On behalf of Limey…

On behalf of Limey…

Date: 2024-07-12 AO: kevlar Q: Orange Whip PAX: poptart, lex_luthor, Limey FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Lots of chatter, lots of laughs. No rain Limey, bring stretch warmups back, Gastonia, college recruiting, kids eating chicken fingers, half nude runner, scabies, gym bros and more
Limey also led a workout


Date: 2024-07-12 AO: nemo-resideo Q: Roulette PAX: F3 Elsa, Odd Job, midriff FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Today we embraced the gift of early morning summer showers with a 3 mile ruck through the bowl. The burger joint is nearing completion and the walking bridge appears to be open. Props to F3 Elsa Odd Job midriff for getting out of the fart sack and getting a little stronger today.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: July 27 BROlympics and F3 OMB date night COT: Hippie took us out

Oooooold knees on old course

Date: 2024-07-11 AO: the-devils-turn Q: flipper PAX: bunker, fletch, Astro (Kyle Kirchhoff), Dosey Doe, turkey_leg, voodoo, flipper, Polly, frasier FNGs: None COUNT: 9
WARMUP: 8 PAX at 0500 to warmup THE THANG: picked up a turkey and headed to Old Course for some hill work… yuck MARY: noooope ANNOUNCEMENTS: mental toughness training sessions launching later this year, see Astro for deets COT: YHC took us out


Date: 2024-07-11 AO: peak-51 Q: Spammer PAX: slim_fast, kilowatt, lois, Spammer, @catfish, @mounds, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Walked over to the patio behind Moo n Brew THE THANG: 5 rounds of 7 exercises. 40 seconds on, 15seconds rest, with 1 1/2 minutes of stretching between rounds COT: kilowatt

Headbands & Rocks

Date: 2024-07-11 AO: the-phoenix Q: Hippie PAX: Roulette, wildturkey FNGs: None COUNT: 3
WARMUP: SSH, IW, mtn climbers, calf stretch
THE THANG: Find Rocks the search had a hiccup but we found them.
Back to the YMCA for weighted workout; rotating rocks:
Set 1: Upoer body: overhead press, merkins, bent over rows, Carolina dry docks, curls;
Set 2: Mary: bird dogs, Dollie’s, LBC, flutters, Freddie mercuries, bear crawl moving rock
Set 3: step ups, goblet squat, walking lunges, jump squats
12 of each exercise. Repeat. We got through 2 sets and started a 3rd.
wildturkey and Roulette are meant for moving heavy things and crushed it. YHC got those twig arms under tension and mustarded thru.
Mumblechatter was a minimum but we learned that a human can run a faster marathon than a horse. :exploding_head:
MARY: Set 2 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bro Olympics in 2 weeks COT:

It was Muggy

Date: 2024-07-10 AO: the-maul Q: war_eagle PAX: teddyf3, Hippie, wingman, patent_pending, Odd Job FNGs: None COUNT: 6
WARMUP: Standard warmup by Firebirds. THE THANG: At Firebirds partner up with one partner running with other performing exercise then flapjack. P1 runs the first loop P2 derkins on wall. Then P2 runs the 2nd loop P1 step ups. Finally P1 runs 3rd loop and P2 wall crunches.
Mosey to fountain at Office/Chipotle. P1 runs around building P2 incline merkins. Then squats with butt touching the wall and finish with V ups.
Mosey to CFA. Same concept with burpees, calf raises and oblique side rolls.
Head back to launch stopping for 2 rounds of Racktar Ndiaye on a Target shopping cart corral.
MARY: Throughout ANNOUNCEMENTS: Date Night 7/27 at OMB COT:

Swift Circles

Date: 2024-07-09 AO: swift Q: Gold Digger PAX: purell, frasier, bunker, fletch, Gump, goonie, soft_pretzel, Wolverine, rock_thrill, Tax Break FNGs: None COUNT: 11
WARMUP: 15 minute jog and dynamic stretching THE THANG: 8x3min at 10k pace, 90sec recovery. Reversing direction around the bullring each time. It was as fun as it sounds, especially considering the 73° dew point. COT: with the bootcamp boys

Creativity 0 / Suck factor 10

Date: 2024-07-10 AO: fast-twitch Q: geraldo PAX: wildturkey, Alf, Astro (Kyle Kirchhoff), hoover, flipper, Benny, turkey_leg, Cheese Curd, grave_dancer, geraldo, fleetwood FNGs: None COUNT: 11
WARMUP: run to rain tree THE THANG: loose discussions about directions, including turn around and meet ups MARY: nah ANNOUNCEMENTS: Astro is on Q COT: -thanks for having me lead (from behind-TWSS) -route was set up to keep everyone together but not close enough to talk -everyone did the route but some liberties were taken at different time -flipper either had his headphones turned up to 11 or refused to respond to some of the pax when engaged -Astro is a mad pooper or was that peep? Heck, I wasn’t next to him, but he can sure make up some ground when he is empty -Oona is an awesome dog. Probably the best dog that attends Fast Twitch. Her owner is pretty cool too -Fleetwood got sucked into the Alf, Turkey Leg, Astro speed vortex. He got spit out, but kept them in his sights -Wild Turkey, Hoover, Grave Dancer and Benny were grinding all morning -if Geraldo would have written this BB I believe he would have said the same things

Who needs a sauna in Charlotte in July

Date: 2024-07-10 AO: meathead Q: voodoo PAX: Unplugged, Uncle Leo, The Worm, LesMis, high_tide, voodoo FNGs: None COUNT: 6 6 pax, including 2 kotters, posted at Calvary this morning for a free Hotworx kettlebell workout.
WARMUP: SSH x 20 IC 1HS x 5 e/s IW x 15 IC High pulls x 5 e/s Prying squat x 2 Cleans x 5 e/s Arm circles
THE THANG: workout 2 of week 6 of the Joe Daniels KBOMG3 program. We didn’t get through all of it, but what we did felt like more than enough. – 1 double clean and front squat every :30 for 18:00 – Cook drill (waiter, rack, suitcase carries) out and back – E2MOM with: :10 of double presses, :15 of double front squats, and :20 of double Romanian deadlifts for 4 rounds
MARY: 1:00 each of elbow plank, glute bridge, and hollow body hold
MOLESKINE: – After over a week away from the gloom, this morning hit me like a ton of bricks. The amount of sweat coming off of me was pretty incredible. I can’t wait to do it again on Saturday (I’m Qing Olympus). – It was good to have High Tide back from a long stint on IR. It was also great to have Les Mis join us while he’s in town from South Africa. I didn’t recognize him at first, but he clearly hasn’t forgotten how to swing a bell. – I’ve never been to Hotworx (the gym where you pay money to work out indoors in a sauna), but I’ve got to think it feels something like this morning. And to think, we get to do this for free every morning for months!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: please pray for Lorax and his family as they consider moving his mother into hospice and Queen and his family after his father’s passing.
COT: with our Anvil colleagues. Thanks to Les Mis for the takeout.


Date: 2024-07-10 AO: wamrap Q: Alf PAX: Alf, poptart, rachel FNGs: None COUNT: 3
WARMUP: Jog to the spot THE THANG: 3 rounds of Starfish. More reps and more exercises than usual MARY: included. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Big props to Pop Tart. All the hard work paid off for a podium finish at WAMRAP this morning, coming in 3rd place:third_place_medal:
For the record, I totally would have whooped Rachel if he wasn’t faster than me at the running and exercise parts of the workout.
Thanks to Pop Tart for the takeout.