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Bezo’s Penis Rocket

DICCS given and everything covered

Warm up

Mosey up to entrance of the school

10- SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

Runners pose right arm high and left arm high

Single leg slow motion speed skater 10 each leg- proper form ( Recalculating was happy)

Single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out in front for 10 taps- flap jack

Chatter about how Jeff Bezos Rocket was a success but looked like A DAMN FLYING PENIS!!! AWESOMENESS

single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out to left for 10 tabs – flap jack

Mosey to front on school long road

The Thang

each light complete 1 burpee and 1 bomb jack ( total of 4 lights ) and add 1 of each at each light.

At traffic circle up for slide over merkins

7 to the right – 7 to the left/ 5 to the right- 5 to the left / 3 to the right and 3 to the left.

Rinse repeat burpee/bomb jacks at each light pole on way back to front of school.

Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock and head to top of parking lot of four corners

At top in the middle complete 30 curls or 20 overhead press with rock then run to a corner of your choice for the below exercise and come back to middle each time for rock work– Complete two full rounds

corner 1 and 2= 10 Bonnie Blairs ( 2 is 1)

corner 3 and 4= 10 Bomb Jacks

Grab rock and rifle carry between speed bump and sprint back to start and mosey back

Rifle carry from speed bump to curve and sprint back to speed bump and mosey to curve

Rifle carry down hill to end of lot sprint back to start and mosey back.

Rifle carry across the whole parking lot and return your rock

Mosey back to COT.


I do not post/Q much at Dromedary but every time I do I enjoy this site as it has a great campus and great group of HIMS that show up. Today was no different we had a great group that pushed themselves and others while having some good banter. I appreciate Premature asking/making me Q over here today even though it cost me a full tank of gas, cost me breakfast and lunch money for 0-69 and Schneider since we had to stop two times, and cost me much needed beauty sleep.hahah


  • Enjoy the moment-lots of sad news today at COT– you never when your time or someone you knows time is up.
  • Keep Rubbermaid and his family in your thoughts- he lost his brother
  • Keep Mayhems brother (Ken) and his family in your thoughts- struggling and was getting help in Texas for sobriety- returning this week
  •  Keep pushing to help Black Hawk get its feet off the ground– Judge Smail on Q this Saturday
  • Off the Chain- Tonight 6pm Walnut Creek– Reach out to Rockwell if interested.
  • Prayers for Nancy at a local senior center- battling cancer.
  • Good News for Johnny Utah’s daughter the scopes came back negative but still trying to nail down what is causing the pain- continue prayers– Also needs prayers for a brother of Johnny Utah’s buddy Rick Jordan who is dealing with Colon Cancer..
  • Thanks Johnny Utah for taking us out
  • O69 does not remember is age during NameArama…




Angry Elf While Hood Walking


Warm Up– Nope

The Thang

Walk and Talk with my brothers and two furry friends in  Cortona


I always enjoy Neighborhood Watch and would love to see this group continue to grow as it is a great 2nd F opportunity. I know we all think we know each other fairly well since we see each other and chat at 5:15am ,5:30 am, 6:30, 5:30pm or in the case of Last Call some random ass time like 5:32 am or 5:33am while working out. But slowing the pace down and just walking and talking at NHW is a great way to be more continued with your brothers.. Few key learnings today

Elmer’s and Chicken Little are still pissed about NCSU getting the shaft by the NCAA at the college world series. I do highly suggest this subject not being brought up anywhere near Fuse Box he might blow a gasket.

Posse– Just came off trip of a lifetime and it sounds awesome- RV-ing the west cost Hwy 1 while hitting multiple states and destinations– very jealous but glad you and the family had a blast.

Turn Buckle– is going for 10 workouts this week and also has some Disney connections that brought Posse’s trip to life and made everything fall into place– Nice work TB.

