Add and Increase

ByRecalculating Aug 31, 2021

Q'ing is like riding a bike... I think, we'll see.  My last Q was on April 21, 21 - various ailments have put me on the IR on and off this year

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Elmers VQ

ByChicken Little Aug 23, 2021

At 5:18 am Elmers text the chicken a video of Motley Crew Kick Start My Heart !! HELL YEA.. So Schneider, o69 and I cranked that tune up to get p

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Expectation ….

ByChatterbox Aug 16, 2021

Today the intension was to keep the group together as I was expecting FNG’s. I had texted a group of friends about F3 and was expecting at leas

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Flash Shoulders Monday

ByGhosted Aug 9, 2021

DISCS WARM-UP * Mosey lap around CMS Front Parking Circle * 20 Rocking night clubs (Fuze Box:-)) * 20 Side Straddle Hops *20 Imperial

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Chickens Throne of Lies

ByChicken Little Aug 2, 2021

Diccs- Given and covered within 45 seconds since I was running my beak and about forgot to cover-- Warm up Fast mosey to high school entran

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Case of the Mondays Because of Spiders…

ByZinfandel Jul 26, 2021

And for my 76th Q I’m glad the Chicken confirmed my attendance as the Q at Flash. It slipped my mind but great timing to get up on a Monday as

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Rock Paper Scissors SQUAT

ByChastain Jul 19, 2021

Anyone who has been to one of my rainy day Qs knows I'm not afraid to get people wet. That said, today I was hoping the rain would hold off cause

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Just like riding a bike, except the back blast part….

ByCenterfold Jul 18, 2021

I haven't Q'd a boot camp for quite some time as I've been mashing for so long given my knee surgery.  I'm finally back to full time running as

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F3 Waxhaw 1776 Challenge – Pre-Blast

ByCarb Load Jun 28, 2021

1776 CHALLENGE Where: Cuthbertson HS Driver’s Education Lot When: Monday, July 5th 6:30 AM Why: To celebrate our Nation’s birthday w

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Muggy Monday Morning

ByRicky Bobby Jun 28, 2021

I was pretty excited to Q this site this morning. This is a big campus and there are many areas to do different things. Chicken Little made sure

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