A Librarian and a Refrigerator walk into a bar…

A Librarian and a Refrigerator walk into a bar…

Date: 2024-02-28 AO: wamrap Q: Orange Whip PAX: Alf, rachel, Orange Whip, double_e, Horsehead, Librarian, poptart, Head Gear FNGs: None COUNT: 8 Head Gear came and visited from Raleigh, Librarian AKA Refrigerator is the first guy to come BACK to :wamrap: in a while, Rachel did Rachel things, Alf said Alf things, Pop Tart admitted to cheating on burpees, Double E made Head Gear feel comfortable by asking him questions as his heart rate peaked past 185bpm, Horsehead lost a 5k to a Senior, not a high school senior, a 75 year old señor, lots of people talking engineering nonsense, McGee hurt his foot on a racing simulator – and just like that, we no longer will be making fun of Pop Tart for doing the Peloton. Someone also drew a penis on the top deck where we do cinder blocks…was OT at it again?
The Thang – all exercises 5 + 5 each time Shoulder press Tri Extension Curl Merkin Jump squat Sit ups Burpees Run lap
Rachel got to 35 total reps :dizzy_face:

Enter a workout title…

Date: 2024-02-28 AO: the-maul Q: Palmolive PAX: kirby, patent_pending, teddyf3 FNGs: None COUNT: 4
WARMUP: One legged burpees (2 as 1) from 1 – 5 reps with exercises alternating, 5 Moroccan night clubs, 5 werewolves, 5 imperial squat walkers, 5 potato pickers.
THE THANG: Mosey to the fountains for a couple rounds of called exercise then a lap around The Office. 2x 50 dips, 2x 25 step ups (2 as 1), 2x 15 CDDs.
Go to St. Matt’s rock pile and find a lifting rock for 10x goblet squats, 10x thrusters, 5x rockees (blockee with a rock), 5x head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and some extra curls during mumblechatter.
MARY: Back to launch for 10x H2H, 10x WW1s, 10x pretzel crunch (2 as 1)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for Madison’s daughter’s charity walk/run
COT: Kirby took us out reminding everyone that there are people that suffer aloud and in silence, and both need support

Music didn’t suck.

Date: 2024-02-28 AO: backblasts Q: The Worm PAX: Wabbit, ickey_shuffle, Soul Glo, Uncle Leo, MARTA, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 6 WU: synovial stretch: fingers-wrist- elbow-arm-ankle-knee-hips LS Squats 10 swings: 5L, 5R, 5 – 2 hand
THE THANG: Squat: 3×10: Sumo Press: See-saw Press: 4×10 Merkin @ max: 2 sets. Diamond. Wide Hinge – 4 sets: Heavy Swings x 10, Sumo x 10, SH Alt Swings x 10
Pull: Renegade Rows x 10, Bent Over Row x 10.
Arms – 4 sets: tricep extension x10, Mike-Check curls 5x5x5.
Complex – 3 sets. Voodoo complex
MARY: LBC – Glute Bridge
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood Drive COT: anvil joined. Run Stopper take out.

Everyone hates my music and this workout

Date: 2024-02-28 AO: sacs Q: Cheese Curd PAX: Focker, Starch, Emoji, wildturkey, lex_luthor, geraldo FNGs: None COUNT: 7
WARMUP: Lap around the lot- ruck and sand bag lap
THE THANG: 3 WOD Ruck Off Complete 1 of each, then 2, 3 etc for 12 mins – curl – Press – High pull – Squat
Ruck On Whatever number you got to above, with with that many reps and work your way down to 1
Example, I got to 10, so 10 of the following, then 9, 8 etc -Burpees -4 count Mtn climbers
ruck and sand bag lap
Back to Basic AMRAP- ruck on – 10 overhead presses – 20 swings – 30 big boy sit ups – 40 squats
After each round ruck and sand bag lap
MARY: did plenty ANNOUNCEMENTS: blood drive COT: plenty of complaint about the music selection, but we settled on White Strips radio – this is not a popular workout – I didn’t feel like walking, throwing our dragging my ruck, so this felt right – Congratulations to Lex for always doing something dumb and finishing his marathon…way to check that box – Speaking of Lex… he has the Q next week – Great to see the new young guy Starch out at so many sites. – Geraldo has become a runner…look out – Wild Turkey is looking for one more weighted workout this week – Emoji return home after being KB curious, welcome back – Focker is probably on a cleaning job since he brought the work van

Wall SIT OR Face Penalty

Date: 2024-02-27 AO: bagpipe Q: Rousey PAX: Starch, kirby, wildturkey, war_eagle, Steve Freeman (Chapel Hill Pax) FNGs: None COUNT: 6
Circled up- Side Shuffles ( Left To Right then Right to left ) with Sprawls for 1 minute . Side Straddle Hop Windmills Speed Skaters Superman’s Plank – Right hand Left Ankle Touch , followed up with Merkin. (Alternate Hands) Suite case Crunch Right Left Forward Lunge – Worlds Greatest Stretch.
THE THANG: 25lb weight plates 60 lb Sandbags
Tabata work out : 40 seconds each set, 10 seconds rest.
3 sets in each round for a total of 3 rounds.
Whiteboard Beatdown: Savage in Training Round 1: 3x SB Squat Thrusters 3x Sb Plank drags (Right to left) with Merkin 3x SB Lunges
Round 2 :
3x SB Flutters 3x SB Overhead Press 3x SB Squat Thrusters
Round 3: Repeat 1 and 2 rounds ( Ran out of time)
Modify – 25lb Weight plates instead of Sand Bags.
Ran around Loch Ness Lake Lake 3 times, with Sandbag, after each round of a Tabata Workout . Sand bag on your lap. If fail, Sand Bag Burpee Squat jump.. Round 3 :
Then finish each round with Sand Bag Drag up the Hill.
kirby set the tone early by making us laugh during warm ups and beatdown. The mumble Chatter continued as we continued to push thru each round with painful wall sits. Great vibes all around. So happy u came out buddy. We leaned on each other to stay motivated and complete each set / round without facing burpee penalty for not completing the wall sit timer . Big Props to kirby for staying back with the Chapel hill pax and staying on course with the White board workout . wildturkey: This man has no quit in him. The more brutal the work, the more fun he has. You can see it in his face. wildturkey resiliency is second to none. Puro Salvaje :japanese_ogre:! Starch progress has been Amazing. He is a grinder . He caught a second wind and pushed thru the 2 min wall sit like it was nothing.. He’s got my vote for SOB Rookie of the year!
If you ever need to know anything about having a well balanced skin care routine, make sure u hit up war_eagle. I harder the beating the stronger war_eagle got. :muscle:. Happy to have Chapel hill Pax , Steve Freeman, work out with us this morning . I hope to see you again buddy .
ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: March 9 : Madison Daughter Courage Race March 8 : Blood Drive April 20 : Waxhaw Trail race :dash: PuFF Puff pass while you run

