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Commitment – twinkle toes sub Q

Saturday morning. A little light dusting of the snow came last night while we were all nestled in our beds with visions of Popeye dancing in our heads.

5 minutes early arrival

I read the playhouse to see what was the chatter

one said “unofficial” OYO

and hike the other said “roads are fine” and he was running through the trails

i arrived to find no one here, so I did what anyone else would do and covered the Q.

DCCS covered – gorgeous morning

head for a mile mosey to warm up

SSH, IW, merkins, LBCs and j-los

mosey for 3.5 miles

Crap, it’s only been 30 minutes. Bored out of my mind. Keep running thinking about Strava art

mosey mosey mosey

sprints, then rocks, then merkins, then more mosey, mosey mosey.

get to 4.

get to 5.

say hello to officer on his patrol here at Kensington, “all good, everyone else stayed in so…” alright now you be good – he says with a smile.

finish with high stepping more merkins and 100 LBCs.

back blast.
I learned that I would not be here if I had to do it this way every week. Week in week out, individually. I don’t say much during the workout, it’s fun to hear the chatter about others, their jabs, jokes, laughing, pushing, sweating and connect and make sure a fellow pax got past that hurdle they have been trying to at work or at home or out here.

we have worked out in much worse and I missed you guys today.



Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Them Bengals!

These frigid, black January mornings aren’t so bad when your team’s in the playoffs.

Most of you made that connection years ago but, as a Cincinnati Bengals fan, this buzz is unfamiliar to me.

Sure, they’ve put together some decent records and have qualified for the postseason several times over the past two decades, but the Bengals haven’t been in the playoffs for more than 30 years. To say I’m excited would be quite an understatement. Heck, even our very own Icky Shuffle, who has his own complicated history with the Bungles, admitted to having pumped his fist and let out a celebratory (involuntary?) cheer as Money McPherson’s 52-yarder cleared the uprights last weekend to send Cincinnati to the AFC Championship game.

Despite the challenge that awaits Sunday in KC, it’s been a fun week. Heck, it’s been a fun season! So when Voodoo texts with a “hey, can you Q tomorrow” it’s a no-brainer. Certainly I can spare an hour from watching Joe Burrow hype videos and singing Who Dey parodies alone in my office. In fact, why not bring a little of the ‘Nati to Meathead?

So we did.

No, we didn’t get “creative” with our rep counts – matching player jersey numbers, memorable game scores or even years of ineptitude. We did, however, mix in a few of my Paul Brown Stadium favorite hits along with my normal barrage of 90’s alternative, early 00’s pop-punk and, more recent indie-pop tunes. So with the likes of “Bang the Drum All Day,” “Jungle Boogie,” and “Welcome to the Jungle” blaring in the background, here’s what we did:


SSH x 20

IW x 20

2-hand swing x 10

Merkins x 10

low, slow squat x 10

2-hand swing x 10

Merkins x 10

Good Morning w/bell x 10

2-hand swing x 10


A. Clean/Press

  • 4 sets, 11 reps of each exercise

B. Squat/Clean

  • 4 sets, 11 reps of each exercise

C. Heavy swing/Lawnmower

  • 4 sets, 11 reps of each exercise

Q’s Choice:

Right leg walking lunge w/bell x 8, suitcase carry 50 yards, Romanian deadlift Right leg x 8

Left leg walking lunge w/bell x 8, suitcase carry 50 yards, Romanian deadlift Left leg x 8

Waiter carry w/bell 50 yards, High pull right x 10

Waiter carry w/bell 50 yards, High pull left x 10

Single arm snatch R x 10

Single arm snatch L x 10


2-minute plank – elbows, hands, left arm high, left leg high, regular, right arm high, right leg high, regular, elbows

Hollow body hold x 1 minute


Fun morning with bits of mumble chatter mixed throughout to keep things interesting. Yes, much of the talk involved football and even included discussions around the origins of the Bengals “Who Dey” battlecry and debate over which came first, “Who Dey” or the Saints’ “Who Dat?”

Following the spreadsheet makes putting together a Weinke pretty cut and dry but engineering a playlist is always fun. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead, as well as the pax generous indulgence in my playoff excitement. Who Dey!

Last Gasp for ….62?

