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Throwing Down the Guantlet

ByDunkin Jun 17, 2021

Quote from the Gloom: As some dude named Eric Paskel once said, “Yoga is not about tightening your a** rear end. It’s about getting your h

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And The Clouds Parted

ByGerber Jun 4, 2021

If you woke up at at 4:10 like I did, this is what is looked like outside: So I was waiting for the text: But I had a response text

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Lots of reps

ByRudy May 10, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey .7 mile (around circle, up to Kensington Dr., back to COT, to back of school).  Jimmy Dugans, calf stretch, upward dog, downward

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Madera de la mañana

ByChastain Apr 28, 2021

No reason to make the title Spanish other than "Wood of the morning" sounds hilarious. Running happened. Credit must therefore happen.

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Meet in the woods on 420

ByChastain Apr 21, 2021

Just 4 dudes in the dark woods for a casual meet up at 5 in the morning. Nothing fishy going on. Rubbermaid and Paper Jam got a head start at

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The Clippy Challenge + Setting Goals

ByChastain Mar 26, 2021

10 PAX went to Pursuit and some of them attempted the Clippy Challenge. What's that? According to Paper Jam he was trying to come up with a route

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