Chancho and Lucy will most likely be napping most of the day the doggies walked and sniffed around 3.5 mile or so. Lucy and Chancho also encountered a very angry little 2 pound dog that tried to attack them while he barked is face off while they were passing him on the opposite side of the road– yikes!!.. He was a Angry Litter Elf.


Potty Break at homecoming


Warm up

Mosey up hill and down to parking lot in front of school- circle up

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billies

Jimmy Dugan- into a plank

right arm and right leg high 10 seconds- flap jack into a calf stretch ( your welcome Damascus)

The Thang

Mosey 1/2 way uphill to cross walk and get ready for some 7’s

1 burpee in cross walk and run up to stop sign for 6 bomb jacks- back down to cross walk for 2 burpees and back up for 5 bomb jacks ect…..

Mosey down hill to lot in front of school

partner up

one partner runs around island one way while other partner runs another way and when you met do the following

1st time 10- hand slap merkins /1 burpees

2nd time 10- Bonnie Blairs /2 burpees

rinse repeat but add a burpee each round.

Elmer’s took a detour to the porta potty — LETS Follow him- No man left behind

while Elmers is taking care of business we did 1/2 of a Webb

1 Mike Tyson/ 4 AB exercise- either big boy, LBC or pistol LBC  depending on what the chicken calls out

Elmers is back lets mosey to rock pile around school

30 curls – rifle carry up four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

10 squat thrusters- rifle carry four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

Continue this across lot- Turn around and do the same but change to

20 bent over rows

10 triceps extensions

Mosey to stop sign to complete the other half of the Webb starting at 6 Mike Tysons and 24 Ab exercise.

Mosey back to start..


Great group today for a Saturday and all Pax members gave it their all. I must admit even though the temperature was a cool 72 degrees this morning the humidity was a little tough this morning.


Christ Closet needs help today and pretty much always

Crane relay- August 13th- ugh ugh ugh   sounds like WTF event ( NOT NO BUT HELL NO)  just kidding it sounds like a great event… NOT!!!

Blood supply is low especially O positive so give when you can and as often as you can




Did Someone Say Work Injury? Lawyer Up Son!

DICCS given as normal — I was little nervous so I covered everything since the Nantan was there, I saw him paying close attention,,

Warm Up- Opening mosey to front of High School

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billie’s (AKA- The Lawson Special)

Jimmy Dugan into a plank

Calf Stretch- Right arm and right leg high 10 seconds flap jack

Runners Pose 10 seconds- RECOVER

The Thang

Mosey down road and around building to benches and partner up.

150- Pistol LBCS ( pretty sure Ice 9 heard 200)

100- Merkins’ ( pretty sure Ice9 heard 150)

50 – Mike Tyson’s ( Pretty sure Ice 9 heard 100)

Other Partner run to circle and back

Mosey down path and around large parking lot to rock pile

30- curls- rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

20- Bent over rows- Rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

RINSE REPEAT until across the whole lot

Return trip

10- Squat Thrusters rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock

15- Triceps Extensions rifle carry to next parking space across lot and sprint back to start and back to rock.

Mosey around lot up hill to 1ST Speed Bump for SPEED BUMP BURPEES– YEEEEHAWWW ( This was stupid)

7’s between the two speed bumps.. 1 at bottom 6 at top ect……. Easy Button, Schneider and Deflated did not seem real happy with me for some reason. Actually I believe someone verbally abused me–

Mosey to front of high school for DIPS BABY DIPS

40- dips /20 single leg/20 single leg- Mosey around lot and repeat

Mosey to COT.. Baby 30 seconds to spare.



