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No running? My a**!

Apparently I am known for covering a lot of miles during my Q’ing… I wonder what the Swarm guys would think about that from two weeks ago! Haha! Well: let’s change that perception! At least that was my goal which I openly told Premature. Although the MRH campus is absolutely amazing and you can cover quite some ground, I decided to stay on the parking lot(s) today. Thankfully they are quite big as well, so we could get a few “yards of running” in as well. Just because we are not Prickle and Goo! 😉


After giving the usual DiCCS, mosey a big “S” on the parking lot to arrive a the North East lot . Circle up and: 15x SSH, 15x Moroccan Nightclubs, 15x Imperial Walker,15x Potato Picker, 16x Mountain Climbers, calf stretch, runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog,… Done!

The Thang

Mosey back to COT and circle around to the North-Western lot. Indulging in the good old Star Fish with 3x Burpees in the middle, 20x Freddy Mercury (2-1), 20x Side SSH, 10x Heals to Heaven, 10x Mike Tyson at the corners. Repeato! Some American Hammers as a Merry until everyone finished the second round.

Mosey around the North-Eastern lot, coming back to the middle and do “7’s” at the South-Western lot. Start with 1x V-up at the top then do 6x Big Boys at the bottom. Everybody was pushing good and we finished all together at the bottom.

Mosey through COT, around the South-Easter lot to the middle lane and arriving at the curbs of the North-Easter lot. Run to the first Parking lot line, do 2x Merkins, come back to the curb, do 5x jump squats, run to the next parking lot line and do 4x Merkins. And so on up to the other curb with 8x Merkins. Repeato the same, but change the exercises to 4x (6-8-10) 6″ Plank Jacks and 4x Sister Mary Catherine’s (2-1).

Indian Run around the North-West lot down to the center of all 4 lots. Plan was to have 1 line only, but I guess a few were injured and decided to start their own line… In the directions to COT: run 2 trees forward, do 5x Merkins, run backwards 1 tree back, do 5 big Boys,… until time is up. Back to COT (this time for real!).


I think this was a more traditional Bootcamp workout where everybody can stay together and there is not too much running involved. Nevertheless, we still got almost 3 miles in! On a parking lot!

All in all a pretty un-eventful workout – but hey, we had great weather!


  • Blood Drive this Saturday! Get out there and give blood!
  • WTF 4/30 (?) – all info is in GroupMe
  • Race for Autism AMRAP

Shop Dawg led us out – thank you!

Surprise, Surprise

Man – I was shocked on Thursday morning, when my reminder popped up that I have to Q Swarm the next day. I totally forgot that I signed up for it! And – as any good Site Q would do – Sugar Daddy sent me a message later that day if I am still in… Yes, of course! So: time to come up with a Weinky! Then I realized that this is the first hour-long workout I ever Q’s… what does it mean? will I struggle in the end to fill the time? It turned out that we were a nice group of 8 people, as some faster guys are going nuts on a 200mi relay… good luck to them!


I gave the DICCS and off we went past Rudy’s (shit) shed to the big parking lot at the stadium.  Circle up and: 15x SSH, 15x Moroccan Nightclubs, 15x Imperial Walker,15x Potato Picker, 15x Mountain Climber, calf stretch, runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog,… Done!

The Thang

Mosey to benches and Partner up. One is running the loop around Geep Jungle as a timer, the other is doing the exercise: Dips, Heels to Heaven, Inclined Merkins, Squats. Audible in the middle: instead of running around Geep Jungle, just run around the circle.

Mosey to the top at the main street, crossing into the neighborhood. Every Street light on the right alternating till cul-de-sac: 5x Merkins, 5x Sister Mary Catherine (2-1). Rainman made a concerning remark at that time: wow – that’s another mile just to the cul-de-sac… Well on google maps, it looked much closer. But hey – I have to fill the hour, right? Going back the same way, this time alternating at every street light to the left: 5x Big Boys, 3x Burpees. For the slower guys (including me!) there was an audible: just make it back to the street… either just keep on running or reduce the number of reps.

