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IPC made me merkin-less

7 PAX started at The Floater but there were 8 in COT.


Due to yesterday’s IPC merkin-fest, YHC promised no merkins.


The Prep:

  • Mosey across 75 next to the Women’s Club


  • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, and Mike Tysons


The Main Event:

  • Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary with some exercises along the way


  • Mosey to back of school


  • Group does C.A.L. (Cardio, Abs, Legs) exercises while one PAX runs and does 10 pull-ups x 2 rounds


  • Group does some stairs and then does wall exercises while one PAX runs the stairs


  • Mosey back to COT at giddy-up speed to find Twinkle Toes cruising in solo




Aspen . . . Salmon of Capastrano

17 Salmon met at Assssssspen (Antioch Elementary Thursdays at 0530) for the promise of some surprises.


  • SSH
  • Merkin-fest
  • LSS


  • Mini-Webb
    • Mike Tysons
    • Quadrolator (Think balls to the wall with a flutter kick to the ground)
  • Lap
  • Mini-Murph partner style
    •  P1:  5 pull-ups while P2 does T-Tap merkins
    • Flapjack
    • Upon return both partners do 15 Bomb Jack knee tucks
    • 4 rounds
  • Wall sit air presses
  • Fun with plates and balls


  • Great crowd
  • Appreciate some Waxhaw brothers making the trek to the big city
  • Prayers up for Lightfoot’s brother Brian as he wrestles through some tough circumstances
  • Has anybody seen Stag?  Ohhh, there he is looking a little lighter
  • Strong push by all . . . And I genuinely mean it today . . . Not many cutting corners that I saw
  • Great site but more importantly, likely a lot of neighborhoods close by with many sad clowns who could use F3 . . . Let’s be intentional about finding them and inviting them
  • Thanks Double E and Swimmers for the invite . . . And kudos for starting this site

Partners need more Cowbell too

8 PAX answered the Cowbell on Wednesday.


  • Partner work with a catch
    • P1:  Runs loop
    • P2:  Called Exercise
    • *Catch:  When P2 returns, both partners must do 5 reps together before P2 runs his loop
  • Overhead pulls, Step-ups, Swings, Deadlifts, Romanian one-legged deadlifts, Snatches each arm
  • Circuit Work:
    • 10 shoulder presses, Murder Bunnies to speed bump, 10 shoulder presses, run a lap
    • Repeat 3 times
  • Ground Work
    • Flutters x a lot
    • Chest Press x a lot
    • Repeat


  • Great to see Hurry back in the gloom . . . He has really let himself go . . . Almost 8% bodyfat now
  • Puddles continues to impress . . . You are going to crush the Navy bootcamps . . . Well done brother
  • Shriver is sneaky fast . . . He’s quiet but works VERY hard
  • Blue Screen was right with Shriver on the runs today . . . Crushing it . . . And shockingly even had time to talk vaccines
  • Awesome to have Posse out pre-running with Gerber and then putting in some hard KB/Sprint work
  • Ice9 is still 9 months pregnant but the contractions are getting closer I believe


Last Call goes old school

4 PAX at Last Call for a change of pace.

THE GOOD NEWS:  With the small crowd, it allows the Q to use gear and do different things . . . Kind of like when I started F3 and Transporter used to come rolling into Cutty Middle dragging his trunk due to all the gear . . . for a 5 man workout.

THE BAD NEWS:  Not really any place to hide . . . If you want to modify or coast into the weekend with limited efforts, a small crowd makes it difficult . . . Since Dasher is staring at you the entire workout


  • Mosey to front of high school for some warmup
  • Grab the gear out of the truck and lug back to same location
  • Rotation #1:  3 weight stations plus a timer (run lap with sandbag)
  • Rotation #2:  3 weight stations with timer (8 sandbag burpees)
  • Rotation #3:  2 weight stations with timer (20 slamball squats) . . . Fiji had to take off early
  • Mary
  • Great mumblechatter during these workouts
    • Fiji took a 6 month vacation to Antarctica
    • High Hat almost refused to workout with Dasher and YHC due to our lack of effort
    • Dasher won an ultra marathon trail race last night at WhiteWater Center
    • The Site Qs showed up and offered encouragement, brought drinks, and gave us a shovel flag
  • Service Opportunities tomorrow
    • 0800 at Cutty Middle . . . Bring blowers, shovels, and wheelbarrows to help with cross-country course
    • 1000 at Christ’s Closet . . . Bring your truck, trailer, and some extra help


Naked weigh-ins . . . What could go wrong?!?!

