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Cowbell is the bomb,  if you don’t get a work out in,  ITS YOUR FAULT.  Today we added some FLAIR:

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By incorporating sand bags, Dumbbells and Smash balls for some serious leg reps.

The Thang:

Left and Right Step ups and back reps 15, 12, 10.

BC loved the modification,  Gerber noticed there was deafferented weighted Smash balls, and Chatter learned that in plank form weights got heavier as well.

Off to work.

Easy on the mileage not on the lights

Screaming in on two wheels and timed perfectly for a 529 disclaimer and 530 launch, great crowd as usual and Doughboy was super excited I was on Q.  As usual start with a solid mosey.

WU: Mosey to the stop sign, head back, typical rounds of SSH, merkins,  stretches and then the fun begins

The thang:  Hit every light on the parameter of the campus start to finish.  broken by 4 sections and instructions to pick up the six when done.  1 section,  Merkins, speed skaters and something else (im getting old) 10 each .  Second section Carolina DD’s, Big Boys and squats, 10 each.  3rd Section, burpees 10,9,8…. 4th.  Plank jacks and finish with some mary.

Moleskin:  Surge is a machine!  pushes himself,  Falcon is working his way up the pax,  great to see Maple, clearly he worked.  Rockwell is a force of positivity, recalc always gets a fun jab in.   Great to see Ruckin in the crew with Chatter pushing himself,   although I am very disappointed in the naming.  Chatterbox and Motormouth  duh!   I’ve never been great at Naming FNG’s but you missed the boat on that one. Popeye continues to show grit with the no quit attitude, while Mad Dog loved the burpees he showed he was there to work as well.

No running

The mashers rolled out there yoga matts and there was going to be none of that.  I said no running and mayhem said we’re in


the thang:  hills and sets of 20,15, 10’s.

bottom line you should have been there,  legs were smoked and no running accomplished.  Pax showed heart and determination.  Fuse cheated and jumped in at the end but I saw he posted elsewhere so…it counts

Zero elevation and sorry ms Jackson

Per my usual I wait to see who shows before I come up with my plan.  This group was hungry and wanted a beat down so I knew I could go more aggressive.

the thang:

hill one: 7’s. Merkins at the bottom reverse lunges at the top.


hill two: 7’s merkins at the top and forward lunges at the bottom


moleskin:  the second hill intersected with Jackson street and all I could think of was the chorus for sorry ms Jackson from a rap song when I was a kid. Hence sorry ms Jackson hill.  Highlights.  Ex lax killed it,  never stopped running.  Overall I think half our pax is part of the respect club and damn they killed it.  Ice and Glida took the lead while the rest of us pressed on behind them.  My watch said zero altitude but Ricky’s said we killed out 44 flights of stairs.  Solid work by all!

Hills, Hills and more Hills

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception.

Mosey to the Lawson club house for a simple warm up,  we did stuff

The thang.  7’s on the back hills of Lawson and suicides on the front.  Merkin shredders and squats. Burpees and merkin shredders

Moleskin:  Good to see Stinger on the SOUTHSIDE he killed it an pushed himself. Glida and BC led the pax and didn’t even seem to be breathing, you both suck.  Ice admittedly was sucking wind this morning but he gave a solid finish along with Glida and Deflated who always kills the back half of a work out.  Not much mumble chatter and everyone pushed!



Anoucnements:  Christ’s Closet loading this friday 4-6 PM   @ 6025 New Town Road

Giving Event this Saturday 7 AM   503 Maurice Monroe




A zero running work out has challenges to keep the HR high but we found away to remedy that.

WU- 15 SSH, 10 Merkins, and something else.

The thang:  Mosey to the hill with cinder block,  11’s on the hill squats at the top, shoulder presses at the bottom.  Mosey to the parking lines,  11 lines variations of lunges, squats, calf raises, and curls with descending reps.  Back to the hill, alt lunges for the finish.

Great morning,  saw grit by all!

IPC Prep

Posee asked me to Q Lycan with a little IPC prep.  I told him I have not done IPC for the last couple years as I was in school.  He said make it a hard workout,,,,OK,,,,that I can do.

The Thang:

1.5 mile warm up

30 Swings, 400

20 Curles, 400

10 Man Makers, 400 and cycle back in reverse for time.

Time for Chaistan was roughly 31 min.  Goodfella 32  Me 32:30 and I didn’t get the rest but saw a lot of sweat and heart.  Ex-Lax continues to impress me with his no quit attitude.  Chain Saw is like a SThil chainsaw,  he just keeps running.

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any…..

Swimmers and EE launched an new site…ASPEN… and just when I thought they couldn’t get any dumber, they go and totally redeem themselves.  This site is great! Great location, great grounds and great pax!   Although, I didn’t explore at all today I look forward to future beat downs to expand in this awesome site.

WU: We did stuff

The thang:  10 light poles.  Merkin shredders at each starting at 10, 9,8 etc.. Mosey to the front of the school partner work one does exercise while other does loop.  Two rounds of stuff ( I forgot what we did).

Moleskin:  Saw work by all but special call out to Loafer,  the dude is getting faster!  He keeps this up he’s going to give Chastain a run for his money!  Great to see HairBand and EE as well as some new faces to add to the mix.  Welcome Hokey Poky to FC

Looking forward to more posts a this AO!

More coupons

So Cowbell is suppose to be a Kettlebell work out but I was not aware of any rules that limited it to Kettlebells

angry the big lebowski GIF

So,  the plan was to add some smash balls and some wall balls to bring a little diversity to the game

big beah ball oops GIF


Back and fourth we went

protect wes anderson GIF by Fox Searchlight

Moleskin:  Work done by all,  Chastain continues to be a ninja,  Ice, Glida, Hollywood, Dasher and Gerber were the typical front runners butt…. Sugar stepped up on a couple rounds to show his speed.  Easy made his Cowbell debut and it was good to see him as always.  Blue and Radar pushed themselves and were not going to be short changed on the wall balls.

Ole School

The morning was very reminiscent of ole school days.  Some coupons, a hungry group of men and a rough game plan.

WU:  Mosey around the lot,  SSH, Stretches, Merkins and something else

The Thang:  Bring your cinder block,  mosey over to chiseled hill and set team for variations of swings,  smashballs, squats,  upright rows and deadlifts.  All exercises were quantity based while one person did an exercise on the other side of mt. chiseled and one person was the traveler that carried the block and stopped and did a burpee along the way.


Moleskin: Again, it was very reminiscent of the ole Waddington days of Commitment.  Variation of exercises and groaning made for a good resistance work out.  Not as much running and more grinding.  The thing that makes these work outs different is the fact it is more of a mental game and you have to commit to the work,  running around is slightly different,  there is always somebody faster and you have to push yourself to keep up.  In coupon world you have to decide if you are going to to do the work and I saw it.  Elmer’s was sweating like crazy. Schnider, rather Draper, was not shy of the work either.  I remain impressed on Ex-Lax,  he is committed and shows a no quit attitude,  it was Chatterbox’s 5th work out in 2.5 Days.  Everyone else showed up to work and it was an honor to lead.