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Men of Waxhaw 2nd F Lunch Braintrust

ByDas Boot Aug 22, 2021

4 PAX gathered, solved world hunger and the Afghanistan situation, discussed string theory and made fart jokes. What did you do during lunch?

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Summer time in the woods in July

ByTurnbuckle Aug 11, 2021

3 men ran through the steamy woods after a night rain in the trail thread. 3 men walked over the river and through the woods

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Commitment 7/10/2021

ByCarb Load Jul 11, 2021

Earlier in the week when Elsa was making her way up the east coast, knowing I was on Q at Commitment, I had been planning a Weinke that would kee

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Bridge out of order

ByEasy Button Jul 8, 2021

So it appears that chickens are afraid of water.  And as an act of solidarity an entire neighborhood decided to keep the bridge up and fartsack

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Chiseled -Midweek Beatdown 6/30/21

ByLoafer Jun 30, 2021

DICCS- AS ALWAYS - Warm up - We had a rather FAST warm up today ! Ran to the top of the parking lot. On the way back we stop at Mt Chise

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A Salute to DDAY

BySchedule C Jun 7, 2021

On June 6, 1944 - the day Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation. Allied airborn

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SubstiQ to the Rescue

ByCarb Load May 19, 2021

Got the text yesterday a round 5:45 while on the way to coach a 13U softball game. My head wasn't exactly in the right frame in order to make sou

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