7 PAX still showed up to Pursuit after Rubbermaid pre-blasted “Weigh-in before and after workout to see who loses the most weight . . . The less clothes the better.”  Yikes.


  • DCCS was short in an attempt to get away from half naked men weighing themselves
  • Instructions given to head to Kensington through the trail
  • About 17 laps around the playground waiting for Brat to put his underwear back on
  • Minor stretching in Kensington parking lot


  • Fartlek intervals
  • Course:  Short loop on outside of parking lot, down to Nesbit field, and back up the stairs
  • 5 min in 3rd gear (ie 5/10k pace) . . . 2:30 recovery in 1st gear (just north of walking)
  • 4 min . . . 2 min recovery
  • 3 min . . . 1:30 recovery
  • 2 min . . . 1 min recovery
  • 1 min . . . 1 min recovery
  • 2 min . . . 2 min recovery
  • 3 min . . . 3 min recovery
  • 4 min . . . 4 min recovery
  • Bratwurst crushed it . . . Lapping everybody while taking shortlong-cuts
  • Great to see Boucher again . . . He has turned into a runner
  • Rubbermaid has a burned out clutch . . . He usually like to stay in 2nd gear while running so great to see him push himself
  • Nice meeting Wahoo . . . He’s got some distance in those legs and has more in the tank as he could still run and talk today
  • Ghosted spent 60 minutes running next to PAX getting them to commit to Q at Pursuit in 2024
  • Turnbuckle did his own thing but appeared to work hard . . . Or else he went through a few sprinklers


  • Last fast interval to/through the bridge
  • A couple mins of stretching
  • Announcements (Saturday service opportunities – Cutty Cross Country & Christ’s Closet)
  • Prayer for grace and mercy
  • Round 2 of awkward naked weigh-ins
  • 2 golf cart pictures
  • Swampy ride home

LAST CALL:  YHC on Q at Marvin High tomorrow (Friday) at 0602 (that is not a typo).  Sleep in and come out to an old school F3 workout with gear and limited running

Are backblasts necessary for running workouts?

At least 8 PAX believe the answer to the title’s question is YES.

However, does a running workout deserve a great BackBlast?

At least 1 Q believes the answer is NO

Mosey to Kensington for warmup

MAIN EVENT:  Running (Duh!  It’s a running workout)

.5 Mile at 1 mile pace

.4 Mile at same pace

.3 Mile at same pace


Mosey off campus to Kensington Place

.2 Mile at faster pace

Repeato x 4

Mosey to COT for light stretching

RECAP:  This is the part where Q talks about everybody working hard and it’s an honor to lead.  Blah blah blah.

But I’m not sure if everybody worked hard.  Only the mirror really knows.  I know the guy in my mirror hasn’t been handing out any high fives to me lately.  Taking time off during vacations and then trying to get back into the routine is tough.  So my encouragement is to commit the night before.  Either to a fellow PAX or better yet, HC (hard commit) in the NewsChannel . . . That will surely get Zin excited . . . Tell him that Dunkin told you it was allowed.

Prayers for Snowball as he takes on a new title and responsibility at work. May he continue to lead well and follow God’s calling for his life.

Ooh, this is fun

11 guys got their money’s worth at Swarm.  We learned who knows the PAX first names, who doesn’t know how to count, and who thinks they are slow.



  • 7’s on the stairs
    • 1 knee slap burpee
    • 6 flights of stairs
    • Continue until 6 knee slap burpees and 1 flight of stairs
  • Ab Webb
    • 1 Big Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    • 4 Flutters
    • Continue til 10 and 40
  • Bus Loop run
  • Wall Webb
    • 1 Mike Tyson
    • 4 Quadrolators (think Mountain Climber in Balls to Wall position)
    • Continue til 5 and 20 and then back down to 1 and 4
  • Bus Loop run
  • Ab Webb #2
    • 1 Dolly
    • 2 Toe Tap LBC
    • Continue til 10 and 20
  • Field time
    • Partner Wheelbarrow the length of field
    • Broad jump burpees the length of field
    • Gaga Ball Pit:  20 jump overs
  • Rock n Roll
    • Lifting Rock
    • 20 curls, 20 presses, 20 half curls . . . Short run
    • Repeat with 15 and 10
  • Have a nice day until Impromptu gets to COT


