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Now Brothers, go fight for the ones you love

Three ways of the warrior:

  1. A warrior knows what and who he is fighting for
  2. A warrior never fights alone
  3. A warrior sharpens other warriors

Workout adapted from Darebee’s 3-minute Warrior WOD:

HIIT Workout

  • 4 exercises: punches, kicks, pushups, jump squats
  • 3 intervals
  • 3 sets each, 1 minute rest in between sets
  • Added a hill sprint, bear crawl and 2 called ab exercises
  • Daft Punk’s Discovery album on speaker


  • Lots of pre-runners today (Circuit, Hops, Happy Meal)
  • Thanks Wild Turkey for bringing the shovel flag and reinvigorating this site
  • Thanks Happy Meal for making the drive from Mint Hill
  • Mic Check questioned the Daft Punk music selection when the playlist hit Digital Love but kept us going throughout this beatdown
  • Hops and Mic Check were throwing out names for our Joey, our Friendly New Guy (FNG), basically the minute the workout started. Hops gets so giddy when throwing out names, but it was Mic Check’s recommendation that stuck
  • Welcome Joey to F3! Ali with an “i” because of all the Karate Kid chatter
  • Wild Turkey is going to crush his GrowRuck event tomorrow!
  • Thanks Wingman for the photo and your tremendous selfie skills (way #4 of the warrior)


  • Christmas Party at Patent Pending’s house
  • Ruck-CPR event in November
  • Pool Party 8/27 at Kirby’s crib
  • Patent Pending is hosting an FNG day at The Maul in the next month with prizes for FNG’s and whoever EH’s the most FNG’s

Truth Nuggets

  • Jesus answered them, “Do you finally believe? In fact, you’re about to make a run for it—saving your own skins and abandoning me. But I’m not abandoned. The Father is with me. I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.”
  • “There will be days, usually after a dry season of discontent, when you will find yourself standing in the sunken road of your life, facing something dangerous coming your way that you can feel but not quite see. Gathered behind you will be the people who have chosen to rely upon you for no other reason than you have told them that you were a man upon whom they could rely. And in that moment, you feel very alone. But it will also be at that moment that the dirty breeze will briefly part the clouds, and for just an instant the sun will cause your battered armor to shine brightly. It is then that a voice will whisper in your ear; you are here in harm’s way because I called forth a warrior, and you said Aye. Now go fight. And with a shove, the owner of that voice will push you forward to fight another day. And as you draw your broadsword, as you knew you would, you will be thankful that you had the help of your Brothers in keeping it sharp, for just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another….. Now Brothers, go fight for the ones you love.”

Don’t worry Napoleon, I’m sure there’s a babe out there for you too. Peace out.

Posting for LaFawnduh

14 pax joined me for my VQ at the Maul! Started off with a mosey to Regal to see if Napoleon Dynamite 2 was out. Got a warm up in where YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) needs to improve on calling exercises in cadence.

Mosey over to Chipotle as Napoleon wanted a dang quesadilla. Proceeded to do a modified Walls of Jericho (7 reps, 7 reps, 7 laps) of Merkins, jump squats, step ups, burpees, dips, plank jacks and shoulder taps.

Mosey over to Gamestop, grab a copy of Dance Dance Revolution to work on our dance skills. Run to each median (4) and do 15 merkins, back to the line to do 15 lunges. Next was 2 medians and 15 jump squats and 15 merkins. Final median and 15 merkins and 15 lunges.

Mosey back to Tap and Vine for some wall sits and air presses before circling up and half the circle called an exercise for Mary. Ending with Rooster’s call of Big Boy Situps.

Thanks for all who offered great advice and feedback to make my next Q better. Stay focused guys!

Laying out for D’s like a 25 year old

The thought of playing frisbee brought out 6 pax + 2 other pax who showed up for the first time in a long time. Welcome back Drago and Clubbers to the gloom.

We sprinted, twisted ankles, laid out for defense, flicked, tossed, burpee’d and merkin’d for a full 45-minute workout heavy on ultimate frisbee.

Drago won match MVP as he accounted for 3/4 scores for team Shirts. Team Skins never quite managed to make it to the end zone.

Consensus was to do this next week and for the foreseeable future – Ultimate Tuesday’s at The Bottom Line!

Invite a friend out to throw some disc next week and get in a solid workout too. Drago said he’ll be bringing out four guys for next week’s round.

Tabetha and the Butt Weinke

Q’ing the Brave is quite simple:

  • Run 4 miles
  • Call a few exercises along the way

Hmm, let’s see how many rock piles we can hit while running the Community House – Bryant Farms – Elm – Ballantyne Commons loop.

