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Watchtower Tuesday 09/07/21

ByTwinkle Toes Sep 7, 2021

Watchtower Q 09/7/21 11 pax  for a twinkle toes Q at watchtower. Ricky Bobby, Schneider, inspector gadget, blue screen, Sledge-o-matic, Maddo

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IPC Lite at Commitment

ByFuse Box Sep 4, 2021

No that's not a #FusedIt.  I went with the Miller Lite spelling on IPC Lite.  At COT last week at Commitment they announced Commitment was stay

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IPC made me merkin-less

ByBottlecap Sep 2, 2021

7 PAX started at The Floater but there were 8 in COT. (INSERT CONFUSED MEME) Due to yesterday's IPC merkin-fest, YHC promised no merkins.

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Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery – I Think

ByFuse Box Sep 1, 2021

I've had a Chiseled workout in my head for awhile.  Something that combined cardio and weights.  Enough weights that you were begging for cardi

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IPC Week -1 In the books….

ByMadDog Aug 28, 2021

 Disclaimer Run coupons over to the scene of the crime Warmup around the circle Workout- Pair up and start online at one end of the

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But We Did This Last Week…

ByZinfandel Aug 19, 2021

And for my 79th Q, I went back to where the sausage is made - The Floater. What terrible descriptive word hasn’t been used to describe the 67th

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Sharing is Caring

ByGlidah Aug 3, 2021

Enjoy this little time machine back to The Floater from last week where we shared 600 things together. WARM UP .5 mosey around town and circl

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Blackhawk – Increment of 7’s

ByPremature Aug 3, 2021

The Warmup The Warmup started with a little Mosey to start dynamic stretching Ran 400M and completed 15 SSH (to the dog poop stand) Ra

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High Heat Low Turnout

ByC3P0 Jul 31, 2021

DISCC for all 3 of us in attendance, all Appetizer regulars. The Thang We started with a mosey around the school and warm-up in parking lot wit

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