Not-so-calm (post) before the storm

Not-so-calm (post) before the storm


Mosey to the bridge and back to circle.  SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers.  Stretching – calves, runner’s pose, up/down dogs.


From circle to rick pile, 15 SSH’s every other tree.

To rock pile, partner up.  120 reps per team of curls, overhead press, tri’s, row’s and chest press.  While partner lifts, run to end of road for 10 toe taps and return.  Each partner finish with super set of all 5 previous exercises.

Mosey to front parking for 4 corners and middle station.

Corner 1 – Merkins x 15, Bobby Hurley’s x 15

Corner 2 – Big Boys x 15, Squats x 15

Corner 3 – Dry Docks x 15, Speed Skaters x 15

Corner 4 – LBC’s x 15, Plank jacks x 15

Middle – Burpee’s x 3 (after each corner)

Repeat above with corner reps x 10 each.

Mosey around back side of school to entrance road.  15 SSH’s every other tree to COT.  Ab’s at COT with protractor, big boys and hammers.


Over 3 miles with plenty of rock reps and corners.  Perfect workout prior to shelter-in-place snow/ice weekend.


Set-up & tear-down volunteers needed for Gibbs funeral service today.

Blood drive Saturday 1/22 at Weddington UMC.

Waxtravaganza Part Deux 2/12/22.

Christ closet delivery and folding party weekend of 1/28.

Revamp leadership beyond Qsource.  Mad Dog and Zin working on detail…stay tuned

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