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Frustrated FUSE in the Pursuit of Excellence

DICCS given to to cover normal safety stuff– cell phone , cpr, ect…

Warm Up- fast paced mosey with only a few peeps to first circular island- ugh…

Jimmy Dugan stretch, runners pose right side and left side

Fast Paced mosey to next island for Jimmy Dugan stretch -plank right arm high and left arm high 10 seconds.

The Thang

Play on the MEAN streets of Millbridge between the islands on the roads of Hudson Mill, Hampton Grove, Lydgate, Henshaw and Jude– FARTLIEK STYLE– Speed Play in Swedish

Run 3 mins at a hard pace and 1 min at a mosey to recover the 6 and regroup, 2 minutes at a hard pace and 2 minutes at a mosey to recover the 6- then 1 minute at a hard pace then 3 minutes mosey to recover the 6 and regroup. RINSE REPEAT … Damn it we lost EX-LAX– Fan out boys Find EX- LAX… We got him — great job on the PAX not leaving a man behind… NOT ON MY WATCH DAMN IT— NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!!

Regroup in Hudson Mill and grab a partner- Sprint up to stop sign and return to start with your partner

rinse repeat on Hampton Grove, Lygate and Jude with different partners..

2 minute sprint from Jude up and around circle island on Millbridge parkway and 1 min recovering the 6 and regrouping.

1 minute sprint down parkway and 1 minute back up parkway for recovering the 6 and regrouping.

Mosey to COT and grab the peeps off the trail just in time… bamm–


When the call came in from the dugout yesterday around 3 pm to pull me out of the bullpen to replace the starting pitcher I was like– WTF I just finished the ITC and do not feel like doing anything.. So I sat there for a few minutes and had a mental battle and said screw it,,, PUT ME IN COACH!!! The boys crushed it today and we knocked out 6.20-6.25 miles. Key learnings from today

  1. The chicken needs to be clearer with direction or Fuse needs to pay attention better.– LOL most likely it was the unclear mumble coming form the chickens beak …..
  2. Deflated has a many different gears of sprinting- yikes he is fast.
  3. Robo-Call is a running machine
  4. I thought Ghosted Ghosted me at his on site but he showed a few minutes late– shocker..
  5. EX- LAX- hell of a job brother- 6.20 miles — NICE
  6. 0-69 appreciate you brother– you crushed the hills, knocked out 4 plus miles and kepted me company on our 2 hour driver all the way over to Millbridge


Anniversary convergence Monday 09/06/21- 6:30am ( CAN SOMEONE BRING COFFEE ) text chicken little – 919-602-2859 or groupme–

Pray for New Jersey- bad storms last night

Turn Buckle- Got the flag from Mayhem today– Nice work brother..

2nd F cookout 10/03- Five Stones 4-6:30pm  Go on the playhouse and sign up to help– EVERYONE INVITED!!


The Chicken is Confusing

DICCS- Cpr, cell phone, modify as needed, do not sue and watch for cars


Warm up- fast paced mosey to large lot where rocks are near stadium but stopping 4 times along the way for

30- SSH

Runners pose

Calf stretch, right arm and left arm high from plank position

Squat and while squatting single toe tap 10 times right foot/left foot/ tab to the right tap to the left

The Thang

While in the corner near the rock pile in the large lot pair up in 3’s ( This seemed to be a challenge for a few to understand my CLEAR AS MUD DIRECTIONS..

P1 – Squats/Mike Tysons ( 200 squats/100 Tysons)

P2- Dips/Inclines on benches near cafeteria ( 300 dips/100 inclines)

P3 – runs around island

When all is done the group moseys around the island

Mosey back up to trail head heading towards benches for a DUMB/STUPID AND ALMOST INSANE WEBB!!

4/1 get to 20/5

4 bunny hops/1 bomb Jack – ugh/ugh/ugh– This was horrible.

Mosey around corner to sidewalk near bus lot and run with the cross country team for a few paces- Only a matter of time before someone gets called a CREEPER by one of them– Just say!!