Going back the road towards the stadium, halting half-way there, partner up. One Partner runs to the next street entrance, the other one back to the island. 10 Peter Parkers at the end, meet in the middle, do 5 partner-hand-clap-merkins, go to the other side and back for the partner-hand-clap-merkins.

Mosey back to Rudy’s shed. Rainman said: we’ve done 4.7mi already! Wow – it feels more like a Ignition workout!

At the shed, we had to work our way around the Impromptu guys… 20x donkey kicks OYO, 20x air presses, 20x donkey kicks OYO.

Back to COT, 3 Merkins at every street light… and: Done! I got 5.2mi (granted, on the Apple Watch). What a surprise – not only to me!


I did it! I made the hour-long workout… and I did not even complete my entire weinky! Wow… I was not expecting that! But with a great group of people it is always easier. Time flies if you have fun!

Although everybody – including me! – was surprised about the high mileage, nobody was really complaining about it. At least not audible – or trying to Q-jack the workout! Thank you guys – very much appreciated!


I’d like to refer to the Impromptu BB, if it is out there… 😉

  • Blood Drive
  • Q-School
  • WTF
  • Race for Autism
  • Christ Closet

Mad Dog (Impromptu Q) led us out – thank you!

The living Sat-Nav system: Steroid

There are so many puns when it comes to our Guest Q’s name…so I better leave them out! 😉 The prospect of having another Metro Q – with unheard-of strength and endurance – scared away our regular crowd… but we were still a nice group of 8 Pax! Steroid said, that he was never that far south in Charlotte…well… first of all *Waxhaw*…but his navigation skills are unparalleled, as we will soon see.


Warmup was somehow mixed into the regular workout itself. A quick loop before the Middle School, some Merkins and LBC’s and off we went.

The Thang

Running towards Lawson, taking the first entry on the right. Started with some more Merkins and squat-jumps. The the brilliance of good Q-preparation with the brains from Steroid showed their first prime example: He told us where we are going, by naming the streets! Unbelievable!

We went on to go to somewhere and do merkins and squat-jumps on every junction.

Then he found the trails and a nice loop within Lawson. Partner up, one goes one way, the other goes the other way. Where they meet: 10 handclap merkins and 10 derkins each. Two rounds.

Then some more hill-running, after giving precise way-instructions again! Just to find another nice hill where we did some more merkins and squat-jumps and burpees.

Was there another hill involved with some more merkins and LBC’s and stuff? I got lost…

The Gazelles were always doing some marry, until the 6 came in. Very kind! 😉

On the way back to COT we found out that there were still a few minutes on the clock. So mosey (fast!) to the High School, do some ab-work and then run back to COT.


It is always great to have people out there who can push you harder and harder to become better and better. Steroid was certainly no exception!


I’d like to refer to the Flash BB, if it is out there… 😉

  • CPR class this Saturday
  • Beer-walk this Saturday (please note the order in which I remembered the announcements! ;-))
  • Site-Q-School in March
  • ….

Posse led us out with some thoughtful quote from an actor or TV series (sorry, my brain was still trying to re-gain all the lost oxygen)! But it was a nice quote, thinking about all the people who supported you to become who you are now!

Stinger stings…

With 5 seconds to go, around 15 PAX (including RECALCULATING with his normal shorts and sleeveless shirt attire) were anxiously asking themselves: where is Stinger? Did he make it? I was sweating already at that point because I was not prepare to Substi-Q… well we would have had Ice9 who would have had to jump in for his friend from F3 Metro… but… on the dot, Stinger came out of nowhere and…


started with the Waxhaw classic: Side Struddle Hops, then some Merkins (and maybe some other stuff?) and off we went onto a cold Campus and Lawson Tour.

The Thang

We ran to the big parking lot – fairly spread out already. But RECALCULATING held up pretty well and only took a small shortcut across the parking lot instead of going around it. Some more Ab work (Floaters etc.), Merkins and the great feeling of not feeling cold anymore…

Then we ran back into the direction of COT and I was so relieved to be over with everything already… but wait, my watch still tells me it is another ~50min…ahhh… Well, we passed COT and continues our way towards Lawson. Stop at the traffic island to do some Merkins of all sorts, Abs-work,… and I forgot what else. RECALCULATING was holding everybody responsible – thank you, form-police!

