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Mid Week Release

9 PAX with mats, one matching it with his socks, found their way around the playground in Milbridge for F3Prickle & Goo.

Dynamic stretching, followed by deep stretching, ending on our backs.

Zinfandel was gracious enough to demonstrate the perfect yoga release a number of times throughout the workout.

Duncan on Q next week, followed by Goodfella.


June 16 Blood Drive

August 20 F3 Dads Camp at Camp Thunderbird. Waxhaw Region is in charge, its fun, need some volunteers to assist.



Go Around Back

9 PAX found their way to the airnaisum.

We came, we stretched, we conquered.

Those who opine that our flexibility style AO (which is now in at least 3 regions) is not a “real” F3 Workout are obviously trying to overcompensate for their own inadequacies.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you…just bring a mat.


Memorial Day Convergence: 6:30am launch, need volunteers to help set up

Blood Drive


Figuring Out Friday and A Challenge to Waxhaw PAX

17 PAX including a FNG gathered in a well-lit parking lot of Five Stones Church for the latest edition of Diesel.  Chastain, Mayhem, and Spitz helped me drag a bunch of gear up to the launch site (most of which we never used) and after staring at the pile of gear for a few minutes, I finally figured out what to do. After a proper disclaimer we were off for:

COT: SSHx10 , 5 merkins OYO, LSS x 10, 5 merkins OYO


Round 1: 11s. Grab a cinder block and line up at the curb facing the parking lot for curls and shoulder press. Perform 1 curl with the cinder block by the curb, then walk to the white line about 25 yards into the parting lot with the cinder block and perform 10 shoulder presses. Return and do 2 curls and walk across parking lot and do 9 shoulder presses and so on.  Plank waiting on the 6 and a few random Mary to end the round.

Round 2: 21s (curls): Grab coupons (bricks or dumbbells) for arm work. 7 reps half way up, 7 reps the other half up, and 7 full curls. This did not work. Bricks/dumbbells were to light for the Diesel faithful. Walk over the the rock pile near the gravel lot, find a lifting rock, and circle up. Tricep extension 15x at cadence count. Shoulder press 15x at cadence count. Curls 15x at cadence count. Then finish off with a 15x Triple Lindy (curl, press, tricep extension is 1 rep).

Round 3: Time to work on the legs. Return to launch site and using the cinder block for split leg squats 15x in cadence count each leg. Then 15 x squats (with or without cinder block or weights), and 15x Bobby Hurleys (without weights). Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Finish up with random PAX calling Mary.  Chastain (American Hammer), Chicken Little (flutter), Jingles (protractor), Penalty Box (Rosalita). Mayhem (Os), and Bratwurst (J-Lo)


Happy Birthday Mayhem, welcome to the 50 club!

This morning culminated a weeks worth of Qs. After WTF (or any race) I take a recovery week, i.e. no running. I feared the fartsack. The only way to prevent sleeping in was to step up and Q. On Monday-MASH, Tuesday-Morning Woods, Wednesday-site Q duties at Prickle and Goo, Thursday-The Floater, and today Diesel.

This was the first time in my 6 year F3 journey that I Q’d a gear workout. It was only my 2nd time attending one. The 11s with the cinder block is something I stole from Lobsta Roll/Alf who made me do something similar at The Matrix.  But they made me run across a soccer field and do different exercises with the cinder block. I commandeered the split-leg squat idea from Champagne. One Friday morning at Centurion we devoted almost the entire workout to legs using a set of benches at Charlotte Catholic. Using a rock to do arm exercises is a common as it gets in F3.

I provide this information to encourage those who are nervous about leading a workout to step up and serve. None of what I did today or this week as a Q was new or unique. I have no idea if it was effective. Some of it was probably an epic fail. But all that is asked of me is to step up and serve.

So here is the challenge: If you have not Q’d or have not Q’d in a while, step up and serve. Reach out to a site Q and offer to take a day. Don’t wait for them to ask you.

If you are not sure how to Q, ping me on Slack or GroupMe and I will talk/walk you through your weinke. That is not a new idea either, ask Outback, who took pity on a guy who was new to F3 and taught him the finer points of a parking deck Q.

Waxhaw is a great region (I have now been a part of 3 F3 Regions) and it is growing fast. That means new sites will have to be created from crowded ones or started in new places. As a result, we will need more Qs and more leaders. We cannot rely on the same guys. But that is what F3 is about. We don’t sit on the sideline and consume, we step up and serve.

When will you?

A Rocky Start to Thursday

15 PAX gathered in the gloom for a post Cinco De Mayo celebration in downtown Waxhaw. After a proper disclaimer we moseyed to the original launch point of the Floater for:

COP: SSH x 10, 5 merkins OYO, LSS x 10, 5 merkins OYO, 15 LBCs

THE THANG:  Mosey to the Waxhaw bridge for a round of 7s. Start on one side of the bridge do 1 rep of the called exercise, run over the bridge and perform 6 reps of the called exercise, then 2x and 5x, etc. Called exercise: squats.

