Frustrated FUSE in the Pursuit of Excellence

Frustrated FUSE in the Pursuit of Excellence

DICCS given to to cover normal safety stuff– cell phone , cpr, ect…

Warm Up- fast paced mosey with only a few peeps to first circular island- ugh…

Jimmy Dugan stretch, runners pose right side and left side

Fast Paced mosey to next island for Jimmy Dugan stretch -plank right arm high and left arm high 10 seconds.

The Thang

Play on the MEAN streets of Millbridge between the islands on the roads of Hudson Mill, Hampton Grove, Lydgate, Henshaw and Jude– FARTLIEK STYLE– Speed Play in Swedish

Run 3 mins at a hard pace and 1 min at a mosey to recover the 6 and regroup, 2 minutes at a hard pace and 2 minutes at a mosey to recover the 6- then 1 minute at a hard pace then 3 minutes mosey to recover the 6 and regroup. RINSE REPEAT … Damn it we lost EX-LAX– Fan out boys Find EX- LAX… We got him — great job on the PAX not leaving a man behind… NOT ON MY WATCH DAMN IT— NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!!

Regroup in Hudson Mill and grab a partner- Sprint up to stop sign and return to start with your partner

rinse repeat on Hampton Grove, Lygate and Jude with different partners..

2 minute sprint from Jude up and around circle island on Millbridge parkway and 1 min recovering the 6 and regrouping.

1 minute sprint down parkway and 1 minute back up parkway for recovering the 6 and regrouping.

Mosey to COT and grab the peeps off the trail just in time… bamm–


When the call came in from the dugout yesterday around 3 pm to pull me out of the bullpen to replace the starting pitcher I was like– WTF I just finished the ITC and do not feel like doing anything.. So I sat there for a few minutes and had a mental battle and said screw it,,, PUT ME IN COACH!!! The boys crushed it today and we knocked out 6.20-6.25 miles. Key learnings from today

  1. The chicken needs to be clearer with direction or Fuse needs to pay attention better.– LOL most likely it was the unclear mumble coming form the chickens beak …..
  2. Deflated has a many different gears of sprinting- yikes he is fast.
  3. Robo-Call is a running machine
  4. I thought Ghosted Ghosted me at his on site but he showed a few minutes late– shocker..
  5. EX- LAX- hell of a job brother- 6.20 miles — NICE
  6. 0-69 appreciate you brother– you crushed the hills, knocked out 4 plus miles and kepted me company on our 2 hour driver all the way over to Millbridge


Anniversary convergence Monday 09/06/21- 6:30am ( CAN SOMEONE BRING COFFEE ) text chicken little – 919-602-2859 or groupme–

Pray for New Jersey- bad storms last night

Turn Buckle- Got the flag from Mayhem today– Nice work brother..

2nd F cookout 10/03- Five Stones 4-6:30pm  Go on the playhouse and sign up to help– EVERYONE INVITED!!


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