We ran further along the main road and crossed into Lawson. While doing that (and also before on the small stretch of road to the School), we all realized that we don’t cover the basics anymore. And I don’t mean carrying a pack of “after bite” to get rid of stinging Stinger bites, but HEADLAMPS and REFLECTIVE GEAR! (thanks Bottlecap for pointing this out and thanks Mad Dog for the Tinnitus I have from you, reminding everybody about it!).

We ran and ran and ran and ran… First to the Pool house, do some more Merkins and Abs and then to some cul-de-sac with a painful hill. First some more work together and then: run up the hill, 10 Merkins, come down again, 20 jump squats, run up again, 12 Merkins,… 18 jump squats,… and so on until we had 20 Merkins and 10 jump squats…

After some more work (sorry, I forgot what we have done), run back to the Pool house, do some work while RECALCULATING made his way home already.

Then run to the entrance of Lawson for some more work there and a few guys catching brea…uhm… watching for cars!

Run back to the traffic island, do some more work and then “all you got” back to COT. That’s a brave request, knowing that the entire body and lungs are aching like you have been 10 secs next to a bee-hive  without any protective gear…


I just wanted to mention that I cannot remember who was there and went through the same pain workout. Just look for CarbLoads Backblast – everybody will be mentioned there. This is also the reason why I only have RECALCULATING, Stinger and the Site Q’s tasgged here… Sorry! But, I wanted to point out the excellent work from RECALCULATING! Now you can be satisfied and brag about it in the Playhouse! 😉

And: somehow the water or food must be different “Uptown”! I am always amazed how strong our Guest Q’s from Metro are. And humbled on how much I can personally improve, still! Thank you Stinger for coming out and leading us today to become better men in all aspects!


Various Announcements – again: see CarbLoads BB.

  • Effies on Friday
  • Waxtravaganze on the 12th
  • other stuff

Shop Dawg led us out – thank you!

Three Q’s for one workout

Looking at the weather forecast last night, it was all apocalyptic for this morning. But our always great mood in Waxhaw seemed to work again and pushed the rain (almost) all away. Yeah! And we had a tripple delight with Rainman, Fuse Box and myself Q’ing each 20min.


I gave the DICCS and off we went past Rudy’s (shit) shed to the big parking lot at the stadium. Everybody had to pick a lifting rock, but put it aside for the time being. Circle up and: 20x SSH, 15x Imperial Walker, 15x Mountain Climber, calf stretch, runners stretch…

The Thang

So I had the pleasure to kick off the first round of exercises. 4 corners across both parking lots. In the first round, start each corner with 1 Burpee, second round 2 Burpees and so on. 1. corner: 20x curls with the rocks. 2. corner: 20x Bobby Hurleys. 3. corner: 20x LBC’s. 4. corner: 20x speed skaters (2 is 1). Bottlecap rightfully said that it just feels so real, as being on ice, with the slippery wet surface… I guess everybody was able to get 3 burpees in at the first corner, before the time was up. I guess we left Chastain behind doing “his business”, because I said that we would do another round… well, time was up! 😉

Next, Rainman took the lead. Mosey (are we really moseying at Ignition? It always feels like running!) to the stairs at the bus parking lot. 7’s with running up the stairs and 5x high knees (then 10x high knees and so on). I guess everybody got a bit dizzy and mis-counted at some point. On we went to the benches in front of the Middle School to do some exercises in cadence. I believe it was: inlclined merkins, dips with one foot off the ground, floaters, derkins (all 20x except derkins where we did “only” 15x and then 10x). Hot lap around the full parking lot and repeat-o! After a short hot lap, time was up…

Next, Fuse Box took over. Mosey to the street and do 10x jumping lunges at each light. Technically, once you were done, you should circle back to the 6. But since we were somehow all on the same pace, Fuse changed it to: run to the end of the street and then circle back to the 6. Once we were all at the end of the street: run to the signal all you got and mosey back to the starting point. Once somebody moseys back past you, turn around as well. We really did this 3 times! Then, mosey back to the Middle School. This time: do 10x jump lunges at every light. After every third light, circle back to the six. This worked out pretty well. Once at the stop sign: hot lap around the parking lot. Then mosey back to COT!


