hour and 4 miles. Because how many other AO’s literally have a prestigious 18-hole golf course within walking distance???

The G-O-L-F Thang

  • Split up into two teams. Each pax grabs a ball that will be used for the round. *Cue endless ball(s) jokes*
  • Mosey to teebox for first hole. Start with 5 Groiners. Team 1 chooses 1 pax to throw the ball. Once both teams throw, mosey to ball for second shot. On second shot complete 10 One-legged merkins. Mosey to ball for third called exercise – 10 Low slow squats. By this point we should be close to the green to chip on and finish with 20 Flutter kicks.
  • Penalty burpees for lost balls, # of shots over par and hitting hazards like sand traps, other pax and live animals.


  • Team 2 (Marvel, Jerry World, Frehleys and YHC) took the W coming in 2-3 strokes ahead of Team 1 (War Eagle, Point Break, Fire Hazard, Sweet Water) despite YHC’s attempt to sandbag the last whole. Literally hitting the sand trap just feet away from the 12th hole green. In the end Frehley’s took home the golden golf ball for the first annual Ballantyne Backyards Golf Extravaganza
  • Sometimes F3 workouts kick you in the face and punch you in the nuts with ruthless beatdowns (ie Wild Turkey’s “100” last week) and other times you gotta do something fun, careless and nonsensical. I had a ton of fun with this workout and know pax enjoyed this rendition of golf while working out. Too many men have abandoned healthy recreation. Worse yet even more no longer have spaces in life to enjoy recreation with other high impact men. What keeps me coming out is the fellowship and hard, but much-needed conversations that inevitably occur in the gloom.
  • This was the fastest 12 holes I’ve ever played. Seriously I cannot believe that we hit 12 holes with called exercises, while running 4 miles under an hour, with at least 8 minutes just to mosey to the course and back. Shocked that we didn’t get arrested for moving at that blazing speed. Well done.
  • Thanks War Eagle for taking the score card about 4 holes in. There was no way I’d be able to call exercises and keep the mosey at a fast clip to finish our proper round
  • T-claps to site FNG’s Point Break and Marvel. Marvel didn’t realize this was an hourlong workout when 40 minutes in he was inquiring if we would be making our way back to launch shortly. Not today my friend, not today! Point Break was icing the shoulder after crushing some drives off the tee in true Phil Mickelson style
  • “Questionable ball usage from Frehley’s Comet” – Sweet Water after FC casually swiped FH’s ball on the fairway of Hole 4. Fire Hazard and Frehley’s win the award for most dynamic duo. Fire Hazard’s errant throw on the goose-poop infested 11th hole. Both pax were in fine form.
  • During COT Jerry World recruited Frehleys to be a high school football ref and he agreed only if he could illegally influence recruits to commit to Clemson. I’ve heard of much more serious wrongdoings in the arena of SEC football. Speaking of Jerry World and football, he was slinging darts out there like Dak Prescott.

Bros, Blocks, Bridgehampton

What a pleasant surprise to arrive in the clubhouse parking lot and see not just 1 pax, but 2 pax and another three in tow for the preun! Lo and behold Brexit’s scorching preblast trivia is not in vain – Fire Hazard has indeed made his triumphant return. This was YHC’s first opportunity to meet in the gloom, as we had only connected over Zoom. Shortly after exchanging pleasantries and receiving the blessing of a pleasant Lancaster County officer on duty, we are off into the cool dark of Bridgehampton hills. Instantly my plans to navigate towards the nearby elementary school are foiled. Brexit informs me of a recent neighborhood lawsuit that have blocked off the direct access point to the school from neighborhood. Well shucks, I guess we’ll just run up and down the hills and hit as many culdesacs as we can until returning to launch a few minutes before main event.

Main Event

With the rest of the dream team assembled we count off in 2’s. Team 1 shares 1 cinder block, Team 2 shares another cinder block. The block must be carried by a team member at all times. We begin our warmup and get familiar with the same exercises we will be doing for the next 35 minutes. 5 burpees, 10 squats at cone 1. 15 MC’s, 10 squats at cone 2. 20 merkins, 10 squats at cone 3.

Now that we’re warmed up, make our way down the hill, doing more reps in sequence at each cone. 5 burpees, 20 squats, 15 MC’s, 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 squats. Work as a team and pass the block. Team 2 kicks off Mary at the bottom of the hill while waiting on Team 1. Repeat same sequence back up the hill. Finish with Mary.

