God let’s everything happen for a reason (Mike Tyson quote)

BySurge Dec 3, 2021

Mild morning with 21 PAX arriving bright eyed.  It was a pleasure to lead today. Warm-up Mosey from the parking lot by the shed for a warm

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Go Go Gadget – Q Tips

ByInspector Gadget Oct 18, 2021

DiCCS given and off we go   Warm Up and Stretch: Mosey to front of Middle School 15 SSH 15 Imperial Walkers 10 Merkins Calf Stretch Runn

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Party Crashers

ByRockwell Sep 3, 2021

It was a refreshing, clear morning with temperatures in the high 50’s.  Yes, in the 50’s!  We started with a small group of around 5-6 Pax

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The Chicken is Confusing

ByChicken Little Aug 27, 2021

DICCS- Cpr, cell phone, modify as needed, do not sue and watch for cars   Warm up- fast paced mosey to large lot where rocks are near

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Just the tip

BySurge Aug 20, 2021

DiCCS given with plenty of time to spare Warm-up Mosey on the back path to the front of the middle school 20 side straddle hops 10 lo

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Filling in for the Chicken

ByZinfandel Aug 17, 2021

And for my 77th Q… THE THANG Mosey to the front of the high school. Circle up for.... 20 x SSH IC 20 x Imperial Walker IC 15 x

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Half Empty or Half Full?

ByGlidah Aug 14, 2021

Been a few since I had the privilege to lead Impromptu but I guess Chatterbox knew it was meant to be when he asked me. I have not been the most

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I Hate Birthday Q’s

ByFuse Box Jul 30, 2021

I hate when guys sign up to Q on their birthday and then subject the whole group to their birthday burpees.  I don't want to do burpees just bec

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BB for the books

ByChatterbox Jul 27, 2021

Bottlecap asked if I could write the BB. I said sure not knowing what he was up to with his Q that morning. So this will be a summary as we did l

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What’s Tabata With you?

ByRicky Bobby Jul 16, 2021

Tabata training (also called Tabata protocol) is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It originated in the research of Japanese sci

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