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Death By Man Cold

ByFuse Box Jun 11, 2021

I've been fighting a pretty hard fight this week.  Its known as the Man Cold.  While its symptoms often mimic the common cold, even when our wi

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Go Around Back

ByPaper Jam May 26, 2021

9 PAX found their way to the airnaisum. We came, we stretched, we conquered. Those who opine that our flexibility style AO (which is now in

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Make Us Wait and Then The Chain Pops Off…

ByZinfandel May 13, 2021

Neighborhood Watch is real and we took one hell of a scenic route through whatever neighborhood that was.

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Hills, Hills, and more Hills

ByFuse Box May 6, 2021

12 came out to Pursuit to see if a Clydesdale would spill Merlot at his own Q.  Sorry to disappoint.  The goal today was to do the exact opposi

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Saturday’s are for….Coffeteria?

ByFuse Box Apr 24, 2021

13 guys at Commitment - 10 for the bootcamp and 3 mother ruckers.  1 FNG so I attempted to scare him by offering to show him my DiCCS.  

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Walking and Talking

ByFuse Box Mar 14, 2021

6 7 guys came out to get 3.5 miles in while cracking jokes for an hour. Radar came in on two wheels. Rudy caught up with us halfway through

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Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

BySledge-O-Matic Feb 27, 2021

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there f

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