MFBCGA – Not just some random letters

ByHoover Jun 24, 2022

Not sure if it was the pandemic, the introduction of the 4-day workweek, or ultimate Friday, but Friday bootcamps used to have a strong showing.

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Arms, Abs, and Wet Grass

ByPaper Jam Jun 21, 2022

6 PAX woke up to a cool Monday morning, stumbled out of bed, and found their way to Waxhaw Elementary School to witness my first bootcamp Q in ab

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Let’s Go on an Adventure

ByHorsehead Jun 18, 2022

13, including 2.0 2.0s for a moist adventure. Cottonmouth, Turkey Leg, OT, Alf, Mildew, Hoover, Master Builder (2.0), Geraldo, Geraldo 2.0, mi

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No one wants to be here?

ByDas Boot Jun 17, 2022

YHC rolled up at The Brave to find a trio of PAX wondering wondering if they needed a substi-site-Q. No fear! THE THANG We headed towards E

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Drag it, Swing it, Slam it, Squat it…..The Tunes of Summer!

ByTommy Rose Jun 17, 2022

Four Pax posted for the latest installment of F3Diesel at Five Stones Church.  Today's goal was to bring some variety to the mix of this 0.0 wor

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