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60 degrees and clear skies

There are lots of things PAX think about when deciding to post:

  • Great weather > Cold and rainy
  • Late start time > No sleep
  • Solid Q > Hard/Weak Q
  • FNG coming > Nobody will be looking for me
  • Short drive > Inconvenient location
  • Big crowd > Boring small group
  • Feeling good > Bowel issues

There is no doubt that there are some legitimate reasons not to post.  This soap box backblast is not a guilt trip but rather a challenge:  PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE, BE UNCOMFORTABLE, AND COMMIT THE NIGHT BEFORE

A couple questions to ponder:

  • Have you ever reminisced with another F3 brother and said, “Do you remember that time when I fartsacked?  I had the greatest time.”?!?!?
    • ANSWER:  Never happened
  • When is the last time that you truly regretted attending an F3 workout?
    • ANSWER:  Likely Never happened
  • Have you ever been on Q and nobody showed up?
    • ANSWER:  Hopefully Never happened
  • Has another F3 brother told you that he was going through a difficult time and your presence or an encouraging word to him at a workout caused his day/attitude to change?
    • ANSWER:  Probably Never happened BUT it is likely true and he is just not comfortable sharing that nugget just yet

Again, this is not a guilt trip but hopefully a reminder of what we have the opportunity to do every morning.  We have the opportunity to:

  • Get a free workout
  • Improve our physical health
  • Improve our mental state
  • Laugh out loud before most people are awake
  • Encourage a fellow brother
  • Be encouraged by a fellow brother
  • Bring a smile to somebody’s face/soul


Soap Box finished . . . Now onto the workout:

Speaking of COMMIT, 8 idiots PAX were rewarded for their commitment by getting some decent weather (40 and just misting) at Watchtower.

WARMUP:  SSH, Imperial Squakers, Merkins, Split-legged Squats


  • Mini AMRAP
    • 20 Derkins at newly found and dark boulder classroom
    • 20 Balls-to-Wall Hip Slappers
    • 20 One-Legged Jump Squats
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • Repeat for 15 minutes
  • Jacked Up Webb
    • 10, 8, 6, 4, 2:  One Legged Burpees
    • 20, 16, 12, 8, 4:  Knee Slaps
  • Circle Holds
    • Monkey Humpers
      • PAX hold ankles while each PAX in circle completes 20 Monkey Humpers
    • Merkins
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Merkins
    • Mountain Climbers
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Merkins
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 5 Merkins
    • Plank Jacks
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Plank Jacks
  • Lawson Webb
    • 20 Dips
    • 10 Derkins
    • 16 Dips
    • 8 Derkins



  • Blood Drive:  Jan 30th at Five Stones.  COMMIT
  • WaxTravaganza:  Sat. Feb 6th starting at The Floater starting at 0730
    • CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)
    • A great 1st F:  A 3ish hour trek traveling to different AOs for a 10-15 minute bootcamp at each
      • Also a Rucking option starting at 0700
    • A great 2nd F:  We stay together during workout and finish together with some beers at Waxhaw Taphouse
    • Able to jump in or jump out along the way:  Example, meet us at Millbridge parking lot and run with us the rest of the way
    • COMMIT!

Closing out 2020 with One Word

18 men showed up at The Floater to say good bye riddance to 2020 with a 45 60 minute tour of Downtown Waxhaw’s 3 picturesque notorious hills.  The pleasant surprise of an extra 15 minutes was received warmly, especially by the NO-show Co-Site Q (I might trademark “NO-show” as it is very fitting for those who kNOw him).