First of all I appreciate Sugar Daddy’s passion for site Qing and him taking responsibly to a new level.  So Sugar Daddy is injuried and was going to Diesel but showed up at Swarm to cover his responsibility’s. I guess my question would be, is he that darn responsible or did he not trust the Chicken to show or did he think I would screw something up?? hummm. Secondly, as always it is a pleasure leading a group of men like this even though it was slightly nerve-racking having the Nantan ( Gerber) at the workout. I appreciate the support, banner and push everyone showed today —



Christ Closest needs help tomorrow 8am-until unloading furniture– come by for a few after the workout or when you roll out of bed

Baby ( Good Fella) is having his one year Bday today. Good Fella spoke eloquently about how his brothers wrapped their arms around him during his trying times after birth of the Baby Good Fella. Everyone someday will need the love of F3 brothers remember, we are all here for each other and reach out if need be– It is more than a workout boys.

Dasher was angrily crushing the workout this morning– geez dude slow down.. yikes

Schneider – great work as always and stop being pissed about the burpees  it was only 30 ( hahah)

Smithers and Deflated are running machines and it was odd to see on 2/3 of LCR — humm  trouble in paradise boys??

Ice9– dude just brings it each day– enjoy vacation brother.. Loved seeing you Nascar style block Dasher from passing you in turn 4..

O-69– Crushed around 3.6 miles running and threw rocks around like they were damn skittles.

Centerfold– Loved seeing you out at Swarm brother, you have a long road to recovery but bring the heat back is great to see.

Nantan/Gerber— you make me nervous in your new role.. Also you cannot BS me, your calf was not hurting you were just running beside me to watch and take notes to make sure I follow the Q rules–

Easy Button– crushed it as always and I am not 100% sure, but I believe the verbal abuse came from your direction.. just saying.. Also why were you running beside me on the last leg?? Are you a spy for the Nantan? damn teachers pet!!!

A Towel-LESS Watchtower..

DICCS- All given to include cell phone, cpr and do not sue

Warm up 

Two laps in front of school

Circle up

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billies

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

Plank right arm high right leg high ( 10 seconds)- flap jack

Runners Pose- flap jack


The Thang

Mosey up parking lot to bottom of hill ( the exit/entrance to lot)

Partner Up – partners run up/down separate side of hill and when the they met complete each of the following

round 1- 10 hand slap merkins

round 2- 10 Bomb Jacks

round 3- 10 Bonnie Blairs ( 2 is one)

Everyone complete 3 burpees

Mosey to front of school and stick with same partner for more work

One Partner run around lot while other Partner does some work

150- pistol LBCS

100- Merkins

50 – Mike Tysons

Mosey to Rock pile near back parking lot and grab a lifting rock

30 curls- rife carry across lot and complete 30 more curls

15- Military press rifle carry across lot and complete 15 more Military presses.

15- Tricep extensions rifle carry across lot and complete 15 more Military presses.

Mosey Long way around school and head back to COT


Another great group I was honored to lead today. The boys pushed hard and humidity was nice and high ugh…  The chatter seemed to be a minimum ( Even Schneider) so I assume everyone was happy with the workout. Sledge o Matic pushed himself hard today and this was the first we ever partner up- nice work brother.  Sledge, also finished the workout and look like he rolled down Crowder Mountain, you might need a little extra detergent in the wash, Surge, Ricky Bobby, Schneider and Rockwell crushed it today. Spits when not at home photo shopping the chicken in a towel is rising to the Gazelle level right before our eyes- excellent work brother. Falco, this is my first time meeting you brother– WELCOME and I look forward to posting with you more- heck of a job bro.



Ricky Bobby was the 6th man- name from his work since he was at Fox sports and mainly works on NASCAR. Ricky is from the great community of Briarcrest and was Ehed out to the workout by Chicken Little and Schneider and he is held accountable by O-69, Schneider and Chicken ( Briarcrest WOLFPACK ).  Ricky is down around 30-35 lbs and is moving from the back of the pack when he started to the front of the pack and loves the push from others. Ricky Bobby made a great point today– When he started and  was the 6th it meant a lot when the faster guys come back and gave him encouragement— Remember boys it is more than a workout and encouraging your brothers goes a long way.

Keep Tayler in your thoughts and prayers– 31 year old man who Mayhem is connected with has passed away..