Another fun filled Webb

4/1 to 20/5

4 bear crawls/1 dry dock

Mosey up to stairs for

5 bomb jacks at bottom and run up stairs for 20 LBCS/20 Pistol LBCS right leg out and 20 Pistol LBCS left leg out.

Rinse repeat two times

Mosey to front of middle school for

10 Big Boys- 20 LBCS- 10 pistol lbcs left leg and 10 pistol lbcs right leg- 5 Big Boys

Mosey back to COT


Great group today with a lot of endless chatter from the usual PAXS. Few learnings from today— First, the chicken needs to get more clear directions for the special crowd. Second, Zinfandel has officially taken over the chief of form police from Recalculating- Recal you need to step up your game deputy. Lastly if anyone every catches me calling out a bunny hop web please punch me square in the face. Have a great weekend boys . Few additional call outs

Magnolia, Recalculating, Puddles, Chatter Box, Rockwell- Crushed it today

Schneider is getting Hangry with his lack of food intake.

Damascus is happy he got his calf stretch.

Elmer’s– boy is getting faster!! nice job brother


IPC starting 09/01/21- It will be Wednesday and Saturday weekly

Great news for Premature and his results!!

Puddles- Good luck brother in NAVY.. It was our pleasure to have you out.

Prayers for Maddogs father in law Gary

Reach out to friends and family and check on them- lots of misinformation out there on Covid treatments- Make sure people know what they need.

Watch out for Cross Country Peeps early in the morning



Confusing Damascus and Schneider!!

DICCS- Give to cover all items to include school is back in session

Warm up

Jimmy Dugan stretch

Plank- Calf stretch- Right arm high and leg high 10 seconds- flap jack

Fast paced mosey in and around basketball courts up to bus area


Runners pose/ right and left/downward dog / upward dog

mosey up and around down road to other lot near school drop off

single leg work- squat and then tap right leg forward 10 times – flap jack

squat then tab right leg sideways 10 times – flap jack

Mosey fast pace to front of school

The Thang

Partner up and each partner run opposite direction around island and when you meet complete the following

round 1 – 10 hand slap merkins 1 burpee

round 2- 10 Bonnie Blairs- 2 burpees

round 3- 10 hand slap merkins – 3 burpees

round 4- 10 Bonnie Blairs- 4 burpees

Fast pace mosey to lot with rocks near fence line and grab a rock..

Get in a single file line- rifle carry 4 spaces- 20 curls and sprint back to start and mosey back to your rock and rifle carry rock another 4 spaces for 10 squat thrusters – sprint back to start and mosey back to rock and continue this pattern across lot.

At end of lot turn around and on way back complete same concept I but change exercise to 10 triceps extensions and 10 military presses.  ( Of course Damascus ask which way do we go? I misunderstood his question and said that way…..It appears EVERYONE UNDERTSOOD this except two of the 20 that were there this morning– Damascus and Schneider took off running in the wrong direction– I take fully responsibility for my unclear direction, SMH!!!)….

Rifle carry rock  across lot and when done complete 30 curls.

Rifle carry rock across lot and complete 10 squat thrusters and put rock back.

Mosey to front of school for a fast pace web

1 Mike Tyson- 4 ab exercises

either big boys, LBCS or Pistol LBCS– we got to 9 and 32– ran out of time.. TERRIBLE TIMING JOB BY THE Q…


Great large group today who put in the work in the humidity– it was nasty this morning.  Schools are rolling back in boys so please continue to keep your head on a swivel while on campuses – today we only had  few cars and everyone was alert and watching- great work by Maddog, Ricky Bobby, Schneider and few others for covering the road and calling out when a car was on the lot..

Transporter, Dunkin, Easy Button, Magnolia and Shriver were crushing it today.

Fuse Box- reminder me of Covid is still around and we need to be aware and we modified a exercise– Appreciate you brother.. also hell of a job on the rock portion.