Mosey over to North Carolina basketball court. Modified Killer B’s. Pay homage to the Sixers failed process with Dwight Howards instead of burpees. 1 Dwight Howard, then broad jump to FT line, bear crawl back. 2 Dwight howards, broad jump to half court, bear crawl back. 3 Dwight Howards, broad jump full court and bear crawl back. Mosey back to parking lot for 1 shortened final set


  • Fantastic to meet the man, the myth, the legend Fire Hazard for the first time. Dude hasn’t skipped a beat and continues to crush beatdowns. During the prerun he nonchalantly shared that he routinely runs 9 miles 3 times a week. Didn’t even break a sweat during this workout. This man came out swinging with the zingers too, from calling out my form (“Can I get another demonstration of that thrust???”) to repeatedly jabbing Cobbler for his finance-related prowess.
  • Speaking of Cobbler, I lost track after 15 of the number of times I heard the word “container”. Something related to the Suez Canal and bitcoin. If you need investment guidance, make sure to ask Cobbler about how to buy bitcoin with your Biden stimulus money. Buy high, sell low! Congrats on the new job opportunity and look forward to hearing more.
  • The Bridgehampton Bunch continue to impress, showing more stamina, endurance and explosive strength with each workout. Myrtle and Inkwell were putting in solid work on Team 1 while Schooner and Toro rounded out the Team 2 crowd. Can’t wait to see these men step up and lead a workout soon.
  • Since there was no shortage of entertaining conversation at Team 1, I didn’t have a chance to overhear much of Team 2’s mumblechatter.
  • While I lamented the absolute collapse of the Philadelphia 76ers against the Atlanta Hawks, War Eagle had a fantastic dig against KD. With a straight face and his toe on the line he asked if this would alter the outcome of the next called exercise. Fortunately War Eagle doesn’t have size 18 shoes so I think he’s ok on that one.
  • With plenty of grunting down the final stretch of cinder block exercises, YHC affirmed the importance of modifying as needed, but to not compromise good form. Loved Kirby’s quip about never cheating on form, just on reps. I’m gonna steal that one.
  • Got to catch up with Gimbells afterwards. Rest up that knee/ankle and hope you can join us back in the gloom soon.
  • There’s a beautiful simplicity of a concrete block. 28 pounds of mundane material that’s not too heavy but not too light and the perfect addition to any beatdown. F3 has given me a more profound appreciation for the simplicity of fitness and along with it the key to sustained accelerating behavior. Sharing the physical suffering of these workouts with other men. A single cinder block is pretty pointless and ineffective, but lots of cinder blocks together make a strong fortress and serve a greater purpose. I’m grateful for the men that challenge me physically at these workouts and sharpen my mind, spirit and soul for even greater present and future challenges.
  • Always a privilege and honor to lead such fine SOB’s


  • Monday, July 5th 2.0/young-at-heart friendly workout and kickball game. Ballantyne Backyard, see War Eagle’s preblast – it’s going to be a blast
  • Waxhaw 1776 workout/celebration. Something about running 177 miles then doing 6 exercises. Or running 1 mile and then doing 776 exercises. It doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe it will if you show up.
  • Q school coming up in July

The Floater is a basketball shot, right??

It’s not every day that you get to post or even Q at an AO named after feces. So when Zin invited me down South, how could I resist?

The Thang

  • With DICCS given and toilet humor in mind, we moseyed towards the Waxhaw Park circles, completing 10 merkins at every stop sign
  • Warmup: 15 ssh, 15 imperial walkers, 15 squats, 15 merkins, 15 mtn climbers
  • Upper Body Circuit: Partner 1 runs circle while Partner 2 does called exercise. Declined merkins, dips and inclined merkins
  • Mosey to South Providence school basketball court. 10 merkins at every stop sign and 5 bobby hurley’s at every other mailbox
  • Killer B’s on the basketball court: Burpees on base line (10, 5, 5, 10) broad jump to free throw, half-court, free throw and full-court, bear crawling back each time. This sucked
  • Mosey around school track, stopping for 25 monkey humpers and 30 plankjacks
  • Mosey back to Waxhaw park, merkins at each stop sign and bobby hurley’s at every other mailbox
  • Leg Circuit: Partner 1 runs circle while partner 2 does called exercise. Bonnie Blairs, Squats and Smurf Jacks

Index Card Weinke

It’s not about the size of the weinke, but how well you can use it. I’m about 40ish Q’s into my F3 journey and wanted to share my method for building simple, but effective beatdowns. This has been tremendously helpful for me to ensure I have the right amount of pain for the duration of a 45-minute workout and don’t leave anything on the table. When folded, it’s small enough to fit in a running shorts pocket and keep out of sight of those nosey pax trying to steal it away! Most of the time I don’t end up pulling it out mid-workout, but still helpful to have when I need to call an audible.

Step 1: Fold the index card into thirds. Front is for the bulk of the workout that I split into thirds. Back is for disclaimer, warmup exercises and any special instructions

Step 2: Use the front side to break up workout into thirds. I try to identify 1 circuit to burn out the upper body, 1 circuit to burn out the lower body and 1 circuit to burn out the lungs

Step 3: Allocate time for each third, keeping in mind exercises will take longer and adjust for time to mosey

Here are pictures for this morning’s card:


  • Thank the Lord for cooler temperatures this morning as I’m not sure I could have done this in the heat
  • Hoping the PAX enjoyed a trip further South and off the beaten path
  • The burpee train avoided us this morning by a solid 15 minutes. Sounds awful
  • Had some trouble counting mailboxes and listening to directions during the Killer B’s on the basketball court. But the pax made up for it with their solid effort
  • T claps to the pack of prerunners logging in the miles and coming back winded for launch
  • Always a privilege and honor to lead the fine men of Waxhaw