Asylum has Balls –

DICCS- All Points covered- cell phone, cpr, do not sue ect..

Warm Up-

Mosey up and through Pet Smart and head back down towards Hickory Tavern – Circle Up

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billies

10- Merkins ( Damascus shows up around this time)- so might as well do a Calf Stretch

Runners pose-

Plank right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds- flip flop

The Thang

Mosey across street ( SAFELY cause Maddog was there) to the Linwood Hood.

head down Hardwood to Golden Rain and take a right for 4 points of fun at each stop sign or Cul-De Sac complete

3 burpees and 10 Bonnie Blairs – 4 all together

On way back out go to Autumn Gold and take a right for 4 more points of fun- at each stop sign of Cul-De- Sac complete..

5 Mike Tysons and 20 Pistol LBCS ( 10/10).

On way back out of hood stop two times of a combination of all exercises

3 burpees/10 Bonnie Blairs/5 Mike Tysons/20 Pistol LBS

Cross the road Safety  to large lot on the left

Webb of 1 Dry Dock and 4 Bear Crawls- 10/40-  that was just stupid

Mosey to Front of Tavern

40 dips/20 single leg dips flap jack- hot lap ( rinse repeat)

10 incline merkins/20 single leg dips flap jack/10 incline merkins- hot lap

30 dips/20 dips/10 dips/ 10 big boys – Head to COT



As always I leading the group and today was no different. I do not post much at Asylum mainly because Chickens need their beauty rest– but this site has many so much to offer from benches, Large Lots,  hoods to run around.. Today the PAX pushed themselves as usual and with the added humidity it pretty much sucked in a good way. Thanks for allowing me to lead.


Blood Drive is over and we hit 44 and goal was 50- Not to shabby

Eli- Led the pack with the fastest draining time with 4:03 while Atlas finished last with 8:01.

F3 Dads Camp 08/20-8/22 is coming so check links in channel to sign up for Camp Thunderbird aka Lake Wylie.

Blue Screen dog ( Aspen ) Just passed away- thoughts and prayers brother

New Site coming later this Summer ASPEN at Antioch Elementary soon ( western union county) Thursday Morning.

Swimmers will start passing out BALLS for the Q or guy who pushes himself during the workout to wear- Today The Chicken Got to wear BALLS around his chest- ,  WHAT A HAPPY DAY.


Call Outs

Flanders and Loafer- Boys have been logging some miles and are fast.

Blue Screen – great push with an injured calf.

Premature- Loved seeing you back out brother.

O-69- Thanks for knocking on my window while I was working on my Wienke and making me pretty much shit myself at 4:50 am– AWESOME JOB  today as usual.



Flash Backblast

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff

Warm Up

Mosey around side lot to front of middle school

  • 15 SSH
  • 10 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • Runners pose
  • Hamstring stretch (Jimmy Dugan?)


Continue to mosey down to the front of the high school.

The Thang

High School Side Alcoves:

20 dips on benches

15 donkey kicks in first alcove

15 mike tysons in second alcove

back to front of high school…


Repeat X 3

Partner Up at Back Parking Lot:

EACH:  50 curls, 50 shoulder presses, 50 squats, 50 LBCs

One runs to end of lot, other exercises


“Dog Bone” Web:

7 merkins one end, 1 jump squat on the other

until 1, 7



Final Path to COT with Stops at Light Poles:

1 burpee, increment 1 at each light up to 5, then decrease by 1 down to end



Enjoyed leading this group of men from veterans to rookies.  Everyone pushed hard.  Few call outs today:

Tonyatine – great work, good to meet you, way to represent with ‘tine’ pronounced ‘teen’ (Havertine)

Snowball – welcome!  way to come out on your own and way to finish!

Elmers – great seeing you hang tough.

Chatterbox – hard keeping up with you on the partner work!  awesome job.


6th man – Beetle.  Thanks for sharing and I learned what Beetle Bailey is today.  Keep coming out!



