400m on the Brixham Green

ByBratwurst Sep 13, 2022

WARMUP: - 0515 mosey to the Brixham Green (apparently not well known) where YHC takes a comfort break and expects that the PAX will follow - 0525

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No man left behind, until you do

ByBratwurst Sep 12, 2022

THE THANG: Didn't start off so hot with immediately a wrong turn from the courtyard, but a alert group of PAX kept the Q on track. Course map: c

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Low mileage nightmare

Bywingman Sep 8, 2022

6 showed up for the low mileage nightmare. Quick disclaimer and short run to the warmup area. A few HHPs, merkins, and imperial walkers as a w

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Bank-2-Bank Transfer

Bywingman Sep 7, 2022

12 Friendlies Stepped into the swamp for a YHC lead beatdown. Disclaimer. Warm-Up 2/3 mile lap for warm-up. PAX where actually calling for

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Eric Liddell special

ByBratwurst Sep 6, 2022

WARMUP: 0515 mosey for 1mi then dynamic stretching and strides. THE THANG: Eric Liddell - rounds of 200,200,400 with equal recovery. Goal for th

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Swamp Cooler Days?

Bywingman Aug 29, 2022

DATE: 2022-08-29 AO: _Sob Q: wingman PAX: picasso, one star, das_boot, Yard Tool, Franky, Odd Job, Watergate, wingman, Noonan FNGs: None COUNT: 9

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Old Boys with Dirty Toys at Body Shop

ByMAD Aug 25, 2022

6 old dues (5 respects) showed up at the Body Shop This is what went down: Warm Up: The Usual aka SSH, IW, LSS, slow mosey with dynamic run

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Franky’s 45 BAM!

Bywingman Aug 23, 2022

DATE: 2022-08-23 AO: _Sob Q: Franky PAX: Yard Tool, Cooter2, Spitball, war_eagle, ToeJam, Rousey, picasso, kirby FNGs: None COUNT: 9 8 PAX showed

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the other direction

Bywingman Aug 12, 2022

southern 4 mile loop... counterclockwise warmup: ssh, imperial walkers, hillbilly's thang: at the y for two rounds of: dips, step-ups, derkins b

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Blowing Rock or Blowing Chunks-F3Dads Camping Trip

ByPaper Jam Aug 7, 2022

12PAX and 16 2.0s (at least to start), left the city life behind and went west, found a little rain, no cell service, and perhaps one serial kill

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