  • First stop: tire flips and ascending merkins at the YMCA
  • Rock Pile #1: Curls in cadence and squats with rock
  • Rock Pile #2: Bent over rows, flutter kicks with rock
  • Rock Pile #3: Shoulder press, “heavy humpers” (sky humpers + rock)
  • Rock Pile #4: Ground pounders, american hammers with rock
  • Along the way: Tricep dips, assorted Mary (heels to heaven, plankjacks, LBC’s, flutter kicks)
  • Back at Launch: 3-count burpees, 6-count burpees and Abe Froman


  • While recanting Lex’s awful Q yesterday, I completely mispronounced “Tabata” in a way that sounded like Tabetha. This somehow morphed into a joke about Fire Hazard’s feet
  • Sweet Water nearly took Soft Pretzel out during tire flips
  • We found Gruden’s doppelganger running South on Elm. I yelled out his name and then quickly realized it was not him. Gruden, do you have a twin???
  • The Boston Celtics punk’d the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. #CELTICSIN4
  • Soft Pretzel and Fire Hazard led the pack for much of this morning, demolishing the last mile. Well done
  • Wingman will be hosting a selfie and photoshop session next Friday after the Brave. HC now for your session!
  • Pray for Thin Mint’s uncle, my sister and brother-in-law and Kirby’s sister-in-law

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave

It’s a Hard [Rock] Life for Us

Exactly a year ago I q’d a rock-themed workout at Da Vinci. Why not run it back??

Props to One Niner for the pre-run. Disclaimer and we’re off to the CFA parking lot for a warmup.

Rock Pile #1 (behind the auto shop, next to the apartment building)

  • 10 curls (in cadence) and 10 heavy humpers (air humpers with rock) x 3 sets –> Quizzical look from an innocent bystander as to why a group of men were circled up thrusting rocks in the air from their lower torsos
  • 10 ground pounders (in cadence) and 10 heavy freddies (freddie mercury with a rock) x 3 sets
  • To Failure: Curls, then ground pounders once you can’t do any more curls
  • Mosey doing 10 jump ups by the fountain, al gore and mountain climbers on way to next rock pile

Rock Pile #2 (nail salon parking lot)

  • 7’s with a rock: 6 merkins, bear crawl push the rock to the other side and do 1 squat with the rock, carry the rock back across. 5 merkins with right arm on the rock, bear crawl push the rock to the other side for 2 rock squats. Continue until 1 merkin and 6 squats. LBC’s with rock until the 6 is in.
  • People’s chair with rock overhead, bring rock down and then out in front with arms straight (in cadence), 10 flutter kicks with rock (in cadence) x 3 sets
  • Rocks down, take a quick lap around the parking lot. Realize that we don’t have enough time to make it to Rock Pile #3 (by the Montessori school), so stick with same rock pile for last set

Same rock pile, new exercises

  • 25 tricep extensions with rock
  • Play a little game of rock scissors paper: Choose a partner. Both in plank position. Play rock scissors paper. Each round: loser does 1 Rockee (burpee with a rock), winner does 1 Merkin. Stay in plank and play 10 total rounds. Every tie, both do a Merkin.
  • To Failure: Shoulder press, then flutter kick with rock press once you can’t do any more shoulder press
  • Mosey back to launch. Stopping for 10 merkins (in cadence) by AT&T parking lot while I scoped the 5k finish line to see if we could dash through it on our way back


  • One Niner nearly shattered the glass during People’s chair with a rock. Sigh of relief when he clanged that rock against the brick wall. Props to One Niner for the 2.5 mile prerun
  • This Omnicron’s first indian/native american/first nations run. Congratulations
  • Jerry World must have a twisted mind because he really enjoyed this workout. Probably more than I did, considering how sore I am feeling the day after
  • Gilbert wins the award for heaviest rock and consistently pushing for the most reps to failure, followed not far behind by Jerry World.
  • Teddy’s a silent killer at these workouts, save for the few gasps of exasperation towards the end of the workout. That’s when I know it’s been a good q.
  • Was hoping we could crash the 5k by going all-you-got through the finish line and douse each other in gatorade. Hopes were dashed when I realized we were running into hundreds of eager 5kers making their way from the finish line (in front of the new gym in Blakeney) to the starting line (next to Old navy). Not gonna lie, it felt very satisfying running against traffic, 5 minutes away from reprieve knowing that these suckers still had to run their own races that lay ahead of them.
  • Someone pointed out that Gilbert was the only one wearing an F3 shirt, so I guess we missed out on a marketing opportunity. Maybe we should just always work out with at least 1 SOB shovel flag..