  • Watchtower at Weddington, not Newtown Elementary
  • FNG – Eli Noury “Snowball” joins us from New Jersey

Real Men Lift Stuff

DICCS Given- normal stuff


Warm Up-


15 Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

While in Plank ask the PAX what are the 5 CORE principles of F3

Free to All

Open To Men

Outdoors- rain/shine/hot/cold

Led by men in rotating Fashion

End with COT


The Thang

Explain the Workout– 7 stations 1:20 seconds each with a 15 second break to move to next station ( but while moving complete 1-2 blockees)– 3 full rounds  ugh!!

station 1-  Curls

station 2- Sit Ups then push your coupon to the sky

Station 3- Hit the tire with sledge hammer

Station 4- Squat Thrusters

Station  5- Military Press with coupon

Station 6- Merkins on your block

Station 7- Flutters with coupon over your head


When finished explain the next stupid exercise

4 Murder Bunnies/1 Blockee– Get to 20 murder bunnies and 5 Blockees– DONE SON!!!



I am really starting to dig Diesel although I miss the running the different exercises you can do and push yourself is really intriguing to me and challenging. So for all you peeps like Schneider and Ricky Bobby who are scared of Diesel due to the lack of running, I would say come get you some and get out of your comfort zone.

Today was a tough one I must say and the Blockees between stations was ridiculous and someone like Chastain, Centerfold, Premature, Jwow, and or 0-69 should have Q jacked me to stop that madness ( ya’ll are suppose to be leaders in F3) LOL !!. Not only did they fail the Pax by allowing that to happen they even let the Murder Bunnies show up and go unchallenged  at the END OF A WORKOUT!! GEEZ GUYS.. Step up and say something guys.. hahah

Heck of a job by all today and appreciate the opportunity as usual to led this group of men.



Folding/ Giveaway party tomorrow at Christ Closet- there is some confusion but just show up. 9AM-NOON

Welcome FNG- Martin Head – 38 years old- aka Yellen– for Janet Yellen since he is in the treasury  dept. at Truist bank. Jwow and him hit it off right away talking about work since they are with the same company– pretty cool. He is from New York, Cleveland, Buffalo, and lived in Concord for awhile before relocating to BRIARCREST…..WHOOHOOO.

6TH Man- Baklava- got his name since he is from Greece- Lives in BRIARCREST works for United Airlines as a mechanic and been in BRIARCREST 7 years and was brought out by Chicken Little and 0-69 who are also from BRIARCREST

Everyone please pray for Premature and keep him in your prayers- MRI is today that he has been waiting for months to get scheduled. PRAYING BROTHER..

All sites closed Monday except ASYLUM…. 5:15AM Monday 05/17/2021 afterwards mental health awareness speaker– PREMATURE THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR STORY WITH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS coming up….



Getting Swoll With The Chicken

DICCS- Given as usual and covered all topics

Warm up– Light mosey with Coupons near rock pile, so PAX who actually work and do not live on GroupMe could grab a coupon or rock since they did  not get the memo– The Chicken is turning this boot camp upside down with gear..  Drop our coupons and rocks and mosey to front of school for….

20 SSH


Plank- right arm high and right leg – 10 seconds– left arm and left leg high – 10 seconds

Can Opener Pose.


The Thang

Before we decide to play with our toys/coupons we needed a normal boot camp.

Mosey to stop sign at long road in front of school and at every light/stop sign complete…..

10 Mike Tysons and 1o Bomb Jacks ( Chastain would be proud)– 70 Tysons and 70 Bomb Jacks WTF!! Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later) haha

On way back to starting point

10 Speed skaters and 5 lunges.

A quick mosey to pick up Twista since he was walking and let him know we will be playing with coupons now –so he could stay near us.

At bottom of lot grab you coupon for….


20- Rifle Carries

Repeat until we get to middle median at top of lot- sprint down to starting point and back.