  • Dasher complained talked about his Whitewater Center trail run last night with Wolverine . . . Beware of Pimp Daddy’s invites
  • Hollywood has a first name . . . It’s O-S-C-A-R
  • Smithers really enjoyed the workout . . . At least that’s what he said on the second flight of stairs
  • Ice9 . . . Interesting that his name contains a number since he can’t count
  • Glidah and Easy Button chose the “Slow” group multiple times . . . Glidah is not going to be able to do that anymore once he moves to the “Fast” side of Lawson
  • Transporter put his hand down my pants today . . . No comment
  • Mad Dog stuck around for the entire workout . . . We are onto your “I’ve got a plane to catch” shenanigans
  • Sugar Daddy loves the Gaga Ball pit . . . Which side should you be standing on?
  • Centerfold showed up to MASH Swarm . . . And on time no less


  • Shop Dawg is looking for Q’s for Blackhawk . . . Saturdays 0630-0730 at Walnut Creek
    • This is a HUGE neighborhood . . . Lots of Sad Clowns to reach
    • Let’s step up and reach out to Q . . . Watching Shop Dawg beg is heartbreaking . . . Come on guys
  • Swimmers is helping with F3 Dads . . . Trip is in August with Dads and kids
    • Who has a kid they love?
    • Reach out to Radar or Swimmers . . . Take the initiative and get involved
  • MORAL OF STORY:  Nobody is getting paid to be a Site Q . . . They are doing so to make this group better and more fun
    • So quit with excuses and step up . . . Don’t wait for somebody to ask you . . . LET’S GOOOOOO!  This is F3 Waxhaw.  We are different.

F3 Waxhaw’s Next Nantan

For those who weren’t at Waxhaw’s Memorial Day Convergence, I wanted to share an exciting announcement for our region.  While some of you think that F3 runs smoothly on its own, this organization is special because of many HIM (High Impact Men) continue to live selflessly in order to reach more men.

There are about 50 Site Qs who help keep our workouts active, relevant, fun, safe, and growing.  Then there are 10 guys who have been selected to “The Board” to help F3 Waxhaw on mission and accelerating in all areas.  I have had the honor of being a part of this Board since we launched almost 2 years ago (NOTE:  What is “The Board” and what do they do?  See below for more details).

Today, I was VERY excited to handoff the Nantan role to Gerber.  (NOTE:  What is the “Nantan” and what does he do?  See below for more details).  The vast majority of you know Gerber because of his speed, his tripod, his love of ClyentDinner, or because his 7 year old son SpeedBump has kicked your butt during a workout at some point.  But I have gotten to know Gerber a lot better over the past couple of years and I want to share some items about him:

  • He is a lawyer
  • A loyal friend
  • A lover of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar
  • Devoted husband
  • He might be a little OCD
  • Has had double hip surgery
  • Been hit by a car while biking
  • Tremendous Dad
  • Loves calf sleeves
  • A work in progress
  • BirdDog’s biggest customer
  • Man of faith
  • Has a tremendous backstory and has over come a lot
  • Passionate about F3

This is just a little bit about F3 Waxhaw’s new Nantan.  He is going to help F3 Waxhaw go to the next level.  HOWEVER, one thing that the Nantan role is not . . . A lone soldier.  HE NEEDS OUR HELP.  Let’s line up alongside Gerber and work together to accelerate all 3 Fs . . . Both personally and as a Region.

I will be praying for Stase as he takes on this new role; for wisdom, for discernment, for protection in his marriage, for his health, and for an overwhelming group of men to rally around him to encourage and uplift him.  LET’S DO THIS!  ALL THE BEST MY FRIEND!


  • NANTAN: Gerber
  • WEASELSHAKER: Chastain
  • 1st F FUNCTIONAL Q: Carb Load and Dasher
  • 2nd F FUNCTIONAL Q: Chicken Little and TBD
  • 3rd F FUNCTIONAL Q: Shop Dawg and Centerfold
  • COMZ Q:  Zinfandel
  • Q OF EXPANSION:  Posse

NANTAN: The Q of the Region.  The cultural and spiritual leader of his PAX, who represents but does not govern.  Encourages the “Plant/Grow/Serve” mission and ignites the need for male community leadership amongst the Pax. 

