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Stacking Q’ing – and escaping the rain again!

BySchnitzel May 3, 2021

For some strange reason, I end up Qing twice within 2-3 days for the second time now... It makes the planning easier and you almost come into a r

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Earth day to Waxhaw

ByTwinkle Toes Apr 22, 2021

the floater: 18 men showed up at floater DCCS shared Disclaimer:  PAX are here at their own risk Cell:  We had cell phone in our g

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What I (really) learned at Q School

ByBaio Mar 8, 2021

20 of us gathered for a entertaining workout/lecture series.  Most were anxious to prove their mettle and perhaps attempt to hijack the Q - look

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Shiver Me Timbers

ByPaper Jam Mar 7, 2021

20 PAX stood around trying to keep warm while they listened to many words of wisdom from Chastain at F3 Waxhaw latest version of Q School. After

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Cool Kids @ Q School

ByDraper Mar 6, 2021

#DICCS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety) #Warm Up Minimal warm-up given the different objectives of the day but we did break a sweat.

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F3-Waxhaw Q-School 03-06-2021

ByGhosted Mar 6, 2021

#DICCS (Disclaimers, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety) #Warm Up No real warm up this morning. It was a little chilly so most Pax warmed up in place w

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