The original plan called for another round of 7s but an attempted Q jack by Chastain and Zinfandel required an audible.  Partner up, with one partner running over the bridge, one running in the opposite direction, around the train tracks, when the partners met up, 10 burpees. Continue running in the same direction, meet up again and to do 10 burpees. We did this for 3 rounds.

Then mosey to the front of Blue Door Deli for a Merkin Train. Lining up the PAX facing the elevated sidewalk, do a merkin then shift your hands to the left and do another merkin and continue in that pattern until we reached the end of the sidewalk.

Then mosey back to the water tower for 3 rounds of The Beast. Pick 3 spots in the gravel parking lot and at each spot perform 6 reps of the called exercise going and returning (6-6-6). This Beast was abs only: toe tap crunch, flutter, and heels to heaven.

Remain in the gravel parking lot for field of plank. Take a few steps and perform the  called plank until we make it to the end of the lot. Regular, right arm high, left arm high, elbow, 6-inches, and Makhtar N’Diaye.

Mosey back to launch for circle of Mary.


This was my recovery week after running WTF, I couldn’t think of a better way to recover than to Q a boot camp.  I was fortunate that Easy Button could provide an opportunity to lead and help me avoid a fartsack.  The weather was perfect and there are alot of gravel parking lots in downtown Waxhaw to enjoy. Good to see Beetle and Loafer stepping up to Q in the future and thank you Baio for taking us out.

As always, I am always grateful and shocked to be allowed to lead a great group of men. SYITG

Monday Morning MASH

4 PAX made their way to Cuthberson on a Monday morning and found themselves on the opposite side of the parking lot. We joined the boot campers to start and then we were on our own for:


Dynamic stretching: butt kickers, walking imperial walkers, toy soldiers, open the gate and LSS.


Medley of Merkins, perform the called merkin followed by an ab exercise:

Regular Merkin x 10, LBC x 15

Diamond Merkin x 10, Heels to Heaven x 15

Wide-Arm Merkin x 10, toe-tap crunch x 15

Then it was time to concentrate on the arms: one round of 21s with dumbbells or bricks, then tricep extension x 15 in cadence count

Use the sitting portion of the bench for incline merkin and dips. Do a merkin, then a dip, move down a bit, do another until you are down one side of the bench then go to the other side and do the same thing.

Stay at the bench to work on legs. Squats x 10, split leg squat (r) x 10, squats x 10, split leg squats (l) x 10, squats x10

Rinse and repeat: Medley of Merkins, arm work with dumbbells, and leg work on bench.

Finish with each PAX calling a mary and some stretching.


It was great to finally get to Q MASH.  I don’t know if they got anything out of my Q, but at least I was able to get Penalty Box to crack a smile at one point.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.


MidWeek Flexibility Training at Prickle and Goo

8 PAX watched some guys run into the woods then stretched their way to a better day.

Dynamic stretching to start off, then the fun began.  We added bouncing ninjas and used the fence around the playground as a prop this week.


WTF volunteers needed this Saturday at Walnut Creek.

Look for a folding party coming soon to help Christ Closet.

The month of May will feature an All-Start line-up for Prickle and Goo starting with Bratwurst next week.


Feel a Prickle and Enjoy the Goo

13 PAX showed up at a dimly lit parking lot with their mats in order to become more flexible.

We stretched, we laughed, we shared our feelings.

Some passed wind, a few reached past their limitations, and the Q was inspirational.

Most vowed to return next Wednesday, while others left with a strange look on their face.

All were amazed at the total body and mind transformation that occurred.


Come see what all the hype is about next Wednesday, 5:30am at the playground in Millbridge.

There is WTF, a blood drive, and many other 2nd and 3rd F opportunities in our region.

Happy Birthday Deadwood. Instead of 40 burpees we made him do 40 partner stretches.

Bratwurst was our 6th man. He is an OG and one of the PAX behind the start of the Waxhaw region, if you can ever keep up with him when he posts, a great PAX to speak with and get to know.

Thank you for allowing me to lead and SYITG.

Where’s The Goo?

10 PAX found their way to the playground at Millbridge (2 were a bit late) for the initial launch of Prickle and Goo and left more flexible than when they started.  After a proper disclaimer, we launched.

First order of business was dynamic stretching to get us a little loose. We strolled into the parking lot, lined up at the curb and began with walking butt kickers, IW, toy soldiers, and open the gate

After we warmed up, it was on the the main course where each stretch was held for one minute:

We started out using a bench or playground equipment for: high pigeon, hamstring stretch, calf stretch.

Then to the mats for: praying mantis, lunges, frog, more pigeon, some dead pigeon, windshield wipers, loosen up the back and then corpse pose.  We threw in some shoulder and arm stretches for good measure.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for WTF if you have not already and be on the lookout for a date to help load some trucks for Christ Closet.


A shout out to all my F3 brothers who showed up to support the launch of this AO. It is a unique type of workout, with an even more unique name, and it was an unusually high turnout and I am very grateful. There was alot of good mumblechatter along with cracking of bones and a realization that we all need to stretch more.

Carb Load was our 6th man this morning and look forward to the season of stretching.

Thank you for allowing me to lead. SYITG.

Prickle and Goo Followed Gumby and Pokey for You

Announcing the long awaited launch of a new flexibility/stretching/ broga AO in the Waxhaw Region.