chapter 5 – Grieve and live

Date: 2024-02-27 AO: 3rdf-timekeeper Q: frasier PAX: frasier, citgo, bratwurst FNGs: None COUNT: 3 Frasier talked us through how to hold the tension between grief and joy.
Citgo sighting in the Gloom!
Need a Q for next week – Chapter 6: Hold the Healers.

Finding new routes

Date: 2024-02-26 AO: run Q: frasier PAX: C3P0, bunker, bratwurst, Dosey Doe FNGs: None COUNT: 5
WARMUP: THE THANG: Started with four men and ended with five. We continue our search for new routes. As always promised there no drops. Hope to see more guys out next Monday. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Waxhaw trail fest 4/20. Sign up. COT:

The Few. The Not So Proud. The Pax.

Date: 2024-02-27 AO: falcon-crest Q: puddin_pop PAX: poptart, MARTA, spackles, jet_fuel, Huddle House, Bootlegger, Focker, Snuka, Cottonmouth, Floor Slapper, Hops, ickey_shuffle, semi-gloss, Motorboat, Clover, good_hands, marge FNGs: None COUNT: 18 Puddin’ not really on Slack, so this will be brief. A local resident told the pax to keep it down while describing us as ‘wannabe Marines’. For the record, I’m pretty sure none of us have ever had that desire. Lots of mumblechatter and half-hearted effort coupled with way under the called number of reps. The Dunkin Donut warriors almost took out a few pax in their rush for fried/sugared fat-rings. Quick notes: Gloss wore a hoodie in the 60 degree gloom. #weightvest Puddin’ circled back for PopTart who had the LIFO trophy wrested from his tardy hands by LIFO expert Floorslapper. MARTA & Bootlegger ran in. T-claps. Clover was giving late night TV series reviews as per his custom. Trifusenik in full effect Gloss gave us our embarkation orders in COT Blood drive next Friday, 3/8 at Methodist church across from Hydra.
Now go get busy serving and think of others. It’s not about you. Am I right?

I agree to Q, but I am doing my own thing

Date: 2024-02-27 AO: fast-twitch Q: Shawn Heath PAX: retread, Orange Whip, Cheese Curd, Runstopper, Alf, Benny, fleetwood, Astro (Kyle Kirchhoff) FNGs: None COUNT: 10
WARMUP: stand around discussion routes that sounded like Donut run and something shorter
THE THANG: Most opted for a few more miles, 2 went shorter 5-6ish for the day
MARY: ain’t got time for that
ANNOUNCEMENTS: who knows, I wasn’t there
COT: thanks hopper for taking us out. I was still doing my own thing, but it was probably nice and mentioned something about my strong leadership skills
Benny and Shawn took it easy and got ahead of the pax. Somewhere around Calvary the gang was back together and I took off on my own.
Run stopper lead the charge with Hopper, Alf, Orange Whip, Cheese Curd and that majestic dog called Oona.
Like clockwork, RS initial bravado caught up to him and as they rounded back onto Rea, he slowed up and kept a gentleman’s pace with Alf and Hooper
Orange Whip, Cheese Curd and his beautiful puppy spoke about the glory days
Retread and Fleetwood were not far behind, but they will have to add comments about their miles and smiles
Astro and 1 other came back to launch even later than I did. Cheese Curd was too busy giving Astro junk about missing the beginning and end of the workout
One would think I would write my own SB considering I have a city job.

Double Kick Swift

Date: 2024-02-27 AO: swift Q: flipper PAX: frasier, Wolverine, soft_pretzel, midriff, bratwurst, flipper FNGs: None COUNT: 6
WARMUP: mosey to bull ring for dynamic stretches THE THANG: head out Rushmore to Ballantyne Commons, left and then left again on Ballantyne Corporate and enter the bull ring. Double kick segments in the last 400 with the 2nd 200 at “kick target” pace. Wolverine, Brat, and YHC did that 3x while Midriff, Frasier, and Soft Pretzel ran recovery pace after recent races. Wolverine demonstrated the benefits of 75 hard, pushing YHC and finishing 2 of 3 with a solid lead, Brat did Brat things, running #2 in reverse. T-claps to Softy and Frasier for big outcomes in recent races while Midriff notched his belt with a second marathon finish. All in all great morning to finish the February kick program at Swift! Midriff has the Q for March, gonna be awesome MARY: none, this is Swift ANNOUNCEMENTS: 3/8 blood drive, 3/9 Teens for Courage 5k COT: with bagpipe, Kirby took us out