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Loogie Loves Running

ByOddJob Aug 6, 2022

YHC arrived to find FNG Kyle waiting. As other PAX arrived YHC gave the standard disclaimer and we were bolted faster than airport Bojangles thro

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No one wants to be here?

ByDas Boot Jun 17, 2022

YHC rolled up at The Brave to find a trio of PAX wondering wondering if they needed a substi-site-Q. No fear! THE THANG We headed towards E

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Totally selfish Q

ByDas Boot Apr 6, 2022

YHC spent March rolling through Flipper's annual March Madness challenge and when the final week rolled around, the task was 300 merkins, 50 pull

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No running? My a**!

BySchnitzel Apr 6, 2022

Apparently I am known for covering a lot of miles during my Q'ing... I wonder what the Swarm guys would think about that from two weeks ago! Haha

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Das Boot asks for a kick in the rear – mission accomplished?

ByChelms aka Tatertot Mar 24, 2022

Das Boot, in an effort to lure Abacus to Body Shop, invited YHC to Q.   Alas, 30 days out from April 15 is not great timing for a tax guru and

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What happened to Rousey and life coaching from Lex

ByDas Boot Mar 12, 2022

YHC came in on two wheels, having hit every light in Ballantyne on the way to a fun morning at Stonehenge, and pulled a plastic create from the c

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2022 SCLT Passport Challenge BB

ByMARTA Mar 6, 2022

The obligatory South Charlotte 2022 Passport Challenge Recap from the 2022 Champion.   The Warm Up: Patented warmup to guaranteed f

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FTA — face to where?

ByDas Boot Mar 5, 2022

February for YHC ended with a serious of questionable decisions, the first of which was to post and Q with a gimpy back. Freshman year of college

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2/22/22 at Bushwood

ByDeep Dish Feb 22, 2022

2/22/22....too bad Q did not create a Wienke to tie into that once in a lifetime date????  And too late to pretend that I did. Warmup Mose

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The living Sat-Nav system: Steroid

BySchnitzel Feb 21, 2022

There are so many puns when it comes to our Guest Q's name...so I better leave them out! ;-) The prospect of having another Metro Q - with unhear

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