A51 Region

F3 Area51 BroLympics Pre-Blast

ByHorsehead Sep 9, 2022

You asked for it (well actually, you didn’t) HERE IT IS ANYWAY   What:   F3 Area 51 BroLympics When:  Saturday 9/24/22 @ 07

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Do you like my concert t-shirt?

ByHops Aug 25, 2022

Quick Moleskinny from this morning's "Respect Q" for YHC at Hydra. One of the first to greet and notice my F3 "Respect" t-shirt (Snowflake gav

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Old Boys with Dirty Toys at Body Shop

ByMAD Aug 25, 2022

6 old dues (5 respects) showed up at the Body Shop This is what went down: Warm Up: The Usual aka SSH, IW, LSS, slow mosey with dynamic run

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Mike Tomczak comes to Falcon Nest

ByHops Aug 9, 2022

Q:  Who did Paul Bear Bryant defeat in his last game as head coach of Alabama in the 1982 Liberty Bowl? What does that have to do with this m

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Blowing Rock or Blowing Chunks-F3Dads Camping Trip

ByPaper Jam Aug 7, 2022

12PAX and 16 2.0s (at least to start), left the city life behind and went west, found a little rain, no cell service, and perhaps one serial kill

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Pre-Blast: CPR RUCK – Saturday Nov 5th 7:00am

ByMAD Jul 27, 2022

What: CPR RUCK event Wait, what is that? A team building endurance fitness/rucking event with a focus on CPR education and certification Wh

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Schweddy Bells – One program ends and another begins

ByVoodoo Jul 17, 2022

If you’re looking for a BOGO deal on a warm Sunday afternoon, you’ve come to the right place. This is a combo backblast/preblast for Saturday

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Ascending Ladders

Byrawhide Jul 9, 2022

Another beautiful muggy morning in the gloom. It is getting noticeably gloomier as the morning twilight is now waiting until we finish COP. Af

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Bear Dens

Byrawhide Jul 9, 2022

My AO VQ at The Valley. We started off with some pull up and hanging work on the bars at HFES. Then I introduced the idea of a bear den. Q calls

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MFBCGA – Not just some random letters

ByHoover Jun 24, 2022

Not sure if it was the pandemic, the introduction of the 4-day workweek, or ultimate Friday, but Friday bootcamps used to have a strong showing.

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