  • Weather:  Gloomy with a high probability of headlamps
  • Pre-Run:  3 suckers brave PAX took a 30 minute preview of the 3 hills
  • DCCS:  This is the METROpolis of Waxhaw so special emphasis on Safety; sounds obvious but don’t trust the guy in front of you when crossing the street . . . Look for yourself


  • 2 Exercise Themes:
    • Allow everybody to run at their max speed while keeping everybody together
      • Ran “Another Bad Idea”, “Bad Idea”, and “Keith Jong Hill
    • Doing exercises together and waiting for others to finish
      • 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps
      • Merkins, Supines, Hip Dips, Heel-touch Box Jumps
  • 1 Discussion Theme:
    • One Word that was your focus in 2020 or will be your focus in 2021


  • We paused throughout the workout and had a few guys share their ONE WORD while the rest of us planked/Al Gored
  • EDITOR’S NOTE/QUESTIONS:  Listening to these MEN this morning, it is very encouraging to me and very clear that we have something special in this group.  Do you truly believe it?
    • If you don’t, are you not leaning in enough?
    • Do you need to be more vulnerable?
    • What areas are you holding back?
    • Have you done a project by yourself?  Have you done a project with a bunch of others?  Which one is more fun and more accomplishing?
  • Some of the Words and notes shared this morning:
    • REFINEMENT:  Keep filtering out the bad in my life (ie screen time, wasteful endeavors) and adding good (ie family time, educational reading/podcasts)
    • REVOLT:  Don’t give into the negativity and noise that is keeping me away from pursuing deeper relationships with family and faith
    • COMMIT:  Jump in see things through
    • SERVICE:  Look for ways I can serve others, especially those in need
    • FOCUS:  Less focus on me and more focus on family and others in my life
    • RESILIENCE:  Keep showing up and breaking down barriers
    • JESUS:  Listen and pursue Him more in all aspects of my life
    • FELLOWSHIP:  Stop just focusing on my fitness and begin being more intentional with 2nd F acts and events
    • GENEROSITY:  Being more giving my money and my time
    • THANKFULNESS:  With all that happened in 2020, I have a lot to be thankful for
    • PURGE:  Getting rid of the bad things in my life so I have more margin for good things
    • TRUST:  Stop modifying throughout my daily life and begin trusting and following the Lord’s plans

Take a look at those ONE WORDS and explanations.  Those were spoken about by MEN this morning.  MEN that need each other.  MEN that want to be better leaders . . . In their homes, their workplaces, and their communities.  I’m VERY thankful to have these MEN in my circle.  You make me better and more importantly, you make me WANT to be better and WORK HARD to be better.  Not just TALK about being better.  Please hold me accountable in 2021.  Help me REFINE every aspect of my life.


  • NEW YEAR’S DAY:  Convergence to celebrate F3Nation’s 10 year anniversary
    • 0800-0900
    • Cuthbertson Middle
    • 2 workout options
      • Bootcamp
      • Gear (limited/no running)
    • Coffeeteria in parking lot directly after workout
    • Invite a neighbor, friend, or a Kotter (F3 guy you haven’t seen in awhile)

Ice9 actually a good idea?

6th anniversary of Commitment.  19 men showed up to celebrate a big piece of how F3 Waxhaw got its start.  YHC reached out to some of the OG’s (Old Guys) who were involved in starting F3 Waxhaw and was pleased to hear that some of them would be able to make it.


  • DCCS whipped out and the old guys were not impressed (who cares about safety . . . Back in my day . . .)
  • Mosey down path to the circle and sharp left onto grass field (we never do stuff on grass anymore)
  • SSH, I-Squawkers, Merkins
  • Mosey to circle for 6 hand release knee slap burpees


  • The Beast . . .  I don’t care if Chastain tried to steal my thunder at Impromptu
    • 6 Bomb Jacks
    • Run 6 3 trees
    • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK: We hear from Snowflake about how Commitment started
    • He let us know that it was actually Ice9’s idea to plant a workout down in cow country Waxhaw
    • Anything he is doing during 1st F stuff is definitely a BAD IDEA


  • Partner up and grab a weight
  • P1 rifle carries weight to Front Parking Lot of Kensington
  • P2 does 6 Bomb Jacks and chases P1
  • Flapjack
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Dasher about how he actually used to work out when it was cold out