Bluescreen’s last day as a 62-year old boy (hit panic button)!  Birthday is tomorrow but still made everyone pay with 63 (9 reps x 7 sets) burpees flexed in between sprints to target and seven kettlebell circuits.








That all equals R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and lots of heavy breathing and Ice9 screams and vomit.

Let there be Hairburners

520a and YHC sneaks around the backside of target. Sees strange car parked in the lot. Nevermind them, scoot down enough so they can’t see you unload something from the back of the land yacht.

525a roll into launch and see a couple of passport fellas looking for a new stamp.

530a disclaimer given and we are 10 strong and off.

20 SSH In Cadence
20 IW IC
20 Windmill IC

Find some parking lines
Lunge walk to next line
20 Merkins

High Knees to next line
Butt Kickers to next line

Bear crawl to next line
Crawl Bear to the next line

That got us across the parking lot in front of GNC.

Mosey to the Rock pile at the Church. Grab a lifting rock and make your way to the lot on the right.
Line up.

20 Curls and Run to island
20 Presses and Run to island
20 Tricep Curls and Run to island
20 Bent over rows and Run to island

20 half curls
20 top curls
20 full curls
Run all the way to the end

20 LBCs while we wait.
Take the rocks back and mosey beside target

20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 CDD (stay away from Frehleys. You should always stay away from Frehleys)
20 CDD

Mosey to the drop off point from 520 to find a couple of plates.
2 on hairburners (timer)
4 on the wall with sets of 20 air presses
4 on the up and down the hill

rotate out from hairburners to the wall. 2 from wall to hill, 2 from hill to hairburners
repeat until we all got two sets of hairburners. #crowdpleaser

Dolly, ChippyCross

Run b/n speed bumps and alternate 20 squats, 20 squat jumps
hold plank at 6 inches.

Find some wall for Balls to the Wall with 5 inverted merkins. Repeat.

Mosey back to launch for 1min at six inches.

Shout out to @landslide and @stag for grabbing another stamp. Way to push through the hairburners!
Wild Turkey – killing it up the hill with me today. pushing each other for one-more-run.
Frehleys – leading rock sets. no rock is a replacement for a bell. made it look easy
Teddy – hard push through the hairburners.
Rousey – always giving 110%. You were IC with your count on the dolly thru 10. then.. not so much. 🙂
Right Turn said, “should have gone to Devil’s Turn”. You kicked ass anyways.
Cable Guy – no stopping him. all out warrior. shorts and all.
Circuit City – always smiling, encouraging. equally pushing hard thru the burners.

Great work by all today. Good group. Everyone came to work. You got it.
Thanks to turkey for the take out.

SOBeer Run. Feb 26h. More details coming soon. Expect a early afternoon launch. Start/Finish at Bradshaws. 4/8 mile options.
Run a bit. Drink some beer. Run some more. Repeat.

This is the home version of the brewery run. You don’t want to miss this!

Shut Up And Carry S**t/Stuff (SACS)

Disclaimer: This is YHC’s second backblast in two days.  I’m turning to the Waxhaw-side.

YHC was tapped to Q one of the three Wednesday workouts that all occur within 1 mile of each other.  Because, I dunno, it’s F3.  Why not have two gear workouts within walking, rucking, or running distance of each other.  Meanwhile the bootcamp workout just stares at you from across the room thinking, “we were here first and everything was fine until you guys had to show up with all your gear.  There are perfectly good rocks that you could lift and carry, but oh no, gotta spend inordinate amounts of money on iron things measured in kgs or overpriced backpacks with hip belts and matching duffle bags filled with sand.  Call us old fashioned but we were just fine with our rocks and running 2 – 3 miles.  No one still alive complained about bootcamps and no one was stealing the hotbox on rainy days.  Now you guys have earned a view of our superb monkey humper form.”

But I digress, back to the assignment of the Q.  YHC was voluntold to Q SACS because he called out a certain site-Q’s expert Q schedule planning strategy during COT at Centurion.  Said strategy is a copy/paste of that sister gear workout Meathead, corner someone on Slack and tell them they’re the Q.  Vague references to public shaming.  That’s it.

