Elmer’s Gluesday Watchtower

Elmer’s Gluesday Watchtower

DICCS given followed by a short mosey to the parking lot behind the school.

WARMUP: 20 side straddle hops

15 Moroccan night clubs

Calf stretch

Upward and downward dog


The RHOMBUS – its a lot like 4 corners but shaped differently.

Corner 1 – 25 Dips on the benches (Was supposed to be 20 but Elmers punished us for teasing him about how he says DEEIPS)

Corner 2 – 20 Rocky Balboas

Corner 3 – 20 LBCs

Corner 4 – 20 Flutters

In the middle 5 Bobby Hurlys after each excercise

Rinse and Repeat


Next we went to the backĀ  of the school and at alternation lights we did

10 Merkins

then 5 Jump squats

We went up the driveway to the exit, then came back in and went to the entrance driveway

We finished at the parking lot behind the school and circled up and did

20 Moroccan night clubs

20 Low slow squats

did this 2X


Then we moseyed to the entrance of the school and did 25 Rocky Balboas

then we went under the overhang and did 3 sets of air presses and 2 sets of Jabs

25 times for each except the first set of air presses, Q forgot to count.

We then moseyed to the front of the school where we paired up One guy ran and the other partner began the exercise andĀ  as a team we had to do:

Fiddy Donkey Kicks

Fiddy Mike Tysons

Fiddy flutters

Fiddy gas pumpers

Fiddy low slow squats

Fiddy LBC,s

Audible added here

100 Merkins

100 Bigboys


We then returned to COT where some guys finished their Big boys some guys did have a nice day.


This is one of Elmers first Q’s not is VQ but not far off, I think this is number 2. He did a great job! The guys were very supportive of him and I think everyone got a good workout.


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