In Pursuit Of…

In Pursuit Of…

Ghosted is a master of Q headlocking. In the euphoric finish of WTF 5 months ago I agreed to make my way south to Q my first running workout of Pursuit. Fast forward to October and it’s time to Q YHC’s first-ever running workout.

Being my first time at the site and unfamiliar with running workouts my veteran move was to copy a prior workout. Far enough in the past Pax wouldn’t know I ripped it off completely. Thanks to Tuck for a solid backblast that detailed the route and founding of Pursuit. We’re going to run one of the first loops and revisit the roots of how the site got the name Pursuit.

The Thang

1.1 mile loop from the clubhouse through Nesbit Park.  Roughly 60% road and 30% gravel path.  It was a great little course.  Allowed you to see your pals more due to the short length and still had a lot of variety.

Challenge the pax to pick up the pace on each consecutive mile. Ghosted shoots off like a cannon and ghosts all other pax. Dasher and Hollywood dash into the dark, twisting trails of the thread trail. YHC settles in with Rubbermaid and Wahoo. Slow first few miles, then pick up the pace for the final three. Run just about 6.5 miles over the course of the hour. Ex-Lax joins us all back in the lot.


  • T-claps to PJ for getting back into this running thing after the arm injury. He’ll be back into marathon shape in no time.
  • The route was definitely entertaining with all the Halloween decorations out and still so dark
  • Dasher and I discovered we share the same birthday. He’s got me beat by a year or two. Or 17. Yet this dude can run faster than me and probably do any called exercise better than me.
  • Really enjoyed conversation with Rubbermaid and Wahoo
  • Reminded pax to Pursue men ahead of us that we respect and look up to. Pursue men alongside us and never tackle a challenge in life alone. Pursue other men in our footsteps that need the fellowship of shared suffering. See Tuck’s first backblast for the full version, it’s very good:
  • Has it really been almost three years this site has been around???
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Ghosted. And showing me where to take a dump in the wonderful Millbridge community


  • Canned food collection for Second Harvest Bank.
  • Brexit on Q next Thursday


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