Add and Increase

Add and Increase

Q’ing is like riding a bike… I think, we’ll see.  My last Q was on April 21, 21 – various ailments have put me on the IR on and off this year which sucks.. BUT I was amped up to get back and lead the fine men of Waxhaw on Monday for FLASH.  25 men between Flash and Ingnition.

Warm-up – loop around parking lot to pick up Shopdog –

Head down the path for various exercises pointing out the sections of the route/circuit which would be the main course for the day.  Land at the middle school picnic tables which would be he launching point for most of the morning.

Circuit called Add and Increase – Run a lap around the middle school path with 4 stops. Light by cafe/Poop Palace/path cut in/Alcove by cafe

Light Pole – 10 Mike Tysons

Poop Palace – 10 Mike Tysons + 20 Squats

Path Cut in – 10 Mike Tysons + 20 Squats30 Shoulder Tap Merkins

Alvoce – 10 Mike Tysons + 20 Squats + 30 Shoulder Tap Merkins + 40 Bobby Hurley’s

Shoulder Tap Merkins provided the most grunting from the PAX.  30 seemed a bit aggressive- not often we do an exercise to failure.

back to picnic tables for some dips/derkins and step ups.

Head to Basketball Court for 3 rounds of 15’s

line touches in 1 minute – penalty in burpess for number of touches you came up short

Lap 2 of Add and Increase –  most came close to finishing – if not mosey back to COT and with 1 minute left finish your Shoulder Tap Merkins


I’ve been doing F3 here in Waxhaw for 4 1/2 – 5 years – in various state of shape and health.  There are times when I’m in good shape and can lead the Q from the front – and there are times when I have to lead from the middle or back…  So I think it’s also a life lesson, for home, work or friendship.  You don’t have to be the best at something to take the lead; you just need to guide.

So lots of props to all the 16 PAX that pushed it at Flash – because you were pulling me along for the ride.


IPC – Wed’s and Saturday?  Myth Buster Relay on Friday AM(TBD location- 5am)

Labor Day Convergence Monday at Cuthbertson – something for everyone – 5k, bootcamp or ruck.

peace out


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