Everyone will know you are my disciples by the way you love

Everyone will know you are my disciples by the way you love

Good news! God has provided plenty of clothes, nice furnishings, books, and toys for every needy family in North and South Carolina. The challenge? His provisions are sitting unused in other people’s closets, basements, garages, attics, and storage units.

With Christ’s Closet, the men of F3 and other volunteers receive God’s provisions from donors and give them away with love in the name of Jesus. Simple. Yet that act of love is stunning — and sometimes life changing — to those that receive. The needy are not used to being served. They find it hard to believe they can receive without cost: no money, no paperwork, no application. No judgment. Just love.

This weekend, Christ’s Closet and 50+ men of F3 (Waxhaw, South Charlotte, Metro, and SOB) and elsewhere showed up in love. The task seemed impossible. Yet, partnering with the men of Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church in Monroe, they gave away most of a football field worth of furniture and 150 bins of clothes, toys, books, and bedding. Ask them about it. The stories of love, fellowship, service, need, and joy are legion. The men of F3 and their families gave freely in the name of Jesus in parking lots. They prayed, hugged, and chatted with the needy. They delivered furniture to their homes.

I am so honored and privileged to serve with them in God’s name. Count your blessings. You have many to call such men friends. No one, I repeat, no-one, can accomplish what the men of F3 can when they come together.

The world is changed already because of them. And they are just getting started.


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