We’re #1

We’re #1

When putting together the workout for Chiseled last night I never knew the response I would get after the workout was over, especially from the BC crew.  They enjoyed it SO much they gave me “we’re #1” sign…I think that’s what I saw…maybe not

The Warmup

Mosey from COT to entrance/road.  Quick warmup with SSH and low slow squats as I watched the entrance.  Mosey to COT for a safer warmup location, imperial walkers, quick calf and runner’s stretch, American hammers.  Rifle carry to Mt Chiseled for partner work.



Timer is runner around Mt Chiseled.  With some music (thanks Golden Plates) we did the following team exercises:

50 x blockies

100 x triceps extension

150 x lawn mowers

200 x curls

250 x flutters, 2 is 1 (there were some cheaters but they redeemed themselves).

Mosey back to COT with less than 2 minutes

Quick round of “please stop” or whatever it’s called.  Even though we were in plank position, Ex lax calls low slow squats, then we did merkins, finished up with falcon’s American hammers



There was plenty of chatter and complaining so thinking the goal was met for most.   We had a great group of (18) guys that all worked hard.  Thanks Loafer for letting me Q today

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