  • P1 planks
  • P2 jumps over P1 6 times
  • P2 does 6 Derkins with feet on P1’s back
  • Flapjack and repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from former Site Q Popeye about Transporter calling him out in a loving way
  • Second round of Partner Rifle carries around parking lot
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Damascus about Commitment ended
    • He blamed it on Bro-lympics
    • He blamed it on Doughboy’s kid’s Porto-Potty explosion
    • He never mentioned he brought chain cutters he had any responsibility


  • 3rd round of Partner Rifle carries back to launch
  • PLANK TALK:  We briefly hear from Gerber about his memories of Commitment
    • Apparently he either has a bad memory or he was tired of planking


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • Bunny hops to midfield with 3 stops along the way for 6 knee slap burpees
  • Sprint to end of field
  • PLANK TALK:  Goodfella steps up so we can see him and reminisces about the day at Commitment when FNG Orville was almost killed by Transporter’s Q . . . Never to be seen again


  • 100 yard sprint
  • Popeye crushes it and shows the whole world he is a sandbagger . . . And then gets upset with the Q when he realizes we are doing EVERYTHING in SIXES today
  • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from current Site Q who talks about how co-Site Q Mad Dog is not pulling his weight in attendance and missed very much


  • Thanks to Snowflake for taking the horse and buggy long drive to Waxhaw as he did 6 years ago
    • His, and Ice9’s, selfless act each Saturday morning 6 years ago was the cornerstone of today’s F3 Waxhaw
    • Your COMMITMENT, no pun intended, has set F3 Waxhaw up to successfully find sad clowns and impact our local community
    • THANKS for to both of you for following the calling that God placed on your heart
    • I can’t wait to see Ice9’s second good idea . . . It should be coming shortly
  • Thanks to all the Site Qs, past and present, who have made this Saturday workout flourish and to be welcoming to all FNGs
  • Speaking of FNGs, welcome Norwood . . . Another lame sports great nickname given by the uncreative men of F3 Waxhaw #Buffalo
  • Well done to Das Boot who brought the FNG and kittens Catnip back out
  • 6th MAN:  Catnip gave his story and is still bitter about not being named “Tiger”
  • Kotters:  Along with Catnip, Maple Syrup and Ben Stein’s Money dusted off the white Reeboks workout gear and re-joined the cult PAX


    • Kevin:  Tanyatine’s brother who has been battling cancer and recently found out he has a gum ball-sized growth
    • Virginia:  Centerfold’s mom who is going through some tests and awaiting some results
    • Rice n Beans:  Centerfold is leading this initiative to get PAX, their M’s and 2.0s to head uptown on upcoming Wednesday nights (12/2, 12/9, 12/16) from 6:30-8:30pm to feed the underserved.  WILL YOU COMMIT TO ONE UPCOMING NIGHT?  Great opportunity to give back during this Holiday season and share that opportunity with other F3 PAX #Fellowship #Service


Do you mind if we both mount you?

PRAYER REQUEST:  Tanyatine shared in COT that his brother Kevin has been battling colon cancer for a number of years.  He just recently found another growth is going back in for a PET scan.  Please pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, and that he would see God moving and working through this entire ordeal. 

Bushwood is a great spot offering lots of different courses.  The staff is always friendly.  Great to roll up and see a large crowd and even some guys with their passports in hand ready for stamping . . . Not so fast.


