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What’s a Fartlek??  What’s a Fartsack?  Which is better?  Well, we all know what a fartsack is.  Some more recent than others (BC).  That being said, you’re only as good as your last post and while a fartsack feels good when the alarm goes off at 4:30am, it doesn’t feel good when you roll out of bed and know you missed a workout at 7:30am.

Fartlek, which means “speed play” (not the speed play most PAX are probably used to) in Swedish, is continuous training with interval training. Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long-distance run. Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.” (Thanks Wikpedia).

With the call out yesterday for all those with a desire to get faster to come out 16 pax hopped aboard the train this morning.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey behind school to HS parking lot
  • SSH x 10 IC
  • IW x 10 IC
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Glidah stretch

The Thang:

5-4-3-2-1 and 4-3-2-1 Fartlek

SET 1:

  • Hard 10k pace for 5 minutes
    • Recovery run for 3 minutes and collect everyone
  • Hard 10k pace for 4 minutes
    • Recovery run for 2 minutes and collect everyone
  • Hard 10k pace for 3 minutes
    • Recovery run for 2 minutes and collect everyone
  • Hard 5k pace for 2 minutes
    • Recovery run for 1 minute and collect everyone
  • Hard 5k pace+ for 1 minute

Recovery run for 5 minutes

SET 2:

  • Hard 10k pace for 4 minutes
    • Recovery run for 2 minutes and collect everyone
  • Hard 10k pace for 3 minutes
    • Recovery run for 2 minutes and collect everyone
  • Hard 5k pace for 2 minutes
    • Recovery run for 1 minute and collect everyone
  • Hard 5k pace+ for 1 minute

Recovery run for last 5 minutes

Finished!  I think everyone had somewhere between 4+ and 8+ miles


The Fartlek workout can be great for large groups and varying speeds (which we had today) because the goal isn’t distance, but time.  With the middle school loop and the COT parking lot acting as an equalizer we could have 16 pax of varying speeds finishing each rep at about the same time.

Awesome to see 16 people at Waxhaw Express.  Great to seeing Bypass, Loafer and Flanders continuing to come out and put in the work.

Solid group as always with the “Antelopes”.  They are getting faster every week.  It shows how having a group to keep you accountable and push can and will make you better (and not just more physically fit).

Welcome Red Tape and Ex Lax to Waxhaw Express.  Keep coming back!

Great to see Fuse Box and Posse out today pushing themselves.

Hurry, TT, and BC killed it today as usual.  Well done and thanks for the push, especially on that last sprint BC.

If you are on the fence about coming out to Waxhaw Express, come on out.  You can’t get faster and can’t improve without getting uncomfortable.  If this type of workout is outside your comfort zone that it may be just what you need.  See you there!


Blood drive is January 30th from 9:00 until 1:30.  Use the link below to sign up and post it across your social media channels (I’ve found in the past that neighborhood facebook pages tend to bring in the highest number of signups).  If you haven’t seen this posted in your neighborhood, take a minute to go post this up now please.


Wax-Travanganza:  CSAUP event (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)

  • Saturday Feb 6th
  • Starting and ending in Downtown Waxhaw
  • Great opportunity for 1st F (about 3 hours of working out)
  • Great opportunity for 2nd F (Waxhaw Taphouse opening early for us after the workout)

Lower the Gates

It finally happened.  The gates were lowered, the drawbridge extended and Waxhaw Express took a field trip to the Crests of Briar.  Why?  Because the only time that worked for most of the pax that would attend was still 5:15am, they live in the CofB, and change of scenery is always nice.  Would anyone care?  Would anyone come?

Well, 5 pax (including 2 non-residents) craved the earlier start time and need for speed

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey around Brutus’s block and all the way down Laurel Hill to the house with about 100 old school plastic blow mold decorations
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Calf Stretch
  • Glidah stretch
  • LBMC x 20
  • Toy Soliders


The Thang:

Laurel “Hell” Segment:

  • .25 mile uphill to the entrance of CofB
  • Hard pace up the hill
  • Slow Mosey back down
  • Repeat x 5
  • Mosey down Radcliffe to the top of Wynhurst

Wynhurst Segments:

  • ½ mile from one end of Wynhurst to the other
  • Hard pace the entire length, mosey back for six to finish together
  • 30 second breather
  • Repeat x 4
  • Mosey to the top of Radcliffe

Buckeye Block Segment

  • Another ½ mile segment
  • First two sections are downhill
  • Last two sections are uphill
  • One time then slow mosey back to start



Awesome to see Loafer and Flanders at Waxhaw Express. First of many trips aboard I assume.  They are training for a half marathon and a good speed workout every week will surely help their training.  Their goal was 4-5 miles today and I think they both got over 6.  Great job.

Hurry and TT killed it today as usual.  My goal during these workouts is to not get dropped….. too badly.

If you are on the fence about coming out to Waxhaw Express, come on out.  You can’t get faster and can’t improve without getting uncomfortable.  If this type of workout is outside your comfort zone that it may be just what you need.  See you there!

Where Do You Hide Your Elf On The Shelf?

Just what the world needs.  Another Waxhaw Backblast.  You’re welcome.

If you showed up for Swarm today, surprise, it’s just a 1.5 mile warmup and test drive through the AMRAP course so Dasher can feel comfortable about leaving early for his vacation to the beautiful city of Raleigh in December.

Swarm circled back, grabbed the Impromptu crew and off we went to the high school stairs for version 34 of Recalc’s AMRAP.

Most people were probably already prepared for today’s course thanks to the outstanding job Recalc did on the preblast map.  That being said, everything was laid out and easy to read on cones.