So at 0511 YHC rolls into the parking lot.  Cheese Curd was already there.  Likely running away from his fatherly duties to the new puppy.  His M and 2.0s shamed him into getting convinced him it was a good idea (spoiler alert, it’s going as well as one would expect a new puppy in a new home would go two weeks in).  As YHC stepped out of the car, Wild Turkey, Flipper, and Geraldo all pulled in like they planned it.  One after the other, like they needed YHC to take the brunt of the puppy whining before they showed up.

The crew gets out of their cars and starts slapping sandbags on the ground like the large phallic-looking items they are.  All this talk about who’s carrying what, mine’s bigger than yours, look at this someone’s carrying a whale dick.

YHC corrals this rag-tag group of part-time ruckers and full-time slackers into something resembling a workout.  Comments are made about who didn’t show up *cough* Focker *cough* and then we ruck-up and head out of the parking lot for a 1 mile warm-up of the route for the challenge.  As we exit the parking lot, a CINTAS truck comes in on two wheels.  We all have the same thought, that guy is lost.

Never mind, it’s Rousey.  Wild Turkey, meanwhile, floats a story about Rousey tricking pax into unloading his truck during a workout all in the name of “fitness”.  More like, someone found a group of suckers.  That’s a #promove Rousey.  Well done, sir.

Once Rousey’s ruck was packed with starched uniforms, resume the route.  All the way down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff, turn around and ruck back.  It’s .5 mile one-way.  So 1 mile round-trip there, math majors.  Ruck weight was standard 30 pounds.  After, the pax went through some dynamic warmup moves and stretching.  We did a few laps upping the weight, each time, as we went.  Had to get a strong warmup before kicking off the main challenge.  Two notable events occurred during these laps:

  • The lone CMS bus to pull into SCMS, not some late pax driving their work vehicle to a workout, no a friggin’ school bus almost ran us over.  Like, there wasn’t a whole parking lot!!!!! to pull a u-turn in?  I know we’re short on bus drivers but, seriously, are they giving driver’s licenses away with two box tops of frosted mini-wheats and 6 Campbell’s soup labels?
  • Then there was the yeti tantrum.  YHC started the morning with a stress induced handicap coming into the Q.  Work sucks, blah, blah, blah.  So when that weak water bladder decided it couldn’t handle an extra 30 pounds in the ruck, YHC was content to yell at it.  Dump it out and put it in the car.  Then the water from said bladder responded with a, “yeah, guess what we’re still here m****rf****r.”  And the ruck, sans water bladder, started leaking water.  So I dumped it out.  Not once.  But twice.  Yeah, a monthly car payment of a sack of over-priced canvas with drain holes, was still able to retain water.  Go figure.  That’s some government sponsored, double-redundancy, edu-ma-cation put into an over-priced design.  “It’s so good, it’ll retain all the crap you don’t want it to.”  Now YHC’s back and pants are soaked in cold water.  Good times.

Like the light at the end of the tunnel that is a train, it was time to begin the main event.  Pax loaded up with their own choice of weight.  See below:

  • YHC:  60 in the ruck + 85 in the sandbag
  • Geraldo:  40 in the ruck + 80 in the sandbag
  • Flipper:  30 in the ruck + 90 in the sandbag + he sucks at fantasy football
  • Rousey:  30 in the ruck + a whale-dick (no one asks a whale that question)
  • Cheese Curd*:  45 in the ruck + 100 in the sandbag
  • Wild Turkey*:  30 in the ruck + 60 in the sand bag + a 40 lb kettlebell

* Cheese Curd and Wild Turkey, switched up at some point and again later in the mile.  YHC supervised and assisted in the transition.  To Wild Turkey’s credit, he was managing the ruck + sandbag, with a kettlebell in one hand.  Throwing off one’s balance and the sandbag kept shifting off his shoulders.  To Cheese Curd’s credit, he switched with Wild Turkey, and carried the kettlebell against his chest to minimize the weight shift.  It was a struggle, but these guys pushed through and completed another Pathfinder class this week with a smoking APFT score.  Smart, strong, and efficient.  T-claps, men.

At the end, no one was happy with the challenge.  There were groans, curses, strange noises not heard in the daylight, and the group felt the pain all day.  But all we’re stronger for it.  We completed the challenge.  Welcome to SACS, “concept … walk with heavy stuff is a weekly occurrence.  Some days we walk longer than others … ”

Oh yeah, and Flipper sucks at fantasy football.  We all learned that today.