On Wednesday April 7, 2021, at 5:30 am will be the soft launch of Prickle and Goo at the playground area of the Millbridge Pool Parking lot.

THE THANG: Prickle and Goo is a stretching only/recovery type workout to assist with flexibility and help prevent injury. There is no running, no coupons, and no merkins.  The workout typically starts with a few minutes of dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles then continues with a series of stretching/yoga/core type exercises.

We may use straps, a towel, or rope to enhance the stretches and a broga (yoga) mat is highly recommended because most exercises will be done on the ground.  Some PAX wear their shoes, most perform the exercises in bare feet or socks.

If it rains, I will gain access to the “airnasium” of Millbridge, which is a large, covered area, so we do not have to stretch in the rain (which sucks and is not conducive to recovery).

THE HISTORY: About 4 years ago, Swiss Miss and High Tide (Area 51) realized there was a need for a recovery type AO. So they launched the first year ’round, in-door, AO in F3 history at the Boy Scout Hut in downtown Matthews. They named it Gumby. It focused on yoga/stretching type exercises with music selected by the Q.  No COP, but they opened up with a prayer and ended with a count and COT.

YHC was a regular attender and Q of Gumby. I made the 20 minute drive each Wednesday because active recovery and flexibility is essential to prevent injury. This was especially critical when I transitioned from posting only at boot camps to posting only to the running sites.

When I had a change in my morning schedule that made it difficult to attend Gumby, I found myself struggling with tight muscles and suffered my first minor injury of F3.  I attribute this injury to the loss of my weekly broga fix.  I convinced a few other PAX in SOBLand that we needed to start our own broga AO and, thus, Pokey was born.

Pokey developed it own unique style. We met outside (from April until the weather turned cold, i.e. October/November), no music (but plenty of mumblechatter), and we began the workout with dynamic stretching.

The typical attendance for this style AO is 4-10 PAX.

It is easy to Q because there are hundreds of stretching exercises that can be discovered with a Google search or on YouTube and you are mostly stationary.

5-STAR REVIEWS/RATINGS: See what some other PAX are saying about the broga type workouts. (Disclaimer: these reviews/recommendations may have been altered or just made up in order to convince you to post this new AO. None of the PAX mentioned below were consulted prior to the publishing of this preblast.)

Frasier (winner of the Rooster race): “The only reason I can run this fast is because I regularly attended Pokey. If you want to run as fast as me, then I would recommend you regularly attend Prickle and Goo.”

Kid Rock: “If I was more flexible, I could run faster and maybe I could catch Frasier. I better goto Prickle and Goo.”

Transporter: “If I post Prickle and Goo, I can finally accomplish my fitness goals. I can be a strong as Kid Rock and run as fast as Frasier.”

Haggis: “I posted one time to Pokey and was forced to do partner stretches with Paper Jam. I never returned. They do some strange stuff at that workout.”

Goodfella: “I am definitely reporting this to the Millbridge HOA.”

Bottle Cap: “Now I understand why they kicked Paper Jam out of SOBLand.”


A Bridge Over Waxhaw

10 PAX showed up on a warm morning at the parking lot of the Millbridge pool to run. And run they did. After a proper disclaimer and poor explanation of what we were doing, we were off, running up Millbridge Parkway.

THE ROUTE: Officially known as “The Clippy Challenge”.  Run from Millbridge Pool Parking Lot to the bridge in downtown Waxhaw and return.

MOLESKIN: This was my first official Q in the Waxhaw region. There was alot of self pressure to come up with something challenging for the PAX.  Pursuit has a natural degree of difficulty because Millbridge has so many hills.  In order to come up with something different or new, I thought it was best to do some advanced scouting to figure it out.  One Sunday afternoon, I dragged our 2.0 (a.k.a Paper Clip) along with me as we walked around the neighborhood. After about 45 minutes of wandering, Clippy was exhausted and frustrated and blurted out “why don’t you just make them run to downtown Waxhaw.” Thus, the idea was born.

It is approximately 3.1 miles to reach the bridge from launch (6.2 miles total).  There are at least 3 times on the way to the bridge that we have to run uphill.  On the way back it is mainly downhill., except, at the 4-5 mile mark, we are faced with a steep uphill on Hudson Mill in order to reach Millbridge Parkway to begin a final decent to launch.

Wolverine and Ice-9 reached the bridge with time to spare and roamed downtown Waxhaw looking for the PAX of The Floater.

YHC, Rubbermaid, and Ghosted reached the bridge right before the 30 minute mark.

Ex-Lax, working towards a personal goal, crushed it, in terms of time, distance and speed.

Chastain was there primarily to insure the family photo was taken and Fuse Box was left wondering why they let this SOB into Waxhaw.

Turnbuckle and Jingles did their usual thang.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Alot going on in the Waxhaw region, new AOs, WTF (Waxhaw Trail Fest), and plenty of service opportunities. Follow GroupMe to keep up with it all.

I am beginning to feel at home in Waxhaw. I am grateful to all the PAX who have been so welcoming and thank you for providing the opportunity to lead this morning.