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Getting Swoll With The Chicken

DICCS- Given as usual and covered all topics

Warm up– Light mosey with Coupons near rock pile, so PAX who actually work and do not live on GroupMe could grab a coupon or rock since they did  not get the memo– The Chicken is turning this boot camp upside down with gear..  Drop our coupons and rocks and mosey to front of school for….

20 SSH


Plank- right arm high and right leg – 10 seconds– left arm and left leg high – 10 seconds

Can Opener Pose.


The Thang

Before we decide to play with our toys/coupons we needed a normal boot camp.

Mosey to stop sign at long road in front of school and at every light/stop sign complete…..

10 Mike Tysons and 1o Bomb Jacks ( Chastain would be proud)– 70 Tysons and 70 Bomb Jacks WTF!! Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later) haha

On way back to starting point

10 Speed skaters and 5 lunges.

A quick mosey to pick up Twista since he was walking and let him know we will be playing with coupons now –so he could stay near us.

At bottom of lot grab you coupon for….


20- Rifle Carries

Repeat until we get to middle median at top of lot- sprint down to starting point and back.

Continue with Blockees and Rifle Carries until we get across the whole parking lot– WTF –Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later)…

Grab you block for the following– complete 2 rounds of each but in between each round sprint up to median and mosey back to start.

20- Kettle Bells/2o curls- sprint/repeat

20- bench press/20 flutters with coupon- sprint/ repeat

20- Squat Thrusters- sprint/repeat

Now for the real fun with 8 minutes left..

1-Blockee ( number stays the same)

4-Military Press ( number stays the same )

4- Murder Bunnies ( increase by 4 each round until we get to 20)  — WTF-– Waxhaw Trail Fest— more on that later.

Mosey back to COT



As always I love leading a group of leaders like this. Today I wanted to dig deep into my Q bag and find some different types of exercises and I believe we accomplished that. I heard a good bit of complaining, breathing hard and actual a few choice words directed at the Chicken ( ANIMAL ABUSE!!).. The PAX pushed extremely hard today and I have a feeling we will have some tight arms and backs tomorrow– well done boys..

Few Call Outs.

One Star– down 15 pounds and is crushing it. Dude was a machine today

Schnitzel– I have seen him posting a lot lately at the running workouts but somehow we miss each other– dude is fast and if gazelles actually knew how to recruit they might could actually bring him to their side.. nice work brother.

Soft Pretzel– MACHINE!! enough said

Wildebeest– Love having my brothers Sugar Daddy and Premature there- boys bring their a game daily.



Twista- 6th man- ran into a few of us during neighborhood watch and we told him about F3. He had a heart attack last Tuesday and will begin posting regularly and going Vegan. He got his name since he is from Oklahoma and has seen 4 tornados.

WTF- Waxhaw Trail Fest- 05/01/2021– SIGN UP we have 40 peeps now and are looking for more- This is a F3 event but others can attend and FIA will be joining as well.

Last Call- Has new hours– 5:32AM due to school being back in.. Just think 2 more minutes of sleep and One Start is Qing Friday..





2 Gazelles and a Chicken Walked Into The Woods

DICCS– no given but we had lights and reflectors ( Maddog would be proud)

Warm up- walk down a hill from Carb Loads house to bottom on the swinging bridge and to verify if Rubbermaid is showing or not. Rubbermaid stated he needed a rest day but with his addiction to running we needed to make sure he would not be left. 5:34am a Gazelle and a Chicken are off to find Hollywood somewhere out yonder…..

The Thang

Run from swinging Bridge to end of trail near Blackhawk  ( BAMMMMMM I see Hollywood )

Now it is official 2 Gazelles and a Chicken will head back towards the bridge with Carb leading the pack in a somewhat group– Carb and Hollywood where clocking around a 9 min pace while the Chicken was hanging in trees and becoming one with nature flying solo clocking around a 9:30 pace.