Skunky-McSkunk-Works (have we used this title before?

11 skunks stayed in their cars until 0529.30 this AM and reluctantly got after it in the 39 degree temps.  This was the first time Baby Steps attended Skunkworks, so a full disclaimer was required to ensure all the legalities and liabilities were covered.  That out of the way, the skunks got down to the work.

The Thang:

25 two handed-swings, Imperial Walkers, 25 two handed-swings, Sharon Towers, 25 two handed-swings, Peter Parker/Parker Peters, 25 two handed-swings

Cleans 10 x per side, run to the end of the parking lot and back
Lunges 10 x per side, run to the end of the parking lot and back
Lawnmowers 10 x per side, run to the end of the parking lot and back
Squats 10, run to the end of the parking lot and back
Merkins 10, run to the end of the parking lot and back
Swings 25, run to the end of the parking lot and back

Pax did this whole complex 2 times

Voodoo Complex Pyramid: 3/2/1/2/3
Left side start, descending on the reps, then back up the ladder
swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, and press

Murray to run the clock out

Golden-Oldies Moleskine

Rocky’s far less Italian second cousin, Stoney (aka Stone Cold), reached out to YHC to cover the Q.  Everyone’s favorite Tennessee fan, Smokey, had a conflict and couldn’t make his scheduled Q.  Which according to Horsehead, this Q schedule is expertly planned out with the same amount of precision and forethought that one can expect from CMS planning for inclement weather (aka: snow and ice).  YHC, of course, was glad to fill in so as not to interrupt the Q schedule flow.  It does push the half-marathon training off, but afternoon/evening runs can be added to the menu.  #ThatsAMeProblem

The playlist was recycled from the Meat-SACS-vil convergence of 2021.  A few key highlights from the song selection:

  • Lois was the only one who audibly recognized KISS’s Detroit Rock City, Frehley’s Comet would be proud
  • Horsehead floated the theory that Motley Crue’s music may be the origin of gender confusion
  • Baby Steps didn’t know the song “Kickstart My Heart” (he’s 22 years old BTW)
  • Baracus called out that Airbourne’s “Back in the Game” was like a mid-life crisis song, to which YHC pointed out it was pulled from Cobra Kai, which is an apt metaphor for a mid-life crisis
  • We finally stumped Lois during Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Higher Ground.  When asked who wrote it originally he was awkwardly silent (it’s a Stevie Wonder song originally).  That may be a first in F3 history.
  • Cage knows AC/DC when he hears it, ’nuff said.
  • Horsehead’s observation that Clutch’s cover of Fortunate Son is like “someone’s drunken uncle butchering John Fogerty”, is not entirely inaccurate

Lots of swings on the menu today as well.  Pax would have gotten to 172 if they did all the reps.  The Voodoo Complex was a real crowd pleaser, and by crowd pleaser YHC means the mumble-chatter died out after the first round.


  • Chicken Wing has the Q next week, Swiss Miss the week after
  • Q Source, in-person (Sunday at Panera 0800) and virtual (via Zoom on Thursday at high noon) options for everyone
  • Gumby every Wednesday is climate controlled and a great way to spend a recovery day

Thanks to Tweetsie for the take-out

Waxstravaganza Part Deux

Waxstravaganza Pre-Blast

Saturday, February 12, 2022

leave from 200 McDonald Avenue, Waxhaw NC 28173

7:00 – Ruck launch

7:33 – Bootcamp Launch

11:00 – Waxhaw Taphouse for 2nd F

My E-reader Keeps Time

Disclaimer given and off 7 PAX went into the gloom.

Warm up: SSH, WINDMILL, IW, (9th PAX One Star joins us, HB

The Thang!
SECTION 1: Store front window shopping.

Five exercises at each of six store entries and run back to start. The rounds – Merkins, LBCs, Burpees (C3PO tribute proclaimed). Mary for the 6 between rounds.

SECTION 2: Partner Big Boy Wall Climbs behind Target

Partner 1 does Big Boy Sit Ups while partner 2 does 7 wall climbs and returns (alternating lead leg for each rep encouraged. Tags partner to switch – three rounds.

While YHC was checking the digital winkie…One Star observes “I’ve never seen anyone bring a Kindle to a workout.”

