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7’s, Indian Runs Through The Cemetery & Jack Webbs Oh My!

ByGhosted May 10, 2021

DISCS  WARM-UP * Mosey around Waxhaw Elementary Front Parking Lot * Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *Plank Position – Calf S

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Flaccid Afternoon Promises…

ByZinfandel Apr 28, 2021

We will have happy hour immediately following Afternoon Delight. Unmentioned Disclaimer: workout is over at 1pm and WTH opens at 2pm. Never again

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Of Wolf and Man

ByChastain Mar 29, 2021

Listen to this while reading the backblast 12 men rolled out of bed a little earlier and ventured into parts unknown to help launch The Lycan;

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Dads VS Kids egg hunt

ByRubbermaid Mar 17, 2021

So this was hard to plan for in the fact we had a monsoon going on.  I planned for rain and a small crowd. Then watched the cars just keep pu

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What I (really) learned at Q School

ByBaio Mar 8, 2021

20 of us gathered for a entertaining workout/lecture series.  Most were anxious to prove their mettle and perhaps attempt to hijack the Q - look

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