It was supposed to be the starting point for Rainman and myself to take over Ignition as Site Q’s with some coaching help from Fuse Box. Since Glidah and Hollywood couldn’t make it out today: was the transitioning happening today? Or are we postponing the official transition to next week?

Well… it doesn’t really matter! It was great being out there, meeting everybody again in the new year and just getting pushed to be a better man.


I’d like to refer to the Flash BB, if it is out there… 😉

  • Ghosted asked for donations of snacks for Rice and Beans
  • Fuse Box brought up the ramp building project this Saturday. Come on out there, guys! It’s the one time in the year where you can use your underutilized tools!
  • Zinfandel had two events in February. Honestly, I forgot what they were… sorry!

Mad Dog led us out – thank you!

Morning delight served at the only site with its own moon (eye)

The Lycan is still a very young site and Posse and Dunkin are trying to get more Pax out there. My last two times when I was out there, we were merely 3 or 5 people… When I arrived today, I was pleasantly suprised! We also hat the MASHer’s (shoutout to Sledge-O-Matic, Radar, Chastain) out here! I just didn’t really understand the dynamics, as initially Chastain (and Radar?) were not Mashing, but then they did. Maybe they had a bad feeling about my Weinky… 😉


Mosey around the school, little bit side-ways and high knees to change it up a bit and then circle up on the parking lot in front of the school: All the classics:   in cadence: 20x Side Straddle Hops, 15x Maroccon Night Clubs, 18x Imperial Walkers, 15x Potato Picker – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with downward- and upward dog. Posse was on fire today and asked, if I had any “20 anniversary” or something, as I was counting to 20… Haha, immediately changed it to 15, with threw him off and then changed to 18… well, we blamed it on the “stupid” metric system! 🙂

The Thang

Mosey to the left corner on the parking lot. Since the school does not have one large open parking lot, but “lanes”, I couldn’t do a classic star fish. Thankfully, we are all creative and came vis squid to Octopus… or something like that. Any-who… 4 corners on the long round: 15 merkins, 10 big boys, 10 Mike Tyson’s, 20 Freddy Merkuries. halfway around the lap (both sides – in front of the entrance) 3 Burpees. Repeat 2 times. We all went back to the 6 and while moseying back to the starting point: partner up!

One partner is running a small half lap (around the flag poles) as a timer, while the other one is doing Jabs (sitting against the wall), donkey kicks, air presses (sitting against the wall), Bobby Hurley. One of us (not me!) had apparently some beans the previous night and therefore a lot of air in the system… Posse commented with “sounds like that Audi cylinder”… never shy of a fun comment towards the Germans! ;-). Repeato until eveybody got 2x donkey kicks in. Do some marry while waiting on the 6.

Mosey to the back of the school. At the bottom of the stairs, do always 5 low slow squats. At the top of the stairs, do the following exercises: 20 Speed Skaters (one is one), 5 Burpees, 20 LBC’s, 20 Peter Parkers. After each exercise, run around the ramp to the bottom of the stairs again. Have we done a repeato? I think back to the burpees…

Time is running out, so we moseyed to the front of the school. Since Posse is the Site-Q, he got to choose one exercise (except for have a nice day!). And he came up with – I don’t even know how it is called – box cutters with legs being together… And luckily we have some big numbers painted on the floor… so: at each spot, do that many reps as the number tells you. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, I guess.

Then – mosey back to COT.


It didn’t feel as cold as my App suggested and it was a pleasant and bigger than expected crowd! Normal chatter and attempts to Q-jack was going on, as you can expect.

