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Power Hour Pre-Party Shenanigans…

ByZinfandel Dec 21, 2020

And for my 58th Q I would recycle a previous Ignition Q because I hated it then and everyone would be sure to dislike it a 2nd time. Yet again I

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Need GPS

ByChatterbox Dec 20, 2020

10 Pax lost their way this morning in the chill. It was so cold that Recalc had half sleeves on. DICCS given. Warm up: Mose around the

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Mucho Leg-O

ByHanson Dec 7, 2020

15 came out today, a light drizzle sprinkled with some heavy legs.   Warm Up: A quick jog on the sidewalk and somehow we ended up a

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The Ramp

ByChastain Dec 6, 2020

Weinke planning the night before and decided to pull out one from back in April when F3 shut down for bit. Used it for the WOD but never got the

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