  • DCCS and we were off to the usual neighborhood
  • Some exercises including Samoan fire dance (an ode to Site Q Fiji)


  • We took the cart path to the members only par 3 course on the south side of the property
  • Partner up and go opposite directions
  • 9 Derkins on your partner’s back
  • Repeat with 9 Derkins and 9 knee slaps


  • Find the uphill Par 3 to do 9’s
  • 9 T-Tap merkins on the green
  • 9 In and Outs on the tee box
  • Play this hole 9 times dropping a stroke each time


  • Big Ben and Rudy were YHC’s partners . . . “Not the threesome I imagined” said Big Ben but he did ask if both him and Rudy could mount me during the partner work . . . #NoThanks
  • Happy Birthday to Noonan . . . Who didn’t know it was his birthday until he got to the parking lot
  • Good push from La Fonda today . . . Never giving up on the hills
  • Kudos to Gerber for adhering to the strict dress code . . . Sleeveless collared shirt . . . Chilly
  • Great to see Brexit taking his golf cart the full 12 minutes from his house to earn the passport stamp
    • Let’s return the favor and head to his site, Arsenal . . . Thursday at 0530 at Indian Land Elementary
  • Surprised to see Big Tuna playing solo . . . Apparently Chipotle isn’t a golfer
  • Thanks to Mayhew for giving his 6th man speech today . . . The first F is important but the push should be for each of us to get more involved in the other 2 F’s
    • He also had an announcement to start thinking/praying about a service project he is putting together in January in eastern NC


Restrictor Plates at Ignition

12 immigrants looked to get their lower back Passport stamped at Ignition.


  • DCCS – Staying on campus and running with weights
  • Hot lap back to launch
  • SSH, Merkins, Sumo Squats


  • Get in teams of 3 PAX (equal height/speed)
  • Grab a 45lb plate for each team
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #1
    • P1 runs 4 light poles
      • 10 high knees, 10 in/outs, come back to P2/P3
    • P2 and P3 run with plate and catch P1 and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until high school entrance near football field
  • Rinse/Repeat back to round about behind HS
  • Squats for 6
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #1
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate around double HS circles
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #1
    • Bottom Circle:  10 high knees, 10 in/outs
    • Top Circle:  10 backward hand merkins on curb
    • Repeat 5 times
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #2
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate past Rudy’s shed to middle school benches
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #2
    • Benches:  10 derkins
    • Rudy’s shed:  20 balls-to-wall shoulder taps
    • Repeat 3 times
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #2
    • P2 and P3 run with plate
    • P1 runs does 1 hand release burpee and catches Partners and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until COT
  • Plank moves and 1 sprint
  • 30 seconds of Have a nice day


  • SCREW YOU GUYS who left me with Hurry and Ice9 . . . That was awful . . . They literally pulled me around the campus for 60 minutes
  • I don’t have anything else to write because I couldn’t pay attention to anything but trying not to fall down chasing them
  • Good push by all of you guys . . . Lots of guys running faster than I usually see them running
  • Thanks to the guys at the front (Hurry, Tool Time, Wolverine, Ice9, Hollywood, Dasher) for setting a fast pace and making the rest of you keep up . . . That is what I need every morning so I appreciate it . . . I don’t necessarily like it though


V.O.T.E. with Yuge Mularkey

26 men showed up at Watchtower to VOTE!  The preblast went out to wear your patriotic colors (Note:  Black is not very patriotic nor reflective).

DCCS explained . . . Not a professional, Not a Democrat, Not a Republican, Modify Early, Modify Often


  • Short Lap to let the mouths warm up . . . Zin and Recalc showing up early to the polls
  • SSH, Merkins, Squats


  • A Presidential Webb
  • 1 Biden Bomb (similar to Bomb Jack but yell “Mularkey” at the top)
  • 4 Monkey Trumpers (similar to Monkey Humpers but much more YUGE)
  • 2 and 8, 3 and 12, etc.
  • Schneider and Ricky Bobby wanted to learn more about the candidates as they weren’t happy we only made it to 5/20 before going back down


