Pole Dancin’

Pole Dancin’

Or City Mouse comes to visit Country Mouse




My brother Snoop from Metro kicks things off with a pre-warm up slow mosey.


Warm Up

Snoop has already set out most of the on-site cinder blocks and calls for us to grab two blocks and follow him.  We cross the parking lot and circle up for a little warm-up; some side straddle hops, etc.

Grab the blocks again and cover more ground.


Circle of Pain


Before we get too deep into the workout, I mention to Snoop that here in the waxy haws we do DiCCS. Can’t sue, got CPR folks (thanks Surge), got at least one cell phone, and we’re going to cover some ground but we’re staying in the lit parking lot (although Posse does question “why are you wearing a headlamp?” – I don’t know? Safety?).

Snoop and I each call out some exercises, and Snoop notices that I’ve gravitated towards variations of the merkin.

Grab the blocks and let’s go back to where we started. Trash truck shows up and we plank it up until he leaves. Did he stop to take a break!?


The Real Thang


Line up by height and move over to Snoop’s trailer, where we find our new Moon log along with the Sun, Fire, and Water logs. Snoop breaks us up into three teams of five; shorties are the first on a log.

After Snoop trains us of proper lifting technique and some right shoulder, left shoulder, and overhead work, we move out.

Snoop steers our groups towards the entrance of the church parking lot. We learn about log curls and how to properly set down our logs. We do some squats and other things to loosen up and then we swap logs.

We relocate to Mt. Chiseled and Snoop asks some questions about it.  Those who know are tense.  Snoop decides to navigate around for today and we swap logs. Are these things getting heavier? I’m starting to remember some of the tough times of GrowRuck 24: The Muthaship.

Back to the trailer, Fire and Sun logs get reloaded for another day and time. Our new Moon log stays off the trailer and we begin an assembly line to the on-site storage. Clean up our borrowed cindys and back to the…


Circle of Trust


Prayers for the men, women, and children in Afghanistan.

Ball of Men and Snoop takes us out with a prayer and a call to action to be High Impact Men.




I got excited about our telephone pole/log well before the GrowRuck. Snoop had gone to GrowRuck 22: GrandStrand at Myrtle Beach and came back to teach others what to expect from the Charlotte GrowRuck. He setup a series of Saturday Night Rucks around Uptown Charlotte; during those I was introduced to the logs from Metro’s Hotbox.  I experienced and embraced the command to carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2). I wanted to share the experience of shared burden and how we are greater together with my Waxhaw brothers, so I jumped at the chance to snag one of the GrowRuck logs. I connected Snoop to Turnbuckle and the rest fell into place.


Thank you, brothers, for sharing my burdens, reminding that I’m not alone, and that we are a group of Mighty Men when we join together.

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