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Memorial Day Murph at The Body Shop: Firestarter converging for that
  • YHC shared how important moments in COT are to our mental and spiritual well-being. Sacred spaces to ask for help, share burdens with each other and be grateful for the blessings we have
  • Pray for Kirby’s sister in law who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the mouth
  • Pray for my sister Rachel and her battle with bipolar. Pray for her husband Mike
  • YHC took us out in prayer

My midriff brings all the boys to the bag(pipe)

At least that’s what I tell myself. It’s actually Rousey’s brilliant marketing. Early on in his Site Q days, he created the strangest photoshop creations for promotion. Now he’s moved on to fabricated promotional statements. I’ll take the compliments!

Before taking off into the gloom, issue challenge for each pax to learn 1 interesting fact about another pax. Otherwise penalty burpees at COT. And we’re off.

Warmup in parking lot next to Sabor. Frehley’s comments about finding a wet spot.

Mosey across the street to parking deck. Run up a level and complete called exercise OYO: 25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 MC’s, 100 SSH’s

Mosey to fountain, partner up: 50 jump ups, 75 inclined merkins, 100 squats while partner 2 runs to end of sidewalk and back.

Mosey to PNC parking lot for Bear 1-2-3 with partner: Partner 1 bear crawls to ATM and crawl bears back. Partner 2 chips away at 100 merkins, 150 squats and 150 LBC’s. Bear crawls was quite the crowd pleaser

Mosey back to launch, stopping for burpees at each stop sign to stick together. Back at COT for interesting facts – and no penalty burpees!

Did you know? 

  • Tagalong first started playing Pickleball as a COVID sanity hobby in the middle of his street
  • Spitball was a pitcher in high school and grew up 5 minutes away from where he lives now
  • Happy Meal met his wife at a dance party in college. He knew it was love at first sight when they both saw each other jamming out to “Independent Women Part I” by Destiny’s Child
  • Kirby and Macarena’s M’s are both named Eileen
  • Macarena has been in 5 car accidents. It’s a miracle he’s still alive.
  • Abba has 6 children and is returning to Bangkok, Thailand for another 2 years of missionary service
  • Frehley’s and Odd Job both work for Canadian companies, dealing in the municipal bonds market to varying degrees of success
  • Wingman grew up in Germany, where his father served in the Air Force
  • Frehley’s comment about Kirby will not be disclosed

Grateful to have the opportunity to lead a fine group of men. Thank you for closing us in prayer Macarena and sending off Abba in true ball of man Bagpipe style!

It’s Always Sunny in Ballantyne: SLT Monthly Notes (Episode 2)

TL;DR: 6 pax committed to fight sad clown syndrome through INTENTIONALITY. Intentionally sharing what’s on minds/hearts during COT and pressing into deeper conversation. Reiterating the purpose to grow as leaders and push each other beyond our comfort zones in the 2nd and 3rd F.

Thank you Mrs. Brexit for the delicious appetizers and beers and Brexit for hosting this restless group of men. Within minutes, Rousey was inquiring if he could rent out Brexit’s mancave/basement.

Kicked the meeting off with mission of F3 (Easier to remember in three parts: 1: P/G/S 2: small workout groups 3: male community leadership), expectations of each leader and Q source truth nugget on sad clown syndrome (related: deep down sad clown). This helped set the tone and helped us turn inward before sharing ideas.

One Actionable Idea Per Person

  • Rousey (1st F): October SOBeer Mile Fest. Relay and individual options. Incorporating rucking into workouts. Could be an easier entry point for FNG’s and would help foster deeper conversation. Still working with Site Qs on family photos, bringing shovel flags and posting backblasts.
  • Tagalong (2nd F): POOL PARTY! Open to M’s and 2.0’s. Did this back in 2019 and it was wildly successful.
  • Brexit (IT): Capturing tasks that Wingman has still been getting asked to do. Formalizing this list so that it’s easier for future IT Q’s to hit the ground running. Will spend more time at upcoming meeting simplifying the message on the website and making it resonate for FNGs.
  • Jerry World (Comz): Will work with rest of team for upcoming press in local neighborhood mailer that wants to share about SOB. Flying drones is hard. Wants to hone the message of F3 SOB and get it out on more platforms. Rousey mentioned using Next Door.
  • Olaf (3rd F): Creating opportunity for deeper conversation beyond COT. Lots of discussion here around incorporating QSource, or keeping it informal to a single topic (Brexit mentioned just having the chance to commiserate about how hard parenting is with other dads)

Theme of the meeting was INTENTIONALITY and SHIELD LOCK. These were ideas we acknowledged to put into practice:

