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Promises made, promises kept (this time)

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jul 22, 2022

Eleven strong entered the Area 51 hotbox known at Centurion.   Per Emoji, 110 degrees in Nevada is like 75 in Charlotte since they don't have m

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No Whistle, but still pain to gain!

ByTonyatine Apr 13, 2022

Beautiful morning today, so was happy to wake up and lead the group this day. Feel like I am at Marvin Middle and HS more times a day than I care

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Day After Soreness

ByBlue Screen Apr 11, 2022

Asylum less than Lanfill and I did the Spartan race yesterday... a bit more stiffness and sort spots than the usual Monday morning at Asylum. OH

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Save the legs

ByOddJob Feb 27, 2022

This workout was scientifically designed to help the PAX get maximum enjoyment from the SOBeer run scheduled for later today. How? Leave the legs

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2/22/22 at Bushwood

ByDeep Dish Feb 22, 2022

2/22/22....too bad Q did not create a Wienke to tie into that once in a lifetime date????  And too late to pretend that I did. Warmup Mose

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Let there be Hairburners

Bywingman Jan 27, 2022

520a and YHC sneaks around the backside of target. Sees strange car parked in the lot. Nevermind them, scoot down enough so they can't see you un

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My E-reader Keeps Time

ByTrickle Jan 24, 2022

Disclaimer given and off 7 PAX went into the gloom. Warm up: SSH, WINDMILL, IW, (9th PAX One Star joins us, HB The Thang! SECTION 1: Store

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Is it winter or summer?

ByInspector Gadget Jan 4, 2022

Felt like a summer tropical storm down at Waxhaw Elementary Monday morning.  Strange weather to start off the new year. 5 of us at COT DiCCS

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Aassspppeeennn BB: Stag Party!

ByStag Dec 18, 2021

Aassspppeeennn BB 12/16: Stag Party It’s a little early for reindeer and elves but Stag and 6 High-Impact Men spread joy and cheer throughout

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