I am starting to really love the trail run- challenging, rewarding and time fly’s bye. It was good getting back out there with Carb as we had great conversation and have not posted together in awhile. Hollywood is prepping for is nutty 25 miler and was in his normal zone today. At the end of our run we all chatted for awhile and basically all agree whatever board member came up one ONE Q in April only this close to APRIL is a mean person, especially for the well organized sites like FLASH and IGNITION as it appears those site Qs are always on point and probable already had Qs lined up  – ugh…….. hahah !! I am not pointing fingers but through a few conversations and a few board members basically saying they had nothing to do with it appears this pressure might have come a 1-2 members- I can be bribed for information of who the suspect is though with a frosty beverage, not Coke or Pepsi but one with Hops and Barley..

In a perfectly timed exit to the trail run Carb and I came up the hill together on the way to his house just as Twinkle Toes was coming out of his house— unfortunately I already had my shirt off, wonder what Twinkle Toes is thinking about two dudes walking out of the woods at 7:15am and one dude has no shirt on. Thankfully he did figure out who we were so maybe just maybe that eased his mind, I think,,,.. Have a great day boys!!



WTF coming so sign up

April 1 Q per month-  boooooo


$#$#%%# Murder Bunnies $%^##@@$ ugh

DICCS- Given to include the usual- added a few pointers about lifting properly so we have no injuries


Warm up

2 laps around lot


Jimmy Dungan Stretch- Can open right side and left side with arm raising to the sky.

The Thang

Start at top of trail heading towards transporter shed

2- Blockees every light pole, 25 paces of rifle carry, and carry your cinder block the rest of the way to the next light pole- Rinse Repeat all the way down, We did stop once at the T intersection for a sprint to the shed and a mosey back before continuing.

In Parking lot on other side of shed the real work begins

3 rounds of each – After you complete a cycle in each sprint up to 3rd light pole and mosey back ( around .10). Do not sprint after you complete last round in the cycle just go to next section

#1. 25- Kettle Bells/25- Curls

#2.  25 – Bench Press/25- Flutters with block overhead

#3.  15- Squat Thrusters/15 -Military Presses

Rifle Carry back to shed for a horrible idea–a web with cinder blocks

1- Blockee ( stays the same)

4- Military Presses ( stays the same)

4- Murder Bunnies– increase murder bunnies by 4 each times until we get to 20

once complete we will finish the trail heading back towards COT with the following.

25- paces of rifle and then walk the rest of the way however you see fit-  carry until you get to light pole ( we did this for 4-5 light poles). The last 3-4 light poles we rifle carried the section between light poles- yikes!!

5 merkins right hand on block and 5 merkins with left hand on block at each light pole.



As always I love leading this group of men and today was no different. I am not exactly sure WTF I was think with this workout maybe but it SUCKED. This workout was designed to get me out of my comfort zone as Popeye has challenged me to work on strength training. Today was designed to be a mix of Waxhaw Express /Chiseled and I believe the mission was accomplished- as we logged 1.85 miles and 1/2 of that was a fast paced mosey and the blocks work helped with strength training.  The PAX pushed hard today and I heard many groans and moans especially during the murder bunnies- bad idea.

Surge/Mad Dog /Bottle Cap– we all in beast mode today every time I looked up these dudes were crushing it.

Exlax– decided enough is enough and basically just slammed his block on the asphalt so he would not have to do anymore block work

Schneider and Ricky Bobby– (The Briarcrest Power Couple)- Just put their heads down and put in the work- nice work boys- Schneider I know deep down you truly love burpees.

Breadbowl- On the first sprint- WOW.. DUDE HAS SOME WHEELS.. Nice work Bowl now keep pushing buddy, heck of a job today.

Popeye- No doubt probably the strongest of one the strongest dudes in our PAX but do not look now he is gaining speed and distance with running– he is getting dangerous. Watch out IPC.



Surge was our 6th man- Foundation brought him out after a drunk fest and some arguing in Lawson sounds like a shady neighborhood- ( Booze, In Fighting). He has been out with us about 6-7 months and he got his name since he works at Coke

Q- school tomorrow 6:30-8 Cuthbertson

CPR- Surge leading this so 03/29/21- $15.00 cash 6pm-8pm.

