My intravert battery got fully charged!

My intravert battery got fully charged!

DATE: 2023-06-07 AO: -Maul Q: Franky PAX: Odd Job, patent_pending, war_eagle, Olaf, kirby, Eleanor FNGs: None COUNT: 7 PRE-RUN: 2.2 mile pre-run (Odd Job and Franky) WARMUP: Mosey to the parking lot behind the theater. 20 SSHs, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Windmills, 20 Merkins THE THANG: Mosey to the murder horn hills – 20 flutter kicks at the top of the hill – 20 american hammers at the bottom of the hill. Odd Job caught up with us (had to visit HT after the pre-run 😊 ). We picked up some lifting rocks and headed over to the playground. 11s with the rocks (curls and American hammers). Then reduced 11s –> 6s (lounge with rocks and twists to the left and right as one and supermans on the other side). MARY: Mosey back to launch – with al gore and flutter kicks along the way. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood drive somewhere – check slack COT: Olaf took us out.

Little bit of this and that

DATE: 2023-06-07 AO: Sacs Q: Cheese Curd PAX: geraldo, Emoji, sledge, Lafleur, Rousey, wildturkey, Happy Little Tree, Judge Judy FNGs: 1 Judge Judy COUNT: 8 WARMUP:Sandbag only lap around the track
THE THANG:  3 WODS 1) GoRuck CrossFit Open (sandbag only) 60 burpee deadlifts 50 double leg raise with SB overhead 40 Thrusters 30 Cleans 20 push up / pull throughs (10 per)
Walk back to launch and grab ruck and keep SB 2) Gut Check: 2 rounds 20 Alternative lunges (10 per) SB and ruck 20 ground to shoulder SB w/ruck on 20 burpees with press or man makers
Lap in parking lot 3) Smokey: 3 rounds (sandbag and ruck) 15 back squats 200 meter walk 12 alternating lunges 100 meter walk
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood Drive COT: -Always happy to lead these men (and young ladies) who complain a lot, but alway put in the work – 60 burpees is not a fun way to start the morning, well done on the first round – Modification on the last 2 WODs, both of those we’re supposed to be 5 rounds -Emoji was late, not late enough to miss burpees, glad he found us otherwise he would have been doing laps with Iron Woman on the track – Geraldo fresh of his 1/2 marathon – Wild Turkey was up all night on team with his boss…seemed really happy about that – Rousey makes a lot of noise – Lafleur is a sweaty beast – Sledge didn’t wake up his wife today, but he did bring out the ladies – Welcome Judge Judy- Think those welcome burpees got the best of her – Happy little tree complains like the rest of the middle age men
Have a great day today!

Insert Snarky Title Here

DATE: 2023-06-07 AO: Anvil Q: MARTA PAX: Point Break, Snuka, Limey FNGs: None COUNT: 4
WARMUP:  Mosey on to library parking lot and dodge cars along the way. SSH x18 IW x18 LSS  x18 Merkins x18 Plank to stretch
6 burpees THE THANG: shuttle run to other end for 6 hand release merkins back for 6 jump squats x3
6 burpees
Mosey to 51 Plank Jacks x18 Peter parkers x18 Lbc x 16
Run to rock pile 6 burpees
Heavy rock lift 6 curls 6 triceps 6 bentover row X3 6 burpees + misc mary 1 overhead Carey around circle 6 burpees
Return rock and Mosey to benches newr launch 18 Dips 18 lunges/stepups/air squats X3
Return to launch 6 burpees
MARY: Dolly x 18 Glute bridge Big boy situps x18
36 burpees total for the Birthday Q.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood drive on 23rd sign up as the ladies love a giver. COT: with Meathead and YHC takes us out

How Long Will We Wait?

DATE: 2023-06-06 AO: Stonehenge Q: Airwolf PAX: f3bigtuna, Cheese Curd, lex_luthor, wildturkey, sledge, snowflake FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: some of us Prerun- Sledge, Lex and Cheese Curd
Others waited for the main event- Headed to some empty parking lot.  Very comprehensive warmup
THE THANG: ran around, lifted rocks, pull ups, bear crawls, few laps around the pond
MARY: throughout
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood drive COT: 2 things:  air wolf sported US ranger panties and a tuxedo shirt…fancy!!
Sledge offered his M a quickie at 4:28.  He woke up with the grandiose idea at 4:18, then worked up the course to ask…he was denied. Shoot your shot!
This BB is very tarty.