Great seeing Big Tuna and Chipotle on this side of the tracks


5 K race for mental health awareness- We are currently at $265.00 I appreciate the support for such a great cause- if you want to race the race , donate or volunteer check news channel for reach out to me. Research Happiness Through Grace

Elmers VQ

At 5:18 am Elmers text the chicken a video of Motley Crew Kick Start My Heart !! HELL YEA.. So Schneider, o69 and I cranked that tune up to get pumped for his VQ.. We took right at the first light into the school and we were met by a group on shirtless dude with headlights so we decided to scream at the.. Damn Ignitioners always in the way trying to flex their muscles at us Flashers..

DICCS- cell phone, cpr, do not sue anyone, modify as needed ect…

Warm Up

Mosey to front of middle school

15- SSH

10 – Imperial Walkers

10- Merkins

Calf Stretch/ runners pose flap jack

Mosey to Front of high school

The Thang

20 – Dips- hot lap

20 – Step ups- hot lap

Rinse repeat

Mosey to first culvert around corner

20- Donkey Kicks then run to next Culvert for 20 Mike Tysons – Rinse repeat 2 more times YIKES

Mosey to Stair area near buses and Partner up

P 1- run around triangle

P 2- 200 LBCS, 100 Pistol LBCS, 100 Gas Pumps, 100 Low Slow Squats, 50 Bobby Hurley’s.

Mosey to the shed

25- air press

25 – air jabs

Mosey back to COT..


Elmer’s First VQ written by Chicken Little


Was fairly quite today on the announcement front.

FNG at ignition Jackson Mingledorff — AKA PUDDLES- heading to the Navy for air traffic controller in a week.





Lift Stuff Like Men!!

DICCS- Given and covered to include all the fun stuff– cpr, cell phone , do not sue, modify as needed ect..

Warm UP

Mosey to entrance and circle up

20 SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch

Plank/Runners Pose right side left side/10 merkins

Mosey back to beginning of parking lot

15 SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch

Plank right arm high right leg high flap jack

monster walk for 20 paces

Mosey to COT

The Thang

5 Corners ( pair up in 3-4 peeps per group)

Corner 1- Big Boy sit ups with cinder block press at the end

Corner 2- Flutters with cinder block over head ( 20 kicks) then rollover for 10 merkins rinse repeat

Corner 3- Murder Bunnies

Corner 4- Tire Flip ( if partners waiting they will curl cinder blocks)

Corner 5-is the timer and will run 1/2 down parking lot and complete 2 burpees and return

Once everyone completes a full round sprint 1/2 way down parking lot and mosey back and repeat another round with your group

After two full rounds we will move to a fun filled Webb

Rifle carry 4 paces and then complete an exercise I call out and increase reps by 1 each time– get to 40 rifle carry paces and 10 reps of an exercise

1 blockee. 2 blockees, 3 squat thrusters, 4 blockees, 5 squat thruster – Mosey across lot and finish WEBB

6 air press, 7 air press, 8 curls. 9 curls, 10 tricep extensions yikes

2 more rounds of 5 corners  TIME UP.


What a great group today and the chatter was low since everyone was putting in the work. It has been awhile since the Chicken has flown over to Chiseled and today reminded me how much I miss this site. Lifting heavy stuff and doing different exercise adds another element to workouts and today was no exception. The PAX pushed hard and sweated their BALLS in the nasty humidity this morning  — great push by all.


Rudy– hope all is well buddy he had a arm injury today- If anyone knows of a PT or Doctor let him know he heard a pop in his forearm flipping the tire– YIKES..

5K October – check the news channel or see chicken little– would like to raise $500-$700, HAVE 7-8 volunteers, and have 10-15 runner’s als0- for mental health awareness. Happiness Through Grace is the organization.

CPR classes- every time there is a class the moneys go to Karen to purchase a AED ( If you want to donate a few bucks reach out to Surge or Posse or just Venmo a few bucks to @F3Waxhaw.