  • Going out of our way to welcome and befriend FNG’s. What’s their next workout? How many other PAX did they have a chance to hear from during the workout? Rousey shared how welcomed he felt by War Eagle and completely at home during the workout despite how much it sucked.
  • Taking a page out of DOAH’s Qs by focusing less on the physical aspect, and pausing to provide opportunities for pax to get to know each other more. Rousey/Jerry World brought up Lex Luthor’s Maul Q and the message on positivity. Tagalong acknowledged Happy Meal going around the horn for each pax to share a high/low. Got guys talking which translated to each guy staying 15 minutes after the workout for extended conversation. Brexit and Midriff trying to put this into action this week when we Q.
  • Tagalong mentioned the Q source Shield Lock concept:
  • We each acknowledged our desire to grow deeper in relationship with each other. Plan on meeting biweekly (2nd week on Zoom, 4th week in person).
  • Growth starts within and with each other first, then out to the rest of the region.

Jungles of Ballantyne

6 brave souls ventured into Ballantyne gloom

Low slow squats, merkins, LBC’s, burpees

Smooth blacktop, concrete decks, parking lots, sidewalks

Dark trails, tall fences, poisonous fumes and mysterious crossbones

“That’s why they call it the jungle, sweetheart”

SOB Shared Leadership Team February Meeting

6 of the current 8 pax on the Shared Leadership Team (SLT) gathered to define the roles/responsibilities and discuss upcoming events and ways to accelerate the region. 5 guys are new to the board, so we spent more time discussing roles.

What is the mission of F3? Plant, grow, serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Roles and Responsibilities (see descriptions below and who’s leading each)

Upcoming Events

  • CSAUPs: SOBeer Run (2/26), Last Man Standing (4/2), Waxhaw Trail Fest (4/30)
  • Pickleball AO

Open Conversation

  • Who’s accelerating? Who are we missing from the Gloom?


  • Discussed candidates for the Weasel Shaker role
  • Jerry World wants to get some solid drone and video footage to highlight specific workouts and Site Q’s
  • Rousey interested in Tik Tok for F3 SOB
  • Unanimous agreement that we need a F3 SOB NFT – Brexit is building
  • Unsure of future for The Bottom Line as an AO
  • Olaf discovered the map functionality on the F3 Nation website
  • Pickleball is pulling out lots of new guys and inactive F3 pax. Doesn’t necessarily qualify for an official AO, but want to plug this on the website and Slack

Action Items

  • Next meeting on Wednesday, March 30th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Fill weasel shaker role
  • Midriff will get JW linked to Twitter, Facebook account
  • Rousey reaching out to Soft Pretzel to learn from his work with Site Q’s and Q school
  • Brexit will investigate how to update website so that there aren’t old 2nd F, 3rd F listings

Next Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome the Weasel Shaker
  • One actionable idea per person
  • Brainstorm CSAUP ideas for the rest of the year (Tagalong mentioned this idea)

SOB SLT Roles Descriptions

  • Role clarity, skills needed and what is expected, will lead to higher performance and acceleration in accomplishing our mission.
  • All SLT roles: FREED TO LEAD
    • Lead with Love, commitment to always be accelerating across all 3 F’s, model the F3 culture and avoid factionalism (cliques)
    • EH’s PAX to individual initiative and virtuous leadership acceleration
    • Vocal on the F3 SOB Slack Channel to collaborate, learn and share best practices
    • Attends monthly SLT Meetings
  • Nantan (Midriff): The Q of the Region: The cultural and spiritual leader of his PAX
    • Encourages Plant/Grow/Serve and ignites the need for male community leadership amongst the Pax.
    • Cheerleads and inspires. Delegates often
  • Weasel Shaker (TBD): He is a best practice investigator, implementation guru, rule embracing, spreadsheet-loving, detail-oriented sort that helps the Region accelerate
    • The man who shakes the men who are trying to weasel out of their commitments and what they know needs to be done
  • CommzQ (Jerry World): This man is the Q for making sure the Pax stay connected to one another.
    • He understands very clearly that 2ndF does not end at the AO or happy hour
      Twitter, Slack, Facebook, TikTok, etc. are the tools he uses
    • Promote the message to men on the outside looking in
  • IT Q (Brexit)
    • Ensures website accurately reflects our efforts across 1st F, 2nd F, 3rd F
    • Streamline and improve messaging on website so that men are intrigued by F3 SOB
  • 1st F Q (Rousey): This is the guy that ensures the smooth running of the AO’s.
    • He makes sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs and often will hold regular meetings to do so.
    • He works with the Nantan and WS to look at the growth of 1st F AO plants, Q school
  • 2nd F Q (Taco Stand, Tagalong): Mr. Party Pants. Whether it be Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH), family picnics, Christmas Parties, or Coffeeteria, this is the guy who makes the donuts.
    • Spreads his fellowship activities across the region to support, coach Pax and to avoid factionalism in the region (cliques)
    • Creates SLT to plan and execute 1) Hump Day Happy Hours or the like, 2) Region Convergences and 3) CSAUPs.
  • 3rd F Q (Olaf, Kirby): The 3rd F Q really needs to understand the needs and wants of his Pax.
    • He can plant anything from a leadership discussion, weekly faith formation to a regular community service opportunity for Pax.
    • His role is the essence of the real mission of F3. Male COMMUNITY Leadership. It’s ambiguous on purpose, but it needs to make IMPACT.