Continue with Blockees and Rifle Carries until we get across the whole parking lot– WTF –Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later)…

Grab you block for the following– complete 2 rounds of each but in between each round sprint up to median and mosey back to start.

20- Kettle Bells/2o curls- sprint/repeat

20- bench press/20 flutters with coupon- sprint/ repeat

20- Squat Thrusters- sprint/repeat

Now for the real fun with 8 minutes left..

1-Blockee ( number stays the same)

4-Military Press ( number stays the same )

4- Murder Bunnies ( increase by 4 each round until we get to 20)  — WTF-– Waxhaw Trail Fest— more on that later.

Mosey back to COT



As always I love leading a group of leaders like this. Today I wanted to dig deep into my Q bag and find some different types of exercises and I believe we accomplished that. I heard a good bit of complaining, breathing hard and actual a few choice words directed at the Chicken ( ANIMAL ABUSE!!).. The PAX pushed extremely hard today and I have a feeling we will have some tight arms and backs tomorrow– well done boys..

Few Call Outs.

One Star– down 15 pounds and is crushing it. Dude was a machine today

Schnitzel– I have seen him posting a lot lately at the running workouts but somehow we miss each other– dude is fast and if gazelles actually knew how to recruit they might could actually bring him to their side.. nice work brother.

Soft Pretzel– MACHINE!! enough said

Wildebeest– Love having my brothers Sugar Daddy and Premature there- boys bring their a game daily.



Twista- 6th man- ran into a few of us during neighborhood watch and we told him about F3. He had a heart attack last Tuesday and will begin posting regularly and going Vegan. He got his name since he is from Oklahoma and has seen 4 tornados.

WTF- Waxhaw Trail Fest- 05/01/2021– SIGN UP we have 40 peeps now and are looking for more- This is a F3 event but others can attend and FIA will be joining as well.

Last Call- Has new hours– 5:32AM due to school being back in.. Just think 2 more minutes of sleep and One Start is Qing Friday..





2 Gazelles and a Chicken Walked Into The Woods

DICCS– no given but we had lights and reflectors ( Maddog would be proud)

Warm up- walk down a hill from Carb Loads house to bottom on the swinging bridge and to verify if Rubbermaid is showing or not. Rubbermaid stated he needed a rest day but with his addiction to running we needed to make sure he would not be left. 5:34am a Gazelle and a Chicken are off to find Hollywood somewhere out yonder…..

The Thang

Run from swinging Bridge to end of trail near Blackhawk  ( BAMMMMMM I see Hollywood )

Now it is official 2 Gazelles and a Chicken will head back towards the bridge with Carb leading the pack in a somewhat group– Carb and Hollywood where clocking around a 9 min pace while the Chicken was hanging in trees and becoming one with nature flying solo clocking around a 9:30 pace.


I am starting to really love the trail run- challenging, rewarding and time fly’s bye. It was good getting back out there with Carb as we had great conversation and have not posted together in awhile. Hollywood is prepping for is nutty 25 miler and was in his normal zone today. At the end of our run we all chatted for awhile and basically all agree whatever board member came up one ONE Q in April only this close to APRIL is a mean person, especially for the well organized sites like FLASH and IGNITION as it appears those site Qs are always on point and probable already had Qs lined up  – ugh…….. hahah !! I am not pointing fingers but through a few conversations and a few board members basically saying they had nothing to do with it appears this pressure might have come a 1-2 members- I can be bribed for information of who the suspect is though with a frosty beverage, not Coke or Pepsi but one with Hops and Barley..

In a perfectly timed exit to the trail run Carb and I came up the hill together on the way to his house just as Twinkle Toes was coming out of his house— unfortunately I already had my shirt off, wonder what Twinkle Toes is thinking about two dudes walking out of the woods at 7:15am and one dude has no shirt on. Thankfully he did figure out who we were so maybe just maybe that eased his mind, I think,,,.. Have a great day boys!!



WTF coming so sign up

April 1 Q per month-  boooooo