CSAUP- A new one is coming and yes we will drink at tap house again.. yeehaww

Counterfeit Gods- (The False Promises)- Come to Sanctuary–  If you like power, sex and money this coming Monday 7:30pm Ice9 also stated there will be pizza and beer— Goodness we might need to create a signup Genius so the place does not get over booked- lol   Serious note sounds like a great discussion- thanks Ice 9





The Chicken prepping PAX for Rooster

DICC- given and covered

Warm up

Fast paced mosey down past laundry mat and apartments to Vet Lot

20- SSH

Jimmy Dungan Stretch into a plank for calve stretch

Can Opener both sides- return to Plank- recover

The Thang

Mosey Across Hwy 16 to Blyth Mill and up to stop sign of Blyth and North Providence for Oval of Speed

3 laps around oval track at 5 k pace and at each turn complete  ( Blythe up North Providence, turn left on Mill and left back on Blyth.

3 burpees and 5 jump Squats- circle back for the 6

Gather Flock and head back across Hwy 16 for more work in Vet Lot ( ABORT ABORT ABORT) A few FIA members who somehow were allowed to workout with F3 today started complaining about rough pavement and they might break a nail  — we moved to apartment lot

10 Mike Tysons, 10 Big Boys and 20 Pistol LBC- alternating leg at 10– 3 rounds

Sprint up Hill to laundry mat lot- dry heave cause I was trying to stick with Baio– not smart, damn he is fast. regroup and gather Flock and head down Price to 2nd road on left to church lot for lot to lot work.

Lot 1- 20 Bonnie Blairs

Lot 2- around corner on Jackson street – 5 merkins/10 shoulder taps, 4 merkins/ 8 shoulder tap ect….. to 1/2

between both lots complete 20 Bomb Jacks

head back to COT completing 20 Bomb Jacks- DONE!!


We had s great group today ( 19 total) and an awesome mixture of Gazelles, Clydesdales , 3 Wildebeest, 1 pink Bunny, 2 form police, and a few FIA PAX.  Overall everyone push hard and most seemed to hate the workout which is always a success for the Q. It appears we had mileage range from 3.15-3.5 miles which is a good target for a regular boot camp and safety seemed to be fairly in order and if Maddog posted with us he would have been someone happy

Few Call Outs

Twinkle Toes– you have officially graduated to the Gazelle group- Nice work brother!

Recalculating– You better step it up Chief of Form Policing before Deputy Zinfandel pushes you into retirement and takes you role. He was calling out many pees today ( myself included on Jump Squats)- bastard! but I love it makes us better.

Easy Button, Baio, Ice 9, Chastain, and Deadwood– ugh what the F?  slowdown and smell the roses once in awhile boys- geez!!

LRC– always great to see the LRC back out as a group as it appears they must have finally figure out baby duty schedules at Smithers House and all is well in the group again ( Smithers , Foundation and Deflated).

Do not look now but Rockwell is looking at the Gazelle’s and thinking hummmm I can be one — He is getting faster and faster boys

Sugar Daddy and Premature– I appreciate our accountability group boys– WILDERBEEST- SADDLE UP FOR THE RIDE minus to Smart Sackers for rest days!



Q- school this weekend 6:30-8am- Cuthbertson

Rooster next weekend- if you have to ask what this is your a DUMBASS– This is slowing becoming Blood Drive communication territory .

Baio- was our 6th man- got his name cause he runs a company and his hospital name is Charles ( Charles in Charge! Scott Baio) awesome name. He has 5 kids and comes to us all the way from Matthews a she posted over there some but found us via the BAT SIGNAL in the sky ( AKA- on line) and has been a regular since. Bratwurst brought him out initially a few years back.

Lucy ( aka Ricky her F3 name) the chickens dog had surgery yesterday and everything seemed to go well.


Peace out boys.



A Chicken is Lose in Marvin

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff

Warm Up

Mosey around large lot and up stairs to front of school

  • Monster Walk/ Knees to Chest/Plank
  • Calve Stretch/ Upward Dog/Downward Dog/Can Opener

Mosey down road in front of school to first lot on right in front of Middle school

The Thang

Web to warm up Core

1 Dry Dock ( increase by 1 until we reach 10)

4 Big Boys ( always)

4 LBC or Pistol LBCS( increase by 4 until we reach 40)- Chicken calls out pistol or regular LBCS or a combo of each.

Mosey down road and take a left at the gate to the gravel lot that leads up to the baseball/softball fields for some fun

10 Bomb Jacks at gate and run to fields on path for 10 jump squats- repeat 3 times and circle back for the 6

Mosey to lot in front of school across the road for another fun filled web

1- Mike Tyson ( got to 7)

4 Bear Crawls ( got to 28)

Mosey down trail behind school and near practice fields then cross road where buses are back into large lot where COT is to finish the web from heck!!