Waking up at 0526 for a workout.. that I’m Q’ing

0445: Alarm goes off. “I can slither back in the fartsack and get 15 more minutes of rest in”

0526: “What time is it?!? &$^&*! I’m going to miss my own Q!”

0527: Sprint downstairs, throw on clothes and grab my shoes, head out the door.

0528: Start the car and back out of a driveway. “Wait a minute…. Shouldn’t I just skip the Q entirely and deal with the relentless shame of not showing up to my own party? Or will I preserve some semblance of dignity showing up significantly late to the workout. Well, it’s too late now”

0530: Attempt to tie shoe laces while driving down Ardrey Kell past the high school. Note to self: Do not every try this again

0536: Coming in hot to Big View Diner. “I hope there’s only 2-3 people who will chastise me upon my arrival.” 

0537: “Dang it, there’s more cars here than I expected. Now where could they have gone. Now I’m going to be an even bigger idiot showing up at 0615 and claiming that I spent the last 38 minutes searching for the pax.”

0540: Run towards athletic fields by Elon Park Elementary. “MIDRIFF!” calls out an angelic, albeit burly voice in the distance. Mighty Mite emerges from the neon-light soaked misty distance.

0541: Greeted by the pax with monkey humpers and quietly join in like a dog with its tail between the legs. “These are for you, Midriff” War Eagle declares poignantly. “You can’t call anymore burpees since we’ve been doing those at every speed bump around the school” declares Mighty Mite. The show must go on.

0543: Burpee 1 bombjack, broad jump (2 parking lot spaces) and bear crawl (3 spaces) to end of parking lot by first athletic field. No gloves was a big mistake.

0545: 10 donkey kicks, 30 air press, 15 donkey kicks, 35 air press and 20 donkey kicks, 40 air press on building next to athletic field

0548: Four corner/starfish on soccer field. Start with 3 burpees in middle, then run out to a corner to complete called exercise before repeating next corner. 15 merkins, 15 diamond merkins, 15 wide arm merkins, 15 dry docks. The starfish reminds us that F3 works because there the model does not prioritize centralized leadership. A starfish can lose an appendage and grow another starfish, rather than the whole unit dying. Attempt to atone for my sins by thanking pax for stepping up to lead in my absence. “Ahh, so you intentionally came late to teach us a lesson. That’s cute.” affirmed War Eagle in an encouraging tone.

0558: 10 stepups (each leg), 20 dips, 30 LBC by the benches in the middle of the field.

0603: Suicides on soccer field. 5 jump squats every line. How is Jerry World so fast with such short legs???

0606: Mosey back to Big View, completing 20 monkey humpers and 20 dry docks on the way.

0612: Circle up for 10 merkins, american hammers, 10 merkins, rosalita, 10 merkins, heels to heaven, 10 merkins.

0615: Countarama and Nameorama. How has MARTA posted at 30 unique workouts since January 1? Is he a machine? Or has he found a way to clone himself? Oh wait, I need to ask about announcements..

0621: SOBeer Run on 2/26, Passport challenge, F3 Metro/South Charlotte Blood drive, Waxtravaganza part two in Waxhaw this Saturday. Why is Brexit wearing massive gloves like some hitman in a James Bond film???

0625: Closing prayer. Discuss benefits of permanently relocating to this location. Commiserate with other dads about the eternal conflict with disobedient children. Man, Inkwell’s Jeep is the coolest vehicle out here. I wonder how I can convince the M to make this our next “family” vehicle. Do car seats even fit in that thing?? It’s got a roll cage so that’s pretty safe, right?

0628: Make my way back to the good ole 2012 white Hyundai Sonata. Phew! I made it. Relatively unscathed physically and emotionally. That wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. These guys have my back.

“MIDRIFF!” The burly voice calls out again. This time with eager anticipation. “Let me know when you want to lead a full 45-minute workout”

Brutal. Savage. Rekt.