IPC is coming– UGH   we will hold group workouts Wednesday and Saturday — Then we will myth-bust like last year on Friday morning



Chickens Throne of Lies

Diccs- Given and covered within 45 seconds since I was running my beak and about forgot to cover–

Warm up

Fast mosey to high school entrance


Jimmy Dungan stretch into a plank/calf stretch/ runners pose

Recover and stand up and get into squat position and then point right leg out for 10 tabs flap jack with left leg tabs.

Good form Speed skaters 10 count both side ( I saw a tear in Recalculating’s eye– I think he was like a proud papa!!)

5 low slow squats

Mosey around lot to the first Alcove

The Thang

Alcove 1

25 Donkey Kicks

10 Mike Tysons

run to road for 5 bomb jacks and 1 Burpee

Rinse Repeat one more time

Alcove 2

25 Shoulder Tabs

10 Mike Tysons

run to road for 5 jump squats and 1 burpee

Rinse Repeat one more time

Mosey around park lot to triangle area with benches near cafeteria and partner up with someone you normally do not hang or roll with

P1 run to circle island and back

P2- 200 LBCS/150 Pistol LBS/100 Gas pumps/ 50 Big Boys.

Mosey around school to stair area for 2 rounds around the triangle

5 -Mike Tysons

5- Bomb Jacks

2- Burpess

As a group 15 Big Boys/ 20 pistol LBCS each leg

Mosey to front of middle school for Step ups until 6 arrives then as a group 15 step ups

Mosey to COT for 10 Big Boys DONE SON!!


Well today was a first time in almost 1 1/2 that a completely ALMOST… let my Co Site Q down when I noticed  I failed to have a Q for Monday.. THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!!   So since I screwed the pooch the only way to TOTALLY redeem myself was to take the Q and roll with it. I am no Zinfandel who has Q-ed 77 times but I actually enjoying Qing and pushing myself as well as the PAX. Today was a great turnout and it was great to see some new faces and old faces back out at Flash ( Fife, Mayhem, Golden Plates, and Magnolia) Nice work boys…

Chickens Throne of Lies– So at approximately 5:21 am while cruising to FLASH Schneider ask what the Wienke looked like,  I said not really sure bro as I decided to drink and eat last night verse write my Wienke out like I should. He threw out a few good suggestions and ask how many burpees did I have planned I said maybe 4-6. I guess after burpee 10 or so he decided to call me a liar during the workout.. HOW RUDE!!



Christ Closet needs help Saturday after the workouts moving furniture. ( Food will be there!! yes!!)

Next Monday and Tuesday there are spots for CPR training- reach out to Surge. ( Five Stones 6pm)

Pray for Pepper— Ghosted friend passed away in a car wreck and his family is in need or prayers and lifting up

Zinfandel is a darn good model for Gerber’s shirt push ( 3 left)





Bezo’s Penis Rocket

DICCS given and everything covered

Warm up

Mosey up to entrance of the school

10- SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

Runners pose right arm high and left arm high

Single leg slow motion speed skater 10 each leg- proper form ( Recalculating was happy)

Single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out in front for 10 taps- flap jack

Chatter about how Jeff Bezos Rocket was a success but looked like A DAMN FLYING PENIS!!! AWESOMENESS

single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out to left for 10 tabs – flap jack

Mosey to front on school long road

The Thang

each light complete 1 burpee and 1 bomb jack ( total of 4 lights ) and add 1 of each at each light.

At traffic circle up for slide over merkins

7 to the right – 7 to the left/ 5 to the right- 5 to the left / 3 to the right and 3 to the left.

Rinse repeat burpee/bomb jacks at each light pole on way back to front of school.

Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock and head to top of parking lot of four corners

At top in the middle complete 30 curls or 20 overhead press with rock then run to a corner of your choice for the below exercise and come back to middle each time for rock work– Complete two full rounds

corner 1 and 2= 10 Bonnie Blairs ( 2 is 1)

corner 3 and 4= 10 Bomb Jacks

Grab rock and rifle carry between speed bump and sprint back to start and mosey back

Rifle carry from speed bump to curve and sprint back to speed bump and mosey to curve

Rifle carry down hill to end of lot sprint back to start and mosey back.