SECTION 3: Grab Some Wall

Citizen counts for all.

People’s chair x3 (20 shoulder presses, hold then 10 shoulder presses with right leg up, hold and flap jack to left for another 10 presses).

Balls to the wall – feet on ledge. Derkins for 15 count then Mike Tysons for 10.

Irkins – 10 regular, 10 right leg, 10 left leg

Section 4: Dips in the fountain

Swarmed around Bratwurst who was doing his post run stretching. Citizen count digs from 12 down to 2 with one more good luck.

Return to launch for 3 minutes of Mary – Freddy Mercury (Trickle), Flutters (Odd Job), Down and Dirties? (One Star)…seriously what did you call that “Carolina Dry Dock swoop down into 6-inch plank and rise up to Cobra thing” we did 8 times?


Announcements: Bratwurst promoted 3rd F Timekeeper at 6:30 Tuesday’s after Bagpipe at Einstein Bagel. New book discussing “2nd Mountain” starting up. What’s next after you climb that mountain in life to conjuring personal growth and live to serve others?

One Star reminded us that Taco Stand leaves Thursday to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He’s been challenged to leave behind an F3 sticker or trowel flag. It was either an announcement our prayer request…either way safe travels and much respect TacoStand.

Take out – Trickle


Empire Strikes Black Ice

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Wild Turkey has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Stone-Hoth-enge.

The evil lord Darth Helmet, obsessed with finding young(ish) Wild Turkey, has dispatched thousands of backblasts and into the far reaches of space….

Camera zooms to Wild Turkey and Lex “Solo” Luthor riding tautauns for a pre-run. Along the way Lex wryly states, “There isn’t enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser.” No sooner did he finish his words, did Happy “Wampa” Meal emerged from a snow drift . The trio return to the rebel base to find it bustling with hearty soldiers emerging from ice-crusted vehicles. Without warning, the AO is under attack from Empire Star Destroyers who’ve located the pax. With shields breaking down and an ion cannon providing cover, the rebels narrowly escape. “You will go to the Dagobah Parking Garage”, whispers the voice of Luke’s fallen Jedi Master O-Mr. Bean Kenobi. Training proves difficult. A despondent Turkey is told by Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no modification!” INSERT training montage with Turkey  and Pax swinging on vines, doing flips and running with Yoda in a rucksack.  Their Jedi training (nearly) complete the pax zoom to Cloud City with the promise of safety. Despite the pax’s best efforts, the crew end the workout in peril. Lex in carbonite, Turkey missing a hand and working out daddy issues, and a besmirched Tagalong who after declaring his love to Lex was given a smirk and told, “I know.” Awkward. Tune into 1983 when the Pax fly to Endor to learn to prepare for GoRuck by carrying logs with Ewoks.

SSH, horizontal SSH (snow-angels), mountain climbers and plank jacks

Tusken Raider Sand(people) bags
Thrusters, flutter press, curl & press, sit-ups

Dagobah Parking deck
20 push-ups, 20 squats and 20 lunges each level going up
Burpee elevator 10 – 6 going down
assorted wall work – air press, donkey kicks, shoulder taps + Mary going up
Polar bear crawl challenge in the snow at top
Burpee elevator going down 6 -1

Return home and endex. 3+ miles  ran.

I was truly relieved and flattered by the strong showing. Thank you for braving the weather. The veteran crew put in the work this morning!

  • Great to see Site-Q emeritus JRR Tolkein and 2.0 Simba! Kudos for raising the new generation of HIMs.
  • Happy Meal gets a gold star for a solo 2 mile pre-run. (And nice vest Happy Meal.)
  • Tagalong invented a new slow-plow move on the bear crawl. His full snowmobile suit may have helped.
  • Nutmeggers Lex and Billygoat had no issue with weather. Billygoat even did burpees with us.
  • Snowflake laughed at the paltry snow and crushed the workout.
  • Teddy has put in the work and dropping weight and pant sizes

May the force be with you!


Do you have the GUTS to take on the Aggro Crag?

From Sons of Ballantyne in Charlotte, North Carolina welcome to GUTS The Brave, the action sports show that’s gonna make you sweat!

The action sports show that asks, “Do You Have It????” AUDIENCE: GUTS!

And now, let’s meet today’s fearless players!

