Real Men Lift Stuff

ByChicken Little May 14, 2021

DICCS Given- normal stuff   Warm Up- 25-SSH 15 Imperial Walkers Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank While in Plank ask the PAX

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Swing and Misssssssssss…Not

ByChastain Apr 30, 2021

Brothers:  14…Penalty Box, Popeye, Chicken Little, O69, Swimmers, Bunyan, Lambeau, Elmers, Centerfold, Ball & Chain, Landfill, Chastain, S

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These Pax had a fever for more “Rifle Carry”

BySugar Daddy Apr 9, 2021

Its Spring Break! The kids are ready to go have fun......So this BB will be Short and Sweet. The Thang Quick version----We started with som

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5 Easter Peeps plus 1 Hockey Puck celebrate Good Friday

ByPenalty Box Apr 5, 2021

Great to be joined by 5 brothers for a special time of fellowship, grunts and groans on a chilly Good Friday morning!! Considering it was spring

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These Waffles are delicious

ByEasy Button Mar 26, 2021

I vowed to never get caught up in waffle gate, only make fun of it whenever I get the chance, but then this morning happened and I was smack dab

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But is he really Canadian?

ByChastain Mar 19, 2021

Penalty Box has a plan. A plan to get out of bed in the morning. A plan to push himself to keep improving. A plan to avoid the rain. A plan to de

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Breath in thru your mouth and out your Anus?

ByBrutus Mar 12, 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!! Great day to be at Diesel. 14 PAX climbed out of the rack to joun in some Tabata fun. Anyone that has attended one of my

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Time to step into the ring with Turnbuckle

ByTurnbuckle Mar 5, 2021

Good morning and Happy Friday!   This morning I was asked to Q at the Diesel workout at Five Stones Church. I cringed when Chastain

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Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

BySledge-O-Matic Feb 27, 2021

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there f

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