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Hills, Hills and more Hills

ByTransporter Sep 20, 2021

Ignition is a challenge,  min of 4 miles and one hour so expectations are high.  Today was no exception. Mosey to the Lawson club house for

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IPC Week Zero – 2021

ByZinfandel Sep 1, 2021

Week 0 IPC 2021 This does NOT count as a Q so don’t you worry Chicken Little.I slept great last night but at 5am I realized where I was headed

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IPC Week -1 In the books….

ByMadDog Aug 28, 2021

 Disclaimer Run coupons over to the scene of the crime Warmup around the circle Workout- Pair up and start online at one end of the

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The Siren Call

ByGerber Aug 16, 2021

There was the plan for today's Q.  Then Bottlecap texted a picture of some pavers and a "fresh off the truck" porta john at his house in case so

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Blackhawk – Increment of 7’s

ByPremature Aug 3, 2021

The Warmup The Warmup started with a little Mosey to start dynamic stretching Ran 400M and completed 15 SSH (to the dog poop stand) Ra

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Chesty friday

ByEx-LAX Jun 25, 2021

The Warm up 15 SSH 20 Imperial Walkers 25 Moroccan Night Clubs Calf stretch Downward Dog Jimmy Dugan to potato pickers The

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More coupons

ByTransporter Jun 16, 2021

So Cowbell is suppose to be a Kettlebell work out but I was not aware of any rules that limited it to Kettlebells So,  the plan was to ad

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Ooh, this is fun

ByBottlecap Jun 11, 2021

11 guys got their money's worth at Swarm.  We learned who knows the PAX first names, who doesn't know how to count, and who thinks they are slow

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