As you can see below in the Announcements: always take care of your loved ones and other people around you! Get out there with F3, get better and stronger – and bring people out who are struggling one way or another. F3 provides a great community which helps everyone in need – within or even outside of F3! Keep it up brothers!


  • Radar and Dana shared: We lost 2 Pax last week. One was Chicken Little from Mooresville, who took his own life. Please take care of all people surrounding you. F3 is and everybody else is here to support each other!
  • 5k and 10k at Turkey Trott. Fundraiser for a friend of Chicken Little
  • 5k and 10k fundraiser on 12/04. Signups are up on GroupMe. It is organized by F3 so all funds raised go back to local charities (including Christ Closet)
  • Food is collected! Next Monday is the last time this month.

Posse took us out (in the bottle?) – thank you!

Weird reference to a 80’s show

Asylum is for me most likely the furthest away in the Waxhaw region… on the way I encountered 5 deer! Drive safely when you are coming out to a workout! I don’t want that the number of Mashers is increasing further… they were more than boot-campers today! Good for them…


Mosey around CVS to the back-parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Potato Pickers, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with downward and upward dog.

The Thang

Mosey around to the neighborhood cul-de-sac. Every street light alternating 5 burpees and 10 bobby hurleys to the other cul-de-sac straight ahead.

Mosey back to the small hill – and do 7’s. Up on top, start with 6 big boys, down 1 V-up. Pax new the name of the game. Other than the occasional “how many do we have to do now?”, everything sent smooth.

Sprint to the top of the hill. Then, by popular demand: cherry pickers and droppers while walking to the PetSmart parking lot. Swimmers came up with this story where he and his family was watching this weird TV show from the 80’s (?) and he made some connection to “pick-em” which I did not fully get. I guess, I was focusing on cherry picking instead… 🙂

Then: Starfish with 3 Burpees in the middle. On corner (at the PetSmart) 20 donkey kicks against the wall, the other corners were 20 Freddy Mercuries (2 is 1), 10 heels to heaven (I totally forgot that name!), 10 Mike Tysons. Repeato!

And… everybody was so strong and quick today, that we had almost 10 minutes to kill… But we were far away from “have a nice day!”

Grab some wall: 50 Airpresses civilian count, mosey to the far curb and back, 50 Jabs in cadence (here the Pax got nervous!), mosey to the far curb and back, 25 donkey kicks OYO, Cherry-picking and dropping to the far curb and mosey back, 10 derkins civilian count and mosey back to COT.


Great group of people, pushing hard to become better all around! Next time I hope that the boot-campers are out-numbering the MASHER’s again!

To give them credit as well – these were the MASHER’s: Tuck’n’Roll, Landfill, Sledge-o-matic, Stag, Mayhem, Penalty Box


  • Christ Closet is giving away more furniture and cloths on the weekend – every little support is welcomed!

Flanders took us out – thank you!

Ever increasing drizzle

In preparing for being the Q here, I was really questioning how many PAX will show up since it was competing with IPC. Either non, because everybody wants to do the very famous IPC or a lot of PAX because everybody wanted to escape the pain from IPC. With a total of 10 PAX (including me) showing up, I guess it was a mix of both… if they would only have known the content of my weinky! 😉


Mosey on the parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with 15x Potato Picker.

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the High School. I asked for the creativity of all PAX. Line up on the sidewalk. One is running a small loop on the parking lot, after he called an exercise. The rest is doing the exercise until the runner is back. The next one starts, after calling an exercise and so on. All Exercises are allowed, except “have a nice day”. It felt a bit like MASHing – although I’ve never done it. After everybody was done running one round, we recovered. I don’t recall every exercise, but here are a few: Merkins, American Hammers, Freddy Mercuries, squats,…

Of course, we also needed to get some Cardio in… Mosey to the first alcove and partner up. One partner is running to the other alcove, does 2 burpees and returns back as a timer. The other one is doing donkey kicks, then air presses, then balls to the wall (if possible with merkins), Jabs.

Then: running around – aehm to – the world. Every light pole going back to the parking lot alternating between 10 speed skaters 6 sister Marry Cathrines (?)