  • Intentionally Pursue Expansion by encouraging the planting of underserved areas in the region
  • Constantly Encourage Emotional Headlocking by all PAX
  • Be a leader in all three F’s . . .
    • 1st F : Always in a state of progressing fitness
    • 2nd F: Attend as many 2nd F events as possible, not running for mayor though
      • Avoids factionalism in region (cliques)
      • Treats all men the same, not identifying with any particular group
      • Seen as representative of all the PAX in region, not just “my” guys
    • 3rd F : Encourage PAX to a life of Purpose in whatever form their Faith takes
  • Don’t allow one view to dominate by majority or silenced by minority
  • F3 is a First Amendment culture. Every man gets to speak his mind
  • F3 is a LOVE culture, in which the freedom to speak one’s mind comes with the responsibility to do so in a manner that best breeds Fellowship. This is a delicate and narrow line to tread, and the example starts with the Nantan.
  • Balance Regional Needs with F3 Nation Needs
    • Keeps Board meeting frequency and agendas relevant
    • Presence on F3 Nantan Slack Channel
    • Attend F3 Nantan Conference Calls
    • First point of contact for F3 Nation
  • Take responsibility For Outcomes and Encourage movement (I2 – Individual Initiative)
    • F3 is a movement, decentralized, spread quickly
    • Teach what we know (Freed to Lead/Q-Source), make clear the mission, reward all forms of initiative and manage the consequences
    • Decentralized leaders have the skill needed, know what to do, see it and have the confidence to do so without fear that they will be cut off at the knees if they fail. That kind of leadership is explosive and the very thing that drives Movements forward dramatically

2 Truths and a Lie

15 strong at Watchtower after Penalty Box ditched us to see which statement made last night in the Playhouse was going to be a lie:

  1. The Q is the worse
  2. We will do a lot of running
  3. PAX arms will not work properly after workout

DCCS:  Recommended headlamps.  YHC grabbed his phone.  Mumbling disclaimer about PAX’s health

WARMUP:  The usual mixed in with 2 new-ish ones

  • Slow in-and-outs (bottom half of burpee without the push-up)
  • Air Gore (small jump while holding Al Gore . . . Never straighten the legs)

THANG:  Mosey to neighborhood entrance on right

  • Half group run down Waxhaw Indian Trail sidewalk til it ends . . . 5 knee slap burpees
  • Other half run down first street on left . . . 5 knee slap burpees
  • Flapjack

THANG 2:  Partner/Team Mini-Murph

  • Teams of 4
  • 2 guys run around school
  • 2 guys repeat 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats until partners return
  • Repeat 3 times

THANG 3:  Wall Webb

  • 1 Mike Tyson
  • 4 Quadrolators (kind of like a flutter donkey kick)
  • Repeat up to 5/20 and work back down

THANG 4:  Lightpole sprints

  • Jog 1 lightpole
  • Sprint 1 lightpole
  • Repeat around parking lot

CLOSE with Mary and 1 minute of Have a Nice Day


  • For Mental Health Month, PAX were encouraged to speak up about something they HAVE or ARE facing
  • Kudos to Rudy and Chatterbox for being vulnerable and sharing past struggles


  • Memorial Day Murph is going to be tough . . . Prepare your mind and body NOW . . . Don’t give into the voice that says to rent Boitano’s house for that weekend to purposely miss the pain

F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting – Recap

8 men gathered at Cuthbertson after our workouts to welcome our 2 newest Board members and discuss removing the Bot from the Playhouse how we are accelerating in all 3 Fs.  This backblast is an attempt to share with the PAX what the Board discussed and the actions/takeaways from the meeting.