  • Get into teams of 3 to decide which party . . . Apparently Glidah isn’t political as he decided to head to MASH at this point
  • DEM
    • Derkins x 20
    • Elbow Plank with partner feet on back . . . Fuse Box finally got his chance to kick me in the back
    • Mike Tysons x 10
    • Vote/Repeat twice
  • REP
    • Rocky Balboa
    • Elbow Plank Jacks
    • Pull-ups x 10 (timer for other 2 partners)
    • Vote/Repeat twice . . . Ralphie passed me on the way into the voting booth and had some choice encouraging words for me


  • Partner up
  • P1 runs a lap . . . Or as Easy Button and Shake n Bake call it, “A leisurely stroll”
  • P2 does V.O.T.E.
    • V-Ups
    • Outlaw (ROTATE)
    • T-Tap Merkins . . . Or as Cobbler and Blue screen call it “Talk about Patriots”
    • Elbow Plank Jacks


  • 3 rounds of bicep merkins x 10
  • 3 sprints across parking lot . . . Baio and Smithers really wanted to get their entries in quickly
  • 1 Have a Nice Day . . . DUNN!


  • Nice job by Floppy Disk giving his 6th Man speech . . . 55 Posts pre-COVID . . . Lot of weight post-COVID . . . Missed the fellowship . . . Welcome back brother.  Well done!
  • Chatterbox with the good deed of the day getting Baio’s keys after the workout
  • Deflated and O-69 are putting together a Podcast (“Walkin’, Rockin’, and Talkin'”) . . . Be on the lookout for the launch soon
  • Welcome FNG UnderCoat (Isaac) who works for CarMax . . . No Haggle, Sticker Price, and other easy names . . . Caught us on a good day.
    • Christ’s Closet REALLY needs help folding and organizing
      • Tonight (Tuesday) from 6-8pm . . . Bring your wives, kids, neighbors
      • Weekly on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-8pm . . . Bring your girlfriends and your neighbors’ kids
    • Project Hot Wheelz:  This Saturday 11/7 8:30am.  Fixing a wheelchair ramp.  Reach out to Centerfold, Recal, or Shop Dawg.  Need guys to dig some post holes and nail some boards


Waxhaw Express brings the laughs

12 men and a Ghost Flag showed up to The Laugh Factory Train Station (Ed. Note:  my early push for a nickname when this becomes official AO).


  • DCCS with focus on Safety:
    • Headlamps required as we will be on main roads
    • Run on same side of road as front guys
    • Run with a partner/wingman
    • Laugh often
  • Quick circle around front of middle school
    • Smattering of exercises (even a merkin)
    • Knock Knock jokes


  • It’s Waxhaw Express . . . We run.  Period!
  • QIC would give a destination about .5-1 mile away
  • Front PAX run to that spot and circle back for 6
  • Repeat for 6-7 miles


  • TRAIN SCHEDULE:  This was billed as “10k prep for Makeshift Marathon at a slower pace”
    • REALLY impressed to see 12 PAX with several Waxhaw Express newbies
  • HIGH SPEED RAIL:  Gerber and Tool Time were clearly on this train . . . Thanks for the pull all morning
  • STEAM ENGINE:  YHC was spewing his usual chatter
  • LIGHT RAIL:  Baio doesn’t seem to be fazed by any speed and just glides right behind the tracks of Gerber and TT
  • ELECTRIC:  Awesome Teamwork by Carb Load, Chicken Little, Sugar Daddy, and Premature training for their team relay together (Mad Dog is 5th teammate but traveling today)
  • STREET CAR:  These old worn down and tired looking units are generally the most reliable, especially on the hills of San Francisco Lawson . . . Isn’t that right Dasher and Easy Button?
  • FREIGHT TRAIN:  This usually is Legal Zoom with those clogs heavy sneakers but he has lightened up a bit
  • MAINTENANCE:  Foundation assumed this role nicely since his actual job is working on trains


  • Prayers for Kelli, Premature’s M, who is seeking healing, guidance, and wisdom on next steps with her auto-immune disease
  • Congrats and THANKS to Schneider for stepping up as the new Watchtower Site Q (replacing Smithers) . . . Bringing some much needed Respect to the Tuesday workout


Waxhaw Board Meeting – Recap

6 of 8 F3 Waxhaw Board members met early Saturday morning to discuss how we can continue to move forward and invigorate Male Community Leadership in our area.