  • Frehley’s “Farting Up a Storm” Faster Than You Can See A” Comet
  • Mary “Can’t Touch This” Kay
  • Rudy “Ruthless Morales”
  • Jerry “How about Dem Boys” World
  • “Rowdy and Ready for Arousal” Rousey
  • Taco “Best Damn Band in the Land” Stand
  • Sweet “Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter” Water            And last but not least
  • “Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Your” Wingman

Today, our players will be tackling our radical parking deck, the Aggro Crag, where almost anything can happen! The pax with the most points at the end of all of our events is the winner and he will be take home a glowing piece of our awesome rock! Now remember folks, all of our events here in F3 are specifically designed with our players’ safety in mind! They will be wearing safety equipment, and they will have a professional stunt director and stunt spotters with them at all times, are led by peers in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary, so please, do not try this at home!


The Aggro Crag

  • All nine contestants raced to climb the 8-level parking deck, completing a series of called exercises (commonly referred to as “actuators”) on their way to the peak
  • The first contestant to successfully activate each actuator, including the final one at the peak of the mountain, earned first-place worth 725 points. The second- and third-place contestants earned 550 and 375 points, respectively
  • Round 1: ascending double merkin burpees at top of ramp (36 burpees, 72 merkins), 10 jump squats at bottom of each ramp (80 total)
  • Round 2: 10 6-inch plankjacks at top of ramp (80 total), 10 big boy situps at bottom of each ramp (80 total)
  • Round 3: 10 merkins at top of ramp (80 total), 10 broad jumps at top of each ramp (80 total)
  • Donkey Kicks and Jump Ups as we made our way down the Crag
  • 6-inch plankjacks, jump ups and dry docks before making it back to launch

Final Scores

  • Wingman: 725 points. Jetted ahead of the pack, called Mary at the peak and led the way back. Earned bacon and eggs for a hearty breakfast.
  • Rousey: 550 points. The people’s champion and rallier of spirits. -25 points for out-of-cadence grunting
  • Jerry World: 400 points. Beasted it up the mountain showing no rust after not posting for months. Took off and never looked back. Reminds me of Lebron James – just keeps putting in the work and has that bald spot on the back of his head
  • Taco Stand: 375 points. Ready and steady in his approach and likened the deck to Kiliminjaro. Overheard singing the chorus to Tutu’s “Africa”.
  • Rudy: 350 points. +100 points for making his first post to the Brave. Stopped to take in the beauty of Ballantyne in the Gloom after reaching the first peak. His whole life people have been telling him what he could do and couldn’t do. He’s always listened to them, believed in what they said. He doesn’t wanna do that anymore.
  • Mary Kay: 350 points. +75 points for posting multiple times in one week and not backing down from taking on 8 parking deck levels. His beauty secret: confidence.
  • Sweet Water: 325 points. Enjoyed broad jumps so much he doubled the rep count at each level and was still hopping in excitement. +50 points for Qing Da Vinci tomorrow.
  • Frehley’s Comet: 300 points. Winner of his age bracket and did more this morning that what most men his age will do for the rest of the year. -75 points for farting in the stairwell and gassing out everyone in his wake.


  • Metro/Waxhaw Blood Drive
  • Sweetwater with the Da Vinci Q. Don’t let the cooler temps keep you from taking the daily red pill
  • Waxstravaganza CSAUP on 2/12. More miles and bootcamps this year. Can’t wait
  • SOBeer Run on 2/26

Truth Nuggets

  • Shared a story about the Great Sad Clown Pagliacci. Male isolation/depression/loneliness is real. Real among us and for many men in our circles. Sad Clown Syndrome is something we struggle with. It reminds us to be present in the lives of others and call them into greater community.
  • Definition of a Sad Clown from the lexicon: A man who seeks external Happiness rather than internal Joy. He goes through the motions of life in the manner in which he perceives is expected of him from the culture rather than in the manner for which he was created. Damn that’s deep.
  • Encouragement that we are not alone, we show up for each other to push through these workouts. We show up to push each other towards becoming better fathers, brothers and husbands. Let’s push each other to speak encouragement into the lives of sad clowns around us.
  • What’s the opposite of a sad clown? HIGH IMPACT MAN: A Disrupter who is Committed to making forcible contact to strong effect. Abbreviated: #HIM