So, What’s Your Plan?

So, What’s Your Plan?

Got to the Floater early (what I thought was early) but there were already a few pre-runners and a pre-walker on site and warming up. I followed their example and got the blood flowing myself. On my return I ran up to a nice size group of PAX including some OG familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while which was an extra bonus. DiCCS were delivered and we were off.

Mosey around the block and down the hill that is Keith Jong’s. (The one by the new Ardmore apartments) and circle up in the vet parking lot.
Merkins x 10
In and outs x 10IC
Jump Squats x 10
Burpees x 10 (turns out there are multiple ways to count a burpee in cadence. I went with my down but guess you can get up to 6 counts out of one)


Mosey back toward Keith Jong’s Hill and prepare for segment crushing…
Sprint up the hill with AYG through the stop sign and grab some wall at the top

Shoulder taps & BB’s 4 / 1 thingy – Jack Web ( thank you Bottlecap )
made it to 20 and 5 reps and had to put a stop to the misery – thank you to those that lead in the count

Mosey around to the bridge over the tracks and partner up
100 merkins, 100 in and outs, 100 jump sqauts, 50 burpees – shared with a partner
p1 runs around the sidewalk and back across the bridge while p2 completes as many reps as possible
Most got through the 100s so i called an audible and decided to finish the burpees individually down Providence St.
At every light on the left every other light on the left stop and do 5 burpees until the end

Mosey back down Providence Rd toward the vet parking lot but keep going back to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill…
Based on my condition at the time we ran backwards up the hill and then 180 to sprint the rest and back to grab some wall

Jack Web shoulder taps / BB’s back down from 20 & 5 – again, thank you to those that took over and lead the count

Surely we’re done at this point… Nope, 3 more minutes so what better way to burn those up than to burn up what we had left in our legs and run wind sprints in front of the church.

Back to COT and time.

About the only way to beat starting my day with my F3 brothers at a workout is to get to lead them in the workout and I was honored to do that again today. We had a stellar group and I saw a lot of leadership and encouragement throughout our 45 minutes together. Although I floundered a bit while delivering my last minute weinke, it appeared there was enough substance there to get the job done. When I asked how the group was doing after sprinting up Keith Jong the first time the choice words I received back confirmed we were on the right track… My hope is that you found yourself somewhere outside your comfort zone and perhaps realized some untapped potential you didn’t think you had. That is what truly fills me up and brings me joy. Being able to serve others, encourage them and help them see something in themselves they couldn’t see before. I have been given that gift through many of you. I shared in COT that I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past couple years. Some noticeable which have been pointed out from time to time but this was never part of my plan. The point I wanted to drive home was when you show up for a workout you have no idea whom you are showing up for. There is most likely a brother among the group that is struggling with something, going through a challenge or may just feel alone, discouraged etc. So, if that happens to be you right now I encourage you to reach out to someone and ask for help. I did, because I had to and didn’t know what else to do, and the amount of support, encouragement and love I received from this group has been incredible. When I say that God has given me an Army to walk with me shoulder to shoulder through this past season is an understatement. So, thank you for that and keep showing up, keep pushing yourself and keep an eye out and your heart open to that next PAX that needs you.

Christ Closet give away has been pushed out to the 30th so no truck loading this Friday the 15th. Go give Afternoon Delight a try on Friday’s at 12 – 12:30 – Dogwood park. Come support Last Call 5:32am – 6:17 this AO needs some love and we have the numbers to do it.

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