Mullet nation @ Chiseled

Mullet nation @ Chiseled

DICCS given

Warm up

  • Warm up to entrance and back. Circle up.
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Imperial Butt Curb calf stretch
  • Upward dog Downward dog

The Thang

  • Rifle carry to end ————————— Mosey around mount chisel and back
  • Partner up and Grab some curb 200 curb squats 200 Sumo calf raises 4=1 Second partner farm carry two coupons to first island and back Mosey
  • 25 chest presses 25 side leg raises each leg 15 Lying block extensions Rinse and replete Mosey
  •  20lbc 20 big boys
  • Sit ups 20 American Hammers Run second curb and back Rifle carry back to COT and circle back up 5 min left Cherry pickers Bat wings Cherry pickers Overhead claps Cherry pickers Moroccan night clubs Cherry pickers Raise the roof

The moleskin

  • Thank you for the opportunity to let me lead you at the best Wed site in the F3 Waxhaw nation.

Announcements / Sign off

  • Chicken 5k please donate
  • Shout out to fartsacking Schneider for craping his pants and not showing this morning.
  • 069 took us out

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