Rifle carry across the whole parking lot and return your rock

Mosey back to COT.


I do not post/Q much at Dromedary but every time I do I enjoy this site as it has a great campus and great group of HIMS that show up. Today was no different we had a great group that pushed themselves and others while having some good banter. I appreciate Premature asking/making me Q over here today even though it cost me a full tank of gas, cost me breakfast and lunch money for 0-69 and Schneider since we had to stop two times, and cost me much needed beauty sleep.hahah


  • Enjoy the moment-lots of sad news today at COT– you never when your time or someone you knows time is up.
  • Keep Rubbermaid and his family in your thoughts- he lost his brother
  • Keep Mayhems brother (Ken) and his family in your thoughts- struggling and was getting help in Texas for sobriety- returning this week
  •  Keep pushing to help Black Hawk get its feet off the ground– Judge Smail on Q this Saturday
  • Off the Chain- Tonight 6pm Walnut Creek– Reach out to Rockwell if interested.
  • Prayers for Nancy at a local senior center- battling cancer.
  • Good News for Johnny Utah’s daughter the scopes came back negative but still trying to nail down what is causing the pain- continue prayers– Also needs prayers for a brother of Johnny Utah’s buddy Rick Jordan who is dealing with Colon Cancer..
  • Thanks Johnny Utah for taking us out
  • O69 does not remember is age during NameArama…




Angry Elf While Hood Walking


Warm Up– Nope

The Thang

Walk and Talk with my brothers and two furry friends in  Cortona


I always enjoy Neighborhood Watch and would love to see this group continue to grow as it is a great 2nd F opportunity. I know we all think we know each other fairly well since we see each other and chat at 5:15am ,5:30 am, 6:30, 5:30pm or in the case of Last Call some random ass time like 5:32 am or 5:33am while working out. But slowing the pace down and just walking and talking at NHW is a great way to be more continued with your brothers.. Few key learnings today

Elmer’s and Chicken Little are still pissed about NCSU getting the shaft by the NCAA at the college world series. I do highly suggest this subject not being brought up anywhere near Fuse Box he might blow a gasket.

Posse– Just came off trip of a lifetime and it sounds awesome- RV-ing the west cost Hwy 1 while hitting multiple states and destinations– very jealous but glad you and the family had a blast.

Turn Buckle– is going for 10 workouts this week and also has some Disney connections that brought Posse’s trip to life and made everything fall into place– Nice work TB.

Chancho and Lucy will most likely be napping most of the day the doggies walked and sniffed around 3.5 mile or so. Lucy and Chancho also encountered a very angry little 2 pound dog that tried to attack them while he barked is face off while they were passing him on the opposite side of the road– yikes!!.. He was a Angry Litter Elf.


Potty Break at homecoming


Warm up

Mosey up hill and down to parking lot in front of school- circle up

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billies

Jimmy Dugan- into a plank

right arm and right leg high 10 seconds- flap jack into a calf stretch ( your welcome Damascus)

The Thang

Mosey 1/2 way uphill to cross walk and get ready for some 7’s

1 burpee in cross walk and run up to stop sign for 6 bomb jacks- back down to cross walk for 2 burpees and back up for 5 bomb jacks ect…..

Mosey down hill to lot in front of school

partner up

one partner runs around island one way while other partner runs another way and when you met do the following

1st time 10- hand slap merkins /1 burpees

2nd time 10- Bonnie Blairs /2 burpees

rinse repeat but add a burpee each round.

Elmer’s took a detour to the porta potty — LETS Follow him- No man left behind

while Elmers is taking care of business we did 1/2 of a Webb

1 Mike Tyson/ 4 AB exercise- either big boy, LBC or pistol LBC  depending on what the chicken calls out

Elmers is back lets mosey to rock pile around school

30 curls – rifle carry up four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

10 squat thrusters- rifle carry four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

Continue this across lot- Turn around and do the same but change to

20 bent over rows

10 triceps extensions

Mosey to stop sign to complete the other half of the Webb starting at 6 Mike Tysons and 24 Ab exercise.

