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Testicle Size Kettlebells

ByBlue Screen Feb 25, 2021

Cowbell, Feb 25,2021 QIC: Blue Screen PAX: Popeye, Swift, Gerber, Dasher, Transporter, Ice9, Zinfandel, Bayo, Deadwood, MadDog (Warm up)

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Inmates are running the Asylum

ByBlue Screen Feb 17, 2021

QIC: Blue Screen Pax: Fuse Box, Swimmers, Loafer, Shop Dawg, Schnitzel, Flanders, Mayhem, Sledge-O-Matic, Posse, Bunyan, Ice9 Hosted Mash

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ByDasher Feb 10, 2021

Calling in a Sub Q for Hurry who had a last minute “early meeting”.   DiCCs Warm-up The Thang Century Club workout!

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Waxtravanganza Legs

BySugar Daddy Feb 8, 2021

Brand new week...ready to crush it. (even with sore Waxtravanganza legs) Since Ignition is a high intensity running workout, I fully came to Q

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OG Day at Cerberus

ByGerber Feb 5, 2021

A few days ago Zinfandel called me because he was scared to Q Cerberus his parents were coming into town last night and needed a Q sub.  Cerberu

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Bull Ring

ByDasher Feb 3, 2021

DiCCS Warm-up Lap around the lot Stretch The Thang Bull Ring Swings x 12 Bridge Chest Press x 12 Goblet Squats x 12

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Roosters have Shoulders too!

ByBottlecap Feb 1, 2021

12 PAX put the petal down at Ignition on a surprisingly warmer than expected mid-30s morning.  With The Rooster officially being announced for m

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Coming in Hot!!!!!!

BySugar Daddy Jan 29, 2021

So does the cop who sits at the top not care at all? Or was he just taking a nap? Eating breakfast? Checking GME 's current stock price? Or does

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Silly walks

ByIce9 Jan 29, 2021

With apologies, the Company will not reimburse for tonight's Clyent Dinner.  Expecting a night out with drinks, steaks, and good conversation, t

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Commit to Q

ByChatterbox Jan 27, 2021

When Glidah asked me to Q ignition I was excited about it. I Plan and then re-plan, and then erase everything. Had just 1 mile loop in plan all o

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