Mosey to the parking lot – progressive four corners: 5, 10, 15, 20 merkins was the plan. We did 5, 10 merkins, 15, 20 Carolina Drydogs.

Since we still had time left, we continued with the progressive four corners, but this time with squats. Time only allowed us to go up to 15 squats.

Jail Break to COT


The drizzle was very welcome and got stronger and stronger. But it was not terrible at all… Other than this, not much going on. Great to be out there and get better – even if it is not the IPC! Great work, Big Ben!


  • Labor Day convergence at Cuthbertson Middle School with a full menu of different things (6:30 launch)
  • Commitment stays open during IPC
  • SOB convergence comming up as well
  • Tickler will have his VQ at Lasts Call this Friday – BYO rubber

Johnny Utah took us out – thank you!

Rain – the most unpredictable thing in Waxhaw

This was my second time at Watchtower, one of them being the Q… I was supposed to Q here ~3 weeks ago, but it got postponed. When I did my Weinkey for the earlier date, the weather outlook was great. When I checke it again the night before the workout, it said that rain will come down and the world will end. Well… should I adjust my Weinkey? The AO has a lot of cover… No, Iron Water sharpens Iron! Well, Mayham did not think so and moved MASH last second (!) to Cutherbertson… so we had to re-direct Landfill… Luckily, it was not terrible at all and it was only an (almost) refreshing drizzle.  DiCSS were given and off we went!


Mosey up the hill to the road, down again and to the back parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Potatoe Picker, Mountain Climbers – then six inch plank followed by calf and runners stretch, 6 in plank, half way plank, upward dog and downward dog.

The Thang

Mosey around to the bus parking lot. My plan was to cut through and go around the school to the other parking lot. But since it was only my second post at this AO, I did not know better and relied on google maps. Anyhow… there were still lines for the parking spots. Find one and  side-step along the line 3 times, then do 3 burpees until I say stop… the last part was not heard by everyone, so I had to repeat it several times… listen up! 😉

Then, while partnering up, we moseyed around the school to the containers and grabbed a lifting rock. By overwhelming popular demand, we made our way to the bottom of the name-giving watchtower, staying on the road. One partner is running up to the tower and up on the tower, does 3 squads and came back to relieve the partner – all as a timer. The other one is doing an exercise – first curls, then trizeps, then overhead chest presses and then this thing where I always forget the name. “bend-over-and-pull-the-rock-up”. Rinse and repeat again – with a lot of moaning. During running to the tower, the importance of headlamps was discussed between Mad Dog and Zinfandel – much to my amusement… Mad Dog asked: “name one thing which is not better with a headlamp” – Zin: “sex” – Mad Dog: “no – it is better with it as you are seeing where you are going… ok, the down side is, that you see everything of your partner very much in detail”… lol!

Then, return the rocks and go to the covered area. Bottlecap was Q-jacking and suggested that while the partner with the stone is doing a rifle-carry, the other has to do 3 burpees and catch up again to take over the rock. I liked it – but not everybody else. So it was more a voluntary addition to the workout. Again, partner up with a different partner. One is running around the parking lot as a timer, but has to do 3 burpees on the other side. The other partner is doing exercises – Freddy Mercuries, Donkey Kicks, Big Boys, Mike Tysons… Rinse and repeat until I say stop.

Mosey back to COT – and done!


It was a cheerful group of people and bottlecap shared some nice stories and memories from his trip to Honduras (also see below). Besides “whaaaat? rinse and repeaaaat?” and the normal “I can’t give it any more”…Not much going on!


  • CPR class coming up next Monday and Tuesday 6pm – sign up now! A few slots are still open! Also good for kids who want to be babysitters! DM Surge!
  • Bottlecap talked about his trip to Honduras, where he was washing kids’ feet and handing out shoes. It was a great experience for him and his entire family, humbling, seeing life in a different perspective! “the kids have so little here – and still they are smiling! Meanwhile I am so miserable”, a life lesson not only for his youngest son!

Schneider took us out – thank you!