8- Mike Tysons ( got to 10)

32 – Bear Crawls ( got to 40)

Mosey to top of lot to a parking island for sprint/burpee/mosey cycle

At top island complete 3 burpees then mosey down parking lot to next island for 3 burpees as a group. Once all PAX is finished we sprint-fast pace mosey back up lot to parking island for 3 burpees- Rinse repeat 3 times ( ughh).

Mosey back towards COT and stop a another parking island for slide over curve merkins

plank on curve and complete a merkin then slide over – go right 7 times then left 7 times HOLD PLANK.. go right 5 times and then left 5 times HOLD PLANK… Recover and mosey to COT.

With 1 minutes left sprint up lot to parking island and mosey back down to COT.



As always I love leading this group of men and leaders within our community and today was no different. I must say I was little nervous as I have not been to this site in quite sometime for whatever reason. This site has a lot to offer so when Premature asked me to switch due to a injury to Deep Dish I was like helllllll yeaaaaaa lets do this..  Few call out todays.

Soft Pretzel- Beast mode ( not sure if he even broke a sweat)

Tanyatine, Noonan, Schnitzel and One Star crushed it today.

The Wildebeest were out in force today ( Premature, Sugar Daddy, Mad Dog) only missing one injured Beest in Carb Load – get well lad we miss you bro.


Soft Pretzel was out 6th man actually 5th man but we stepped up- has been with F3 since 2012- WOW.. Has a wife and 2 daughter and got his name cause he is front Philly. The guys who gave him the name are MIA and the guy who brought him out (Hokey Stone) is MIA- Reminder to all reach out to your brothers.

Mayhem- Might be organizing a trip to Brunswick county NC to help with the tornados. If you feel led to help reach out to him he might be heading down Sunday-Tuesday.

Rice and Beans is tonight and there are a few slots open.

Friday morning at 6am Last Call is launching at same spot as dromedary – Das Boot is leading and it will be great especially if you like pickle pounding– lol

Rooster is coming March 13th — get ready boys- 5 man relay, full marathon- last mile whole team runs together

Blood Drive this Friday SOB at the YMCA— If you can give reach out to Mighty Mite

Mad Dog- Took us out and nailed his message as always- appreciate you brother





Chickens, Donkeys and Mike Tysons- great monday

DICCS– Given to include all the usual items.

Warm Up– Long Mosey to front of high school for monster walk, knee’s to chest and since Damascus was here we walked it out into a plank for the good ole calve stretch.  Plank into runners pose/can open each side- Recover

The Thang

Mosey long way to the first Alcove at the school for a horrible web- Grab some wall

1- Mike Tyson- increase by 1

4- Dry docks- stay the same

4 – donkey kicks or shoulder tabs- increase by 4 each time

We got to 5 Tysons, 4 dry docks and 20 Donkey kicks– THIS IS STUPID!!

Mosey down road all the way around parking lots and end at the rock pile for some work but we stopped at select points for 10 Bomb Jacks or 10 Jump Squats  and burpees while waiting on Bread-bowl ( Damascus offered to carry him).  POSSE appeared from somewhere to join the group..

At rock pile grab a good size lifting rock for some lifting. At each parking lot section ( there are 6 ) complete what the chicken calls out and sprint down to the end of the lot and mosey back to your rock,. When you mosey back grab your rock and rifle carry your rock to the other parking lot section- Rinse repeat down and through the whole parking lot ending at other end.

WATCH OUT FOR THE GAZELLES THEY ARE RUNNING IN OUR LOT!!!. I would hate for a Clydesdale to mow one of those precious animal over. It would be a blood bath!!!

space 1- 20 curls- 10 tricep extensions

space 2- 20 triceps extensions- 10 curls

space 3- 20 squat thrusters

space 4- 20 bent over rows- 10 tricep extensions

space 5- 25 curls

space 6- 20 triceps extensions

Rinse repeat on way back.