Reminder of WHY we do a lot this “stuff”:  The money We are doing it for other men (the “sad clowns”).  If you don’t have excitement to get guys involved and for helping your community, then time to step back and recharge the batteries.  If you DO have a passion for helping others and want to do more within F3 Waxhaw, you are “Freed to Lead” a new project, but also encouraged to reach out to one of the Board members to see where you can get plugged in.  Stop waiting for somebody to ask you.  

1st F Update (Functional Qs Dasher and Chastain):

  • Site Q’s:  Who is ready to roll on/off?
    • Homecoming needs 2nd Site Q
    • Recalc mentioned looking for replacement at Impromptu
    • Watchtower needs replacement with Smithers baby on the way?
  • New/recent AOs that can use support
    • Neighborhood Watch, MASH, Blackhawk, Arsenal
    • Tuesday evening workout (C3PO as Site Q):  Recommendations are to try a new location as well as signup a PAX to Q
  • November challenge:  Get PAX involved with something extra
    • Who wants to step up and run one? 
    • Chastain’s idea of “Passport” which is hitting all AOs in one month
  • Calendar/Website issues that need fixing
    • MASH – Check calendar, get 6 individual days
    • Blackhawk – Chastain to work with Deflated
    • Website – can we pull off South Charlotte? Posse/Zinfandel working on it
    • Do we have a volunteer to step up now that Legalized left?  
  • Quarterly Convergence (Spartan race type workout)
    • Dasher talking to Orange Whip for ideas

2nd F Update (Functional Qs Zinfandel and Gerber):

  • Christmas party:
    • Not this year
    • Encourage couples getting together
  • EFFEES Award Show
    • Still on . . . Dec date TBD
    • Maybe doing it in parking lot
  • Happy hours
    • Recalc doing monthly?
    • Look at moving time to get more participants?
  • Lunches
    • Encourage smaller groups vs. one large group
  • F3 Dads:
    • On hold til Spring

3rd F Update (Functional Qs Shop Dawg and Centerfold):

  • Hot Wheels:
    • We have received donations to cover cost of project ($525) . . . AWESOME and THANKS!
    • Still need volunteers to do wood replacement and landscaping
    • Waiting on concrete donation/timing . . . Stay tuned
  • Rice n Beans volunteer night:
    • Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Uptown . . . Feeding the homeless
    • Centerfold to Get Signup genius and a couple guys organized
    • Anybody have a passion/calling for helping in this area?
  • Service projects:
    • Looking at various projects and PAX to lead them
    • Schools, COTS, T-Day meal delivery, Downtown cleanup


  • 10 Year F3 Anniversary:
    • January MLK weekend in Wilmington, NC
    • Let’s show up strong like we did at The Arsenal
    • Get a couple PAX and rent an AirBNB
  • F3 T-Shirts:
    • Mad Dog will put together a Waxhaw shirt order through MudGear
  • 6th Man:  This new tradition is going well
    • Continue to encourage PAX to share what F3 has meant to them
  • New guys:  How do we get them to stick and get integrated with group more?
    • One idea:  Friday post workout Coffeeteria in parking lot
    • Who wants to lead something like this?
  • Backblasts:  Make them funny again
    • Share some memories of the workout
    • Stop focusing so much on the exercises and # of reps

F3 is special.   This Waxhaw Region is special.  Let’s not take it for granted.  You might not think about it, but it actually takes a lot of effort to get what we have.  And it will take more effort to keep it going and keep it GROWING!  Are you willing to give a little more effort . . . To help a guy who needs it?  Some guys in leadership need a break so we need you to take a turn.

