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The Bottom Line – Official Launch

ByBrexit Apr 28, 2021

This backblast is going to start with a little history leading up to this workout and will get a little long. But I'm enjoying this little journe

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Oh Hi, It’s Abe Froman Again Visiting The Arsenal

ByWarEagle Apr 18, 2021

YHC headed south to Q at the Arsenal, the premier Thursday morning bootcamp in Indian Land.  YHC arrived a little early to do some scouting of t

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A Ghost Written BB

ByFuse Box Apr 17, 2021

I don't see Atlas as the backblast writing type.  I hope I'm wrong, but just in case I'm not...here is what we did at Blackhawk today.  If noth

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You’re on Deck!

ByDasBoot Apr 6, 2021

YHC got a DM on Slack on Monday from Bratwurst saying that he was unavailable for Swift on Tuesday: "I can't be at Swift tomorrow and we need a Q

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Kill the Hill

ByWildTurkey Mar 23, 2021

Spring is here and the weather was perfect. Leave from OrthoCarolina Travel north for a 1 mile warm-up to corner of Ballantyne Corp and Balla

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Like olden times

ByDasBoot Mar 11, 2021

YHC was recently looking back on Strava and saw an early post at Swift where we logged > 7 miles and compared that to more recent work where w

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History of the world part 1. 4/43

ByKirby Mar 4, 2021

If you were there you know what we did. The most important part of the backblast is recognizing the hard work of the men who showed up. I hope

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Tasty waves

ByDasBoot Mar 3, 2021

7 PAX took the Swift pill Tuesday morning for a challenging 30-minute set of 4:00 @ marathon pace / 2:00 @ 10k pace. The synchrony building has s

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

ByCarb Load Feb 27, 2021

8 poor souls including one FNG - Alex Williamson - Elmers (RESPECT), made it out to Blackhawk this morning to get our bodies in shape and push ea

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Islands in the Parking Lot

ByPremature Feb 22, 2021

Keeping the BB short and simple The Warmup The Warmup started with a long Mosey to start dynamic stretching 15 SSH 15 IW 15 LSS

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