Mosey up around school to overhang where steps are to work on rest of the web

6 Tysons

4 Dry Docks

24- Donke Kicks or Shoulder Tabs

we got to 8, 4, 32

Mosey to covered area near buses

9 Tysons

4 Dry Docks

36 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to front of school

10 Tysons

4 Dry Docks

20 Donkey Kicks and 20 Shoulder Tabs

Hit benches for 25 dips left leg out and 25 dips right leg out

Mosey to COT and complete a 1/2 lap TIME!!!



The infamous ICE-9 was scheduled to Q today but unfortunately he has suffered an injury- speedy recovery brother. I am not sure anyone at FLASH was looking forward to a ICE-9 Q that might be why numbers were down- lol.. I felt the pressure of trying to delivery a Q that would make him proud and I hope I did , my goal was to get someone dry heaving in his honor. Unfortunately my plan did not work but I did hear a lot of complaining, so I am thinking I 1/2 way accomplished my goal. I promise if I ever Q again that web will never come out again ( HORRIBLE). Sorry boys… It looked good on paper after 3 delicious Modelo’s for my VDAY dinner.  A few call outs from today

Chainsaw- got his new shirt and what a great story- your a inspiration to us all. Loved the story about you and your daughter having breakfast every Friday .. MAKING Memories!

I think Ricky Bobby and Schneider are pissed at me and most likely will not talk to me again about the Web!! You two still crushed it today.

Inspector Gadget- Glad to see you out brother- you are heading towards GAZELLE territory young lad

Surge- My man is back and he is getting back in his old form- watch out boys he is a machine!

Damascus- great you see you back out man and that calve stretch was just for you.

0-69- crushed his miles today and jumped in with the PAX for the rock workout- badass!!

Ex-lax- Us Wildebeest ( Carb Load, Mad-dog, Sugar Daddy , Premature and I )are accepting applications-


Fartlek-ing Express Coming Through– ChooChoo!!

DICCS given- to include all the usual items-

Warm up

Mosey to Transporter shed for

Jimmy Dungan stretching

plank right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds – switch to left arm and left leg ( At this point Tool Time asked if we are in Yoga Class- the gazelles are already restless 2 mins into a workout ).

Calve stretch/ runners pose right side and left side.

Mosey to Circle Island for 20 SSH

Mosey to road between large parking lot and small parking lot where gate is for FARTLEK.

Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is continuous training with interval training.[1] Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long distance run. Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.”[2

The Thang

5 min running at 10 k pace- 2 min at mosey pace

4 min running at 10 k pace- 2 min mosey pace

3 min running at 5 k pace- 1.30sec min mosey pace

2 min running at push yourselves hard pace- 1 min mosey pace

1 min running at fast pace- 1 min mosey pace

Gather the PAX for a change of scenery- move over to the circle islands and rinse repeat FARKLEK between the two islands near the tennis courts and Baseball field. After completed a fast pace mosey to Transporter shed/ walk for 1 minute and then a fast paced mosey to COT.. 5:15 ON THE DOT!!


Not sure how I got roped into leading Express so I was a little worried about keeping the gazelles entertained. So I reached back into my little chicken and brain and remember once upon a time Wolverine did this Fartlek thingy at pursuit and it keep the PAX together and was built for all paces. The Pax seemed happy today and I believe most PAX got 6- 6.25 miles except Gerber and Tool Time who got 7.5 miles– that’s just stupid!! It was awesome seeing Popeye out pushing himself at Express and he crushed it. I was glad to see Red Tape back out after he had a little illness called fartsackatitis ( shockingly it is not that rare of a illness). Dasher had Red Tape and I rolling when he said he was in the TAINT group —  TAINT running at a stupid pace with Gerber and Tool Time and TAINT wanting to be as slow as the Chicken- he is caught somewhere in the middle. My boy and fellow Wildebeest was out and crushing it as always with his wife beater and all, great job brother. Thanks for allowing me to Q today boys!!



