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Neighborhood Watch

ByFuse Box Jul 18, 2021

We walked for an hour.  Though not as far as usual.  We blame NC, Brexit’s dog, who decided to mark her spot every third mail box.  Brexit w

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40 Burpees at Asylum

ByFuse Box Mar 15, 2021

Two weeks ago, I let the Asylum pax know during announcements that I was Q'ing (in two weeks) and I was going to give them the ability to change

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Walking and Talking

ByFuse Box Mar 14, 2021

6 7 guys came out to get 3.5 miles in while cracking jokes for an hour. Radar came in on two wheels. Rudy caught up with us halfway through

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A Wolfpack Win = A Happy Q

ByFuse Box Dec 23, 2020

I had no other title ready...so why not continue to crow about my Wolfpack beating the Tar Holes. Heard from Posse that Coco Crisp was visitin

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Asylum – 2nd Edition

ByAlf Oct 8, 2018

2 weeks ago at Cerberus Transporter asked if I would Q his new UCo site starting up.  After I said yes he told me the bootcamp started at 5:15.

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Radar’s Oh Come All Ye Faithful

ByBottlecap Dec 19, 2017

POSTED ON BEHALF OF RADAR: So I started my VQ a little early to assess the AO and found it a little lacking with the track on holiday lockdown

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