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BB for the books

ByChatterbox Jul 27, 2021

Bottlecap asked if I could write the BB. I said sure not knowing what he was up to with his Q that morning. So this will be a summary as we did l

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Deja Vu, Waxhaw Baby!

ByHollywood Jul 22, 2021

10 came out to do basically the same thing that was completed last week.   I should write this is some sort of weird poem that you would have t

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Slamballs, Sandbags, and Kettlebells

ByBlue Screen Jul 14, 2021

Mix today of kettlebells, Slam balls, and Sand-filled bags in a three-corner circuit. PAX divide equally up in the three corners 2 rounds eac

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Guitar Hero

ByEasy Button Jul 13, 2021

1 mile warm up run from COT to Crazy cabin boys house to High School light. THE THANG At the 200 and 400 markers at the front of the high s

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Bridge out of order

ByEasy Button Jul 8, 2021

So it appears that chickens are afraid of water.  And as an act of solidarity an entire neighborhood decided to keep the bridge up and fartsack

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Sweaty Bells

ByHollywood Jun 30, 2021

Tad bit humid out there but 7 didn’t care and came prepared to swear to work hard in the thick air   warmup: Circle up-100 swings

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Ignition Backlast

ByEasy Button Jun 28, 2021

Six guys explored the gloom the get some miles in this morning.  Started with an opening mosey over to the football stadium parking lot where we

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Kettlebells vs. Sidewalk Chalk

ByGlidah Jun 28, 2021

First time I've substi'Q'ed in a while and the first time I've Q'd Cowbell so I was able to finish my weinke as I pulled into Petsmart devote a g

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