Another CSAUP planning session is happening– maybe around springtime– WTF? WHY?? LOL

The Hills at Firethorne


Warm Up- NOPE

The Thang- Walk

Moleskin– 7 Pax crawled out of bed after the CSAUP event yesterday to move those sore muscles while getting to know their brothers better. If you have not ever attended a Neighborhood Watch I highly encourage you to get out and spend some quality time with your brothers while not sucking wind at a workout. I always enjoy our Sunday walks with the boys and I like learning more about the ones who show up.. Some learnings today

Juice and Posse- both went to Clemson and were there together at the same time

Posse’s best friends father passed away and he is heading to the funeral today- Safe travels friend and thinking of you and his family.

Posse’s wife’s Bday is today!

Premature and myself- LOVE Founders All Day IPA and we both pretty much stink at golf ( 110 ish ) is our normal rounds.

Tanyatine- plays hockey left handed but plays golf right handed ( WTF) that’s odd. But he is a beast at hockey and use to be a scratch golfer back in the day-

Fiji’s daughter just got her first paycheck from he job and wanted to take her family out to dinner on her !! WOW!!

Long-haul- got his name since he was living in Raleigh and comminuting to Ballentine for work during the week- hence the name.

Juice- was shockingly not disowned by his family when he chose Clemson over USC – he is from Colombia and his who family went to USC..

Long- Haul- Lives beside Lucy’s( chicken Littles dog’s ) brother – small world

You can tell the difference between NC roads and SC roads even in a neighborhood– odd.


Announcements – NOPE

Carb Likes Long DICCS??

Diccs Given

Warm Up

Nice long opening mosey down Walnut Creek Parkway to side road and circle up


walk out into a plank

runners pose

upperward dog and downward dog ( 3 times each)

calf stretch

mosey back up Walnut Creek parkway to courts on left

The Thang

In Parking lot

1 Mike Tyson , 4 dry docks , 4 ( either big boys, pistol LBCS, or LBCs) Qs choice – increase Tyson’s by 1 and AB exercise by 4 each round – Dry Docks stay the same

Mosey up road passing COT to next road on left – Hancock and down to Curve on Pennington for 3 corners

5 burpees in curve head left on Pennington to stop sign sign on Alston 10 Bonnie Blair’s head up Alston to Hancock for 10 bomb jacks – head up Hancock to Pennington for 10 speed skates and return to curve for 5 burpees— rinse repeat 3 times

road across Walnut Creek parkway on Hancock to first street on the left for some cul -de-sac work

1st – 10 Bobby Hurlies 3 burpees

2nd -10 Jump Squats 3 burpees

rinse repeat 2 times

head back towards COT stopping twice for 3 burpees and 10 speed skaters

Arrive at

COT for 3 mins of ab work


Great group today on this fine brisk morning in the Palmetto State . If you have never Qed or been to Blackhawk I would advise you to get over there—- great campus with plenty to do. All the PAX pushed hard today and stuck together for some banter and chatter.
It was awesome seeing Shop Dawg back out with the boys dude is rock solid!

I was completely shocked to see Schneider out at a Saturday working —I think the whole Dryuary has him all out of sorts. Schneider did show up with a cooler of beer so be on the look out boys he is looking to get after it today.

Twinkle Toes is a mans man — dude has a crazy bet about accountability amd he is not afraid to put his money where is mouth is— 150 workouts or he has to pay up. He has already wrote the check out and gave it to his accountability partner if he fails  – respect brother!!  Saying of the day Quit Quitting

Carb and Sugar Daddy- my fellow Antelopes crushed it as always and your boys make me better through accountability! Appreciate you and the Antelopes of Mad Dog and Premature ( hope knee gets better)



– keep Shop Dawg and his family in your prayers

– give blood today

CSAUP- is next weekend and it will have a hard start at 7:33 at Floater site arrive early and be ready to roll after Carb Load gives his LONG DICCS which starts at 7:30

Frozen walk through the creek

diccs- not given

warm up – not needed

the thang- walk 3 miles-1 hr


8 pax’s, 3 dogs and 2 2.0s showed up for a frozen walk through the creeks of Marvin. Zinfandel completed his 10 spot, dime bag, posting diez or whatever we are calling this crazy ass 10 post in 7 days obsession he decided to do. The conversation was great , the walk was perfect and Das Boots dog dropped a deuce in the clubhouse parking lot.  Great day and all home by breakfast time


Zin- screwed up family photo