One-year anniversaries can creep up on you!

Last week I was at Asylum again after a few weeks of an Asylum-break and Flanders hit me up with “hey – we need a Q for next week, I’ll put you on the calendar!”. Thanks, Flanders! I was camping last weekend – and as you all know, this comes along with a little bit of too less sleep combined with bad sleep quality and one or two beers (per hour, as we count them in Germany ;-)). So – late last night I threw a Weinkey together and was hoping to get it behind me. Then, this morning, I realized that it was raining! I did not check the weather yesterday – and for those who know Asylum, you know that there is almost no shelter from rain. Well… rain or shine… bla, bla… On top of this, I also realized – Thanks for bringing this up as well, Transporter – that it is my 1 year anniversary with F3! How time flies, when you have fun! DiCSS were given and off we went!


Mosey around the parking lot to Novant, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch, 6 in plank, half way plank, upward dog and downward dog.

The Thang

Mosey to the bank on the east. Or so I thought it was a bank the entire time… Transporter was kind enough to correct it – most likely it is a kind of a town hall? I still don’t know it. And Google Maps does not help either, that’s almost impossible! Partner up and grab a lifting rock. While one is doing the exercises, the other one is running to the end of the parking lot and back. Exercises were: Curls, Trizeps, overhead presses and… well, I forgot the name again… the ones where you bend over and pull the rock up… Rinse and repeat, until I said stop. I think it was almost two round for everybody…

Mosey to PetSmart parking lot. Starfish: 3 Burpees in the middle, one corner (where PetSmart is) 20 donkey kicks, second corner 10 Big Boys, third corner 10 Mike Tysons, fourth corner 20 Freddie Mercuries. I was very kind to the Pax and asked, if we should replace the Big Boys and Freddie Mercuries due to the wet conditions, but: only iron sharpens iron! We are not melting when it is wet out there! I think it did not matter anyways at this point, as everybody was soaked in sweat already… Rinse and repeat – we accomplished two rounds. Marry till the 6 is in with American Hammers, Floaters and Shoulder Taps.

Mosey to the top of the Hill, down into the neighborhood. 7’s. Starting on top of the hill with 1 Bobby Hurley, then at the bottom of the hill 6 Speed Skaters (2 is 1)…

Mosey back to PetSmart – I realized I had more time to cover, than anticipated. 4 Corners, deconstructed burpee: first, 5 Merkins, then 10 ins-and-outs, then 10 Squats, then 5 full Burpees.

And still, there was time left… the Pax were too fast and strong today! So: mosey back into direction of COT, do some step-ups and Dips in front of Brooklyn Pizza and then go back to COT. Done!


Not much mumbling or chatting going on – or I just did not hear it… But: I always take this as a good sign, because then everybody is too much out of breath to actually complain!

Shop Dawg (my then next door neighbor) Eh’ed my on the first day when I arrived (7/3) with the moving truck, while he helped me getting the sofa in the house. But since I had to go back to WI, clarify some stuff up there and come down to beautiful NC again, it took me another ~2 weeks to get out for the first time (07/15/2020). Man – I’m glad I can write this here now, as I really thought I had to die! Tanyatine was Q’ing Dromedary at 100% humidity and I was almost throwing up the entire rest of the day! But I managed to hold everything in… I am really glad to be part of F3 Waxhaw, that I was able to improve my physique and overall form, meet great people, have the opportunity to lead and become a better person over-all! A big thank you , to all of you out there!

Besides that: it is Bypass 38’s birthday today! Happy Birthday!!! If I would have know it, I would have baked 38 burpees in there… Actually, we needed only 3 more… deng it!


  • Blackhawk needs more people – especially from Walnut Creek. If you know anybody, EH them! (Saturdays at 6:30am)
  • Qsource: we need more people to step up and lead!
  • Bypass stepped up to be Co-Site-Q at Asylum (Thanks, Bypass!), since Swimmers opened Aspen as a new site!
  • Asylum needs more Q’s in August: now is the time to shine!

Shop Dawg took us out – thank you!