Old Boys with Dirty Toys at Body Shop

ByMAD Aug 25, 2022

6 old dues (5 respects) showed up at the Body Shop This is what went down: Warm Up: The Usual aka SSH, IW, LSS, slow mosey with dynamic run

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Blowing Rock or Blowing Chunks-F3Dads Camping Trip

ByPaper Jam Aug 7, 2022

12PAX and 16 2.0s (at least to start), left the city life behind and went west, found a little rain, no cell service, and perhaps one serial kill

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Pre-Blast: CPR RUCK – Saturday Nov 5th 7:00am

ByMAD Jul 27, 2022

What: CPR RUCK event Wait, what is that? A team building endurance fitness/rucking event with a focus on CPR education and certification Wh

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Shaky Legs

ByDeadwood Jul 13, 2022

When chiseled started the workouts were planned around miscellaneous exercise equipment (which is still available for use), and light to no runni

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Arms, Abs, and Wet Grass

ByPaper Jam Jun 21, 2022

6 PAX woke up to a cool Monday morning, stumbled out of bed, and found their way to Waxhaw Elementary School to witness my first bootcamp Q in ab

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Drag it, Swing it, Slam it, Squat it…..The Tunes of Summer!

ByTommy Rose Jun 17, 2022

Four Pax posted for the latest installment of F3Diesel at Five Stones Church.  Today's goal was to bring some variety to the mix of this 0.0 wor

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No Whistle, but still pain to gain!

ByTonyatine Apr 13, 2022

Beautiful morning today, so was happy to wake up and lead the group this day. Feel like I am at Marvin Middle and HS more times a day than I care

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No running? My a**!

BySchnitzel Apr 6, 2022

Apparently I am known for covering a lot of miles during my Q'ing... I wonder what the Swarm guys would think about that from two weeks ago! Haha

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It’s Monday. Smoke up!

ByHops Apr 4, 2022

YHC was the first to arrive at the AO known as The Lycan this morning, followed by Posse, Dunkin, Chainsaw, and Ghosted at 05:30:21 - LIFO.  Dun

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WTF is going on in Waxhaw….Part2

ByKid Rock Mar 29, 2022

  That's right! WTF is back for a second year. For those of you that did not make it out last year, or are unaware of what WTF is... Her

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