Hills, Hills and more Hills

ByTransporter Sep 20, 2021

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception. Mosey to the Lawson club house for

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That bad kinda feeling

ByIce9 Sep 13, 2021

It was a fine morning for Ignition. I was especially excited to see Dasher, who is one of my favorites. (Yes I like and care about you too.) T

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Elmers VQ

ByChicken Little Aug 23, 2021

At 5:18 am Elmers text the chicken a video of Motley Crew Kick Start My Heart !! HELL YEA.. So Schneider, o69 and I cranked that tune up to get p

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The Siren Call

ByGerber Aug 16, 2021

There was the plan for today's Q.  Then Bottlecap texted a picture of some pavers and a "fresh off the truck" porta john at his house in case so

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I’ve been to Lawson 8,457 times, yet

ByHollywood Aug 13, 2021

I still get lost every time I'm there.    Maybe it's because it's always dark at 5:20am when I visit. Anyway, this time I brought some Lawson l

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Weinke -Do

ByFoundation Aug 2, 2021

The time was 5:13 and no Q had been claimed and no Site Q on site, YHC looked around the parking lot and saw 1 gazelle to the right (hocking shir

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Monday Aggression

ByHollywood Jul 12, 2021

Warm Up Thang1: Ran to the nice wood benches behind the HS; did 50 dips feet on benches Thang2: -To the shed; 25 Mike Tysons -To the

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F3 Waxhaw 1776 Challenge – Pre-Blast

ByCarb Load Jun 28, 2021

1776 CHALLENGE Where: Cuthbertson HS Driver’s Education Lot When: Monday, July 5th 6:30 AM Why: To celebrate our Nation’s birthday w

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Ignition Backlast

ByEasy Button Jun 28, 2021

Six guys explored the gloom the get some miles in this morning.  Started with an opening mosey over to the football stadium parking lot where we

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Balls to the…

ByRockwell Jun 14, 2021

DiCCS attempted Short mosey Warmups including the usual plus some new ones from the Lexicon: Jingle Balls Goof Balls Indian Run ball

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