Last Minute Throw Down

DATE: 2023-06-06 AO: Bagpipe Q: Carny PAX: Olaf, tagalong, Spitball, Blackbeard, Eleanor FNGs: None COUNT: 5.1 WARMUP: woke up the joints
THE THANG: circuit around the bull ring with exercise at each road intersection on the outer loop. 50 air squats 10 burpees 40 LBC 10 burpees 30 lunges 10 burpees Bear crawl (~50 meters) 10 burpees This completed the 1/2 mi loop.
Jog to outdoor fitness trail near the pond to do dips and pull-ups, chip away at reps of each for your age. Gotta keep our seniors strong.
Air chairs on some wall on the way back to lunch.
@Elenor wanted an extra snooze on the alarm so we found him running when we arrived to the launch. He is our .1 pax.
MARY: wrapped up with calling Mary around the circle for final 5 minutes to get some core work in.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: @SoftPretzel is Q at Shield this Thursday and he is a bit nervous.

Be careful when you ask questions

DATE: 2023-06-05 AO: _Sob Q: SweetWater PAX: Eleanor, Rousey, das_boot, Odd Job, Franky FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: remind @rousey that he needs to drive safely in the parking lots. The garbage man was there and we reminded him how 20 PAX were silent when the garbage man at the Maul walked through the entire crew with no fear and ripped him a new one. Not a soul said a word to the garbage man threatening Rousey. Silence.
Walking Lunge up the stairwell and then run down other side. Run in place, butt kicks and high knees
25 SSH 25 Merkins RH/RF stretch and vice versa
Run to bank on Ardrey Kell. 25 Flutter Kicks
THE THANG: Run to home of 20 salons and partner up with heavy rock. Partner 1 does 10 squat press. Partner 2 runs around lot with 10 merkins halfway. 3 times
P1 does 5 reverse lunge with twist, P2 does 15 walking lunge and then run around lot. 3 times.
This is when The Q asked Das boot about his weekend. Only to learn he is tracking all miles for the month and rucked with his Cologard sample 2 miles to the Blakeney UPS store……the last time I ever ask someone what they did over the weekend.
On way to base did some Mary and the P1 did 3 wall climbs P2 did Al Gore on Jenis ice cream wall.
MARY: 35 v ups between sets 1 and 2 25 plank jacks 25 shoulder taps On way back to base ANNOUNCEMENTS: Don’t mess with garbage man and get your colonoscopy completed.
Eleanor is now a site Q at Bagpipe.
COT: appreciate the men coming out.

Landing Zone

DATE: 2023-06-03 AO: Stonehenge Q: Airwolf PAX: wildturkey, f3bigtuna, Cheese Curd, snowflake, sledge, lex_luthor FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: THE THANG: tour of the AO MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT:


DATE: 2023-06-05 AO: Chubby-Hubby Q: Cheese Curd, O Tannenbaum, baracus PAX: Mr Brady, Orange Whip, Broken Arrow, Rhapsody FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: choose your adventure- Chubby- Flat or McHorsey-Hills THE THANG: not sure why happened on the flats, but on the hills, there was even another hill route- Mr Brady and Baracus/ Orange Whip and YHC . Chub had Rhapsody, OT and Broken Arrow.  Someone else was out there, but I was late to the meetup spot
One 4.0 -Oona made the run too
MARY: Nope
COT: Thanks for the opportunity to post this slack blast. Thank OW for talking the entire time, I was too gassed and choosing more hills
As for the rest of you, I have no idea what you ran or for how fast.
also, missing bad!

Modified Bruce Complex and Armor Building

DATE: 2023-06-05 AO: Swole Q: sledge PAX: wildturkey, flipper, high_tide, The Worm, Hippie FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Not my best Q start but I think it got better after the warmup. Big thank you to @flipper for the assist on exercises and form
WARMUP: SSH, IW, Sharon Towers/Windmills
THE THANG: KB Movements DBL Push Press 3 X 8 Sumo Squat Jump 3 X 10 Modified Bruce Complex 3 X 6
SB Movements Alternating EMOM Rvery other minute. 3 X Swing, High Pull, Snatch in off minutes Ground to OH 5 reps X 5 minutes Front to back, back to front 5 reps X 5 minutes
Complex Armor Building 5 times through
MARY: Nope
COT: Wild Turkey’s son confirmed this weekend


DATE: 2023-06-05 AO: Dmz Q: Hops PAX: oneeye, Pothole, Knuckles FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Was relatively sure @slumdog had me on the Q schedule. Was slightly more sure DMZ still was a thing. Can’t remember how long ago @skywalker and YHC launched it. Anyway, the 4 of us went about 2 miles, doing some rock work down at Carmel MS and some wall work at New City Church. YHC was poking fun at the disclaimer, and then tripped on a speed bump. Going to sue DMZ…for the beloved shovel flag which is AWOL. Announcements: Area51 vampire @MARTA is assembling victims for Friday, June 23. YHC is HC 🩸