ClyentDinner – Introducing the 6th Man


  • New tradition we are starting to implement in F3 Waxhaw
  • GOAL:  Get to know some of the PAX a little better
  • IDEA:  In COT, the PAX who is #6 in the count, gives his “FNG speech” (30-ish seconds)
    • How long has he been doing F3?
    • Who brought him out?
    • What does he do for work/fun?
    • How did he get his nickname?
  • ASK:  Please remember to do this at each COT

13 Clyents showed up to Dinner to enjoy some football and tennis on a “Kids eat free” night.  Lots of bitching banter from Wrigley about the injuries from his co-Site Q’s chefs.  He has had to prepare the dinners all alone lately.


  • DCCS:  The Head Waiter instructed the group about the amount of traffic at the school
  • Grab a friend:  Each PAX got their own souvenir tennis ball for them to keep with them the entire workout
  • Mosey with some exercises to 7 reps and/or 3 reps


  • Stuffed Chest with a side of Legs
  • Merkins on the tennis ball
  • Exercises with Rocks
  • Tennis ball fetch:  Partner races with throwing/retrieving tennis balls while P2 does exercises
  • Lightpole race:  P1 does wall work while P2 runs to various spots . . . Loser does burpees


  • Ab work
  • Sprint to COT


  • Awesome to see some 2.0s
    • It started out a little dicey with the kids talking and not working out but they hunkered down and put in some hard work
    • NOTE OF CAUTION:  This is still a workout and not F3 Dads.  Be sure your kid comes ready to workout first.  We will try and incorporate some fun but no adult is going to keep coming back to F3 if there are kids fooling around and/or there isn’t a good workout.
  • Wrigley is doing a great job as Site Q:  Well done keeping the site unique and welcoming
  • Centerfold showed off his latest masterpiece . . . A Chicago-style Cinderblock with more detail than an annual report . . . Sharp looking
  • Baio is quietly becoming one of the faster PAX . . . Time for him to start showing up at Ignition, Swarm . . . And is there a Q in his future?
  • Drive By continues to push hard . . . Even with his injuries, he doesn’t complain
  • Chatterbox is ALL IN on F3 . . . He is posting 8 days a week, involved in all 3 Fs already . . . Well done!  Love having you part of the group
  • Chastain is a true HIM . . . Always helping out and encouraging PAX . . . He even brought two extra 2.0s from another PAX
    • On a related note, does sending your two 2.0s to a workout count as a post for you? #WhereIsFloppyDisk?


  • Kudos to Wrangler for giving his 6th Man speech . . . His hospital name is Levi so that is how he got his name


Runners are actually athletes! Who knew?

Still confirming with Guinness, but it appears to be a record 17 joggers runners showed up to Pursuit.  Wolverine has taken over as a new Site Q and has started paying guilting PAX into Qing.


  • DCCS given:  The Safety piece is important here . . . Well done on Headlamps and Safety gear
  • Mosey 1 mile to other side of Millbridge with a slight pause for stretching


  • Arringdon Road loop
  • About 800M
  • All you got
  • 2ish minute recovery
  • Repeat x 3
  • Some other 800M loop that was uphill both ways
  • Repeat x 3
  • 400M loop race against partner . . . Loser does 100 burpees
  • 150M loop sprint
  • Repeat
  • Mosey back to COT


  • Running makes you sweat . . . Who knew?
  • Great to see some new guys at Pursuit
    • Ghosted’s first weekday workout
    • Ex-Lax’s first running workout
    • Smithers first time away from LRC
  • Big pack of Ruckers
    • TB showed up despite Ice9’s threats
    • Ice9 rucked with a dead body lot of weight around his neck
    • Great to see Bratwurst back from accident
    • Awesome to see Jingles even though his wife can’t read this
  • Glidah and Wolverine crushed it today


  • Blood Drive
  • Folding Party
  • Open Door

Prayer for Louisville and our injured F3 borthers