The Thang:

Station 1: Run to the top of the stairs by the school for Squats x 20

Station 2:  Run down the path to the intersection that takes you up to the traffic circle for 20 Big Boy Situps

Station 3:  Run to Rudy’s Shed for Donkey Kicks x 20

Station 4:  Run to the basketball court for Bunny Hops the length of the court and back

Station 5: Run to benches behind middle school for Derkins x 10

Station 6:  Run to the Breezeway, Bear Crawl length of breezeway

Before you start second lap, 2 burpess, increase by 2 burpess every lap

Time was called at 6:10


So where do you hide your Elf on the Shelf?  How long does it take to hide it?  These are all great questions.  When Sugar Daddy didn’t make the Swarm start this morning it was because he was hiding his Elf on the Shelf.  Well done, looks like you started the AMRAP a little early today.

Perfect weather for an AMRAP this morning.  Not to hold, not too cold.  Don’t tell that to Deflated who was completely covered except for his eyes.  Maybe it wasn’t even him.  Bottlecap and Easy Button were tagged with “overdressing” as well.

Most PAX got in between 3.5 and 5 rounds.  Great job for a new course.  Besides the bunny hops I’ll give two thumbs up to version 34.  Can’t wait to see what version 35 brings to the table.

Until next month gents……..

The True Burpee Mile™

Why has no one ever replicated the True Burpee Mile™ successfully?

Because it’s impossible.

Not really, but Champion Forest is set up perfectly with a mile from top to bottom with 20 stops along street lights. No back and forth, no laps, just one straight shot of pure misery.

9 pax decided 52 degrees, foggy, and 100% humidity (not a joke) were perfect running conditions

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey long way around the back of the school to the drivers ed lot
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 10 IC
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • MC x 10 IC
  • Glidah stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • LBMC x 20


The Thang:

Mosey to the Beginning of Champion Forest for the True Burpee Mile™:

  • It’s simple and it’s miserable
  • Start at the entrance with 5 burpees
  • 5 burpees at the next 19 street lights all the way to the end of Waynewood which is exactly a mile
  • 100 burpees / 1 mile
  • BOOM


  • Mosey up Dobson through the woods, past the cemetery into Lawson
  • Spotted three of the LRC guys, asked them to join and were dissed
  • Start at the top of Methodist Church Lane
    • 10 squats
    • Run to bottom, 10 Big Boy Situps
    • Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets


  • Mosey up Southern Trace to intersection with the end of Lawson Dr.
  • “Straight Outta Lawson” segment
    • 2/3 of a mile downhill with a brutal uphill to Mill Chase Ln
  • Circle back for the six


  • Mosey to island in front of crazy cabin guy
  • Heels to Heaven x 10 IC
  • Mosey to benches in front of Middle School
    • 10 Derkins
    • 20 Step Ups
    • 30 Dips
    • Hot lap around entire parking lot
    • Two laps
  • Mosey back to start



This workout had it all:

  1. A “Deadwood” opening mosey that took off for about a mile
  2. The “Glidah” stretch which is still hanging tough as a top 5 called warmup exercise
  3. The True Burpee Mile™
  4. Fog
  5. Dark woods and running next to a cemetery
  6. A run in with the LRC biker gang (with them scampering off)
  7. Strava segments
  8. Running on Cuthbertson Rd.
  9. Taunting of Crazy Cabin Guy (Easy Button)
  10. Over 5 miles covered
  11. Zero site Qs in attendance

Great job on the True Burpee Mile™ everyone.  It’s an Ignition classic and the setup is hard to duplicate.  Glad to initiate Hurry, Tool Time, and Tuck, y’all are official now.

Hurry tied for first on the “Straight Outta Lawson” segment which sounds great, and it is.  However, he completely stopped and basically took a smoke break (and maybe even a nap) one street too early until he realized he had another street to go.  No doubt he would have taken it easily.

Tool Time, Bottlecap, and Easy Button also put in top 5 segment times, Waxhaw is getting fast.

Welcome Tuck to Ignition.  I think this was your first Ignition post.  Passport stamped and well done.

It’s good to see Deadwood and Rubbermaid back at Ignition.  They were apparently so happy to see each other as well because they stuck together the whole workout.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.


  • Briarcrest Turkey Trot 5k and 10k are this Thursday. The 10k starts at 8am-ish and the 5k starts at 8:15am-ish.  Not too late to join and it’s for a great cause.  DM Chicken Little for more info.


A Dinner With All the Fixins

Post 50 year rainfall event and still having some light rain.  Would anyone show to the hottest Thursday night meal ticket in town? Well, the big dogs still have to eat.

8 pax and 2.0s decided against table scraps and came to the big boy table for a full helping of all the goods and all the trimmings.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey to the covering in front of the middle school
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Glidah stretch
  • LBMC x 20

The Thang:

Mosey to the breezeway:

  • Broad jump the length of breezeway, then run the short lap back to the beginning
  • Repeat with forward crabwalk, then backwards crabwalk, then bear crawl
  • Hold decline plank on column while waiting on the six


  • Mosey to the covered stairs
  • 10 Big Boys, broad jump up the steps, lunge walk two poles, run to wall by school for 10 Donkey Kicks, run down path for 10 Mike Tysons, then back to the beginning for a burpee to correspond to the lap you’re on
  • Repeat for a total of 4 laps


  • Flutter Web:
  • 1 Flutter IC, 1 American Knockout IC, 2 Merkins
  • Continue to 10 Flutters IC, 10 American Knockouts IC, and 2 Merkins


  • Mosey to Rudy’s Shed
  • Wall sit for 15 Air