  • WHO:
    • 1st F Qs (Fitness):  Dasher and CARB LOAD 
    • 2nd F Qs (Fellowship):  Gerber and CHICKEN LITTLE 
    • 3rd F Qs (Faith):  Shop Dawg and Centerfold
    • COMZ Q:  ZINFANDEL (New Board role; Zin had been pulling double duty with 2nd F)
    • Q of Expansion:  POSSE (New role with focus to help plant workouts outside of our Region; neighboring towns as well as supporting PAX who have moved away)
    • Weasel Shaker:  CHASTAIN (Replacing Mad Dog)
    • Nant’an:  Bottlecap
    • Welcome to the new Board Members
      • Carb Load:  Jim has been instrumental in a number of 1st F events; his passion and personal effort in 1st F made him an easy choice to keep challenging the F3 Waxhaw PAX physically
      • Chicken Little:  After his Myrtle Beach curb issues, the Board was hesitant excited to get Don’s energy and contagious attitude on 2nd F; his selfless ways will no doubt help F3 Waxhaw grow closer to each other through fun events for the PAX and our families
      • Mad Dog:  He has rolled off the Board.  A BIG THANKS for his service.  His wisdom and ability to shake weasels has been invaluable to getting our Region and processes well established and quickly.  Personally, I appreciate his friendship and ability to offer common sense solutions.
    • 1st F UPDATE:
      • Great work completing the April 1 Q challenge
        • 96 different PAX Q’d a workout in those 30 days . . . Incredible
        • Now that we have unlocked some PAX and they are Freed to Lead . . . What’s next?!?!
      • Site Qs:
        • Time to mix up Site Qs . . . Who could/should roll off?  Who is ready to step up and help lead a site?
        • Site Q “Symposium”:  Similar to Site Q school but more interactive and idea sharing (Timing TBD . . . And name is hopefully TBD as well)
        • Ghosted:  Congrats and thanks for stepping up to be a co-Site Q at Pursuit
      • New Ideas
        • Passport challenge (within Waxhaw):  Hitting all AOs in a month (June?)
        • Spartan-type race:  Including a 2.0 course (Targeting July)
        • Low Mileage workout:  We are hearing from more PAX who want lower mileage bootcamps (1-1.5 miles) . . . Who is ready to launch one?
    • 2nd F UPDATE: 
      • F3 Dads:  Hoping to resurrect Summer Saturday workouts at Dogwood Park
      • Happy Hours and Lunches:  Getting back to monthly routine
      • Family Movie Night:  Who has a large enough field/lawn to host?
      • Coffeeteria on Fridays:  Let’s get PAX staying after Friday workouts at Cuthbertson . . . Zin bringing coffee
    • 3RD F UPDATE:
      • Open Door:  New study starting (1 Timothy) . . . Great opportunity to jump in and check it out.  Saturday and Sunday morning groups.
      • QSource:  Changing up content to weekly Podcast topic
      • Looking to make further connection to Rice n Beans, Ray of Hope, and Christ’s Closet for Summer/Fall tie-in events
      • Working with Legalized and Ole McDonald to help them launch F3 in their new cities
      • Clean Slate now a part of F3 Mint Hill
      • Grow Ruck:  Coming to Charlotte in August . . . Amazing event and we need to send a big team
      • Pull the BOT:  Let’s encourage the Q to post the Backblast link on GroupMe and maybe a quick Meme/GIF/Story to encourage PAX to read it
      • FNG Video:  Some other Regions have put together awesome videos showcasing who/what is F3 to encourage Sad Clowns to come join us . . . Who has these skills and willing to pull something together for F3 Waxhaw?
      • Social Media:  We have great posts/pictures but we need more PAX to share and comment (not just “Like”) . . . Especially on Facebook where our content is viewed most frequently


  • Monday May 31st
  • Nesbit Park/Kensington Elementary
  • 4 Workout options:
    • The Murph (1 Mile Run, 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 1 Mile Run) . . . Variations and modifications are allowed/encouraged
    • Bootcamp
    • Ruck/Trail Run
    • MASH
  • 2nd F Coffeeteria
  • 3rd F tie-in
  • Who wants to help with any of the above?

I’ll end this backblast with the same message from a couple meetings ago . . . A SINCERE AND BIG THANKS to all the leaders of F3 (and especially these Board members).

  • This Region is special; we are growing FAST!
  • We have 100+ active PAX and the majority are leading in some way
  • We are incredibly active in all 3 F’s
  • There is not much drama
  • We are constantly looking to improve and reach more Sad Clowns
  • We are making a lasting impact in this community
  • Let’s stay focused on our mission:  Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!