Mosey back to start..


Great group today for a Saturday and all Pax members gave it their all. I must admit even though the temperature was a cool 72 degrees this morning the humidity was a little tough this morning.


Christ Closet needs help today and pretty much always

Crane relay- August 13th- ugh ugh ugh   sounds like WTF event ( NOT NO BUT HELL NO)  just kidding it sounds like a great event… NOT!!!

Blood supply is low especially O positive so give when you can and as often as you can




Did Someone Say Work Injury? Lawyer Up Son!

DICCS given as normal — I was little nervous so I covered everything since the Nantan was there, I saw him paying close attention,,

Warm Up- Opening mosey to front of High School

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billie’s (AKA- The Lawson Special)

Jimmy Dugan into a plank

Calf Stretch- Right arm and right leg high 10 seconds flap jack

Runners Pose 10 seconds- RECOVER

The Thang

Mosey down road and around building to benches and partner up.

150- Pistol LBCS ( pretty sure Ice 9 heard 200)

100- Merkins’ ( pretty sure Ice9 heard 150)

50 – Mike Tyson’s ( Pretty sure Ice 9 heard 100)

Other Partner run to circle and back

Mosey down path and around large parking lot to rock pile

30- curls- rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

20- Bent over rows- Rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

RINSE REPEAT until across the whole lot

Return trip

10- Squat Thrusters rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock

15- Triceps Extensions rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

Mosey around lot up hill to 1ST Speed Bump for SPEED BUMP BURPEES– YEEEEHAWWW ( This was stupid)

7’s between the two speed bumps.. 1 at bottom 6 at top ect……. Easy Button, Schneider and Deflated did not seem real happy with me for some reason. Actually I believe someone verbally abused me–

Mosey to front of high school for DIPS BABY DIPS

40- dips /20 single leg/20 single leg- Mosey around lot and repeat

Mosey to COT.. Baby 30 seconds to spare.



First of all I appreciate Sugar Daddy’s passion for site Qing and him taking responsibly to a new level.  So Sugar Daddy is injuried and was going to Diesel but showed up at Swarm to cover his responsibility’s. I guess my question would be, is he that darn responsible or did he not trust the Chicken to show or did he think I would screw something up?? hummm. Secondly, as always it is a pleasure leading a group of men like this even though it was slightly nerve-racking having the Nantan ( Gerber) at the workout. I appreciate the support, banner and push everyone showed today —



Christ Closest needs help tomorrow 8am-until unloading furniture– come by for a few after the workout or when you roll out of bed

Baby ( Good Fella) is having his one year Bday today. Good Fella spoke eloquently about how his brothers wrapped their arms around him during his trying times after birth of the Baby Good Fella. Everyone someday will need the love of F3 brothers remember, we are all here for each other and reach out if need be– It is more than a workout boys.

Dasher was angrily crushing the workout this morning– geez dude slow down.. yikes

Schneider – great work as always and stop being pissed about the burpees  it was only 30 ( hahah)

Smithers and Deflated are running machines and it was odd to see on 2/3 of LCR — humm  trouble in paradise boys??

Ice9– dude just brings it each day– enjoy vacation brother.. Loved seeing you Nascar style block Dasher from passing you in turn 4..

O-69– Crushed around 3.6 miles running and threw rocks around like they were damn skittles.

Centerfold– Loved seeing you out at Swarm brother, you have a long road to recovery but bring the heat back is great to see.

Nantan/Gerber— you make me nervous in your new role.. Also you cannot BS me, your calf was not hurting you were just running beside me to watch and take notes to make sure I follow the Q rules–

Easy Button– crushed it as always and I am not 100% sure, but I believe the verbal abuse came from your direction.. just saying.. Also why were you running beside me on the last leg?? Are you a spy for the Nantan? damn teachers pet!!!