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Half Empty or Half Full?

ByGlidah Aug 14, 2021

Been a few since I had the privilege to lead Impromptu but I guess Chatterbox knew it was meant to be when he asked me. I have not been the most

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Chickens Throne of Lies

ByChicken Little Aug 2, 2021

Diccs- Given and covered within 45 seconds since I was running my beak and about forgot to cover-- Warm up Fast mosey to high school entran

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Inspector Gadget – 3rd Q

ByRicky Bobby Jul 14, 2021

Lots of Long Island banter upon arriving...   Diccs   Warm up mozy around close driveway loop Back to start THE THANG 1

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Potty Break at homecoming

ByChicken Little Jun 26, 2021

DICCS Given Warm up Mosey up hill and down to parking lot in front of school- circle up 15- Imperial Walkers 15- Hill Billies Jimm

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Post Father”s Day

BySchneider Jun 22, 2021

DICCS All points covered-cell phone,cpr,don't sue me ect.. Warm up Mosey tofront of School 15 Side Straddle Hope 15 Imperial Walker

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Three’s Company

ByFuse Box Jun 19, 2021

I saw a family photo of Homecoming two weeks ago with just Honeycomb and another pax and felt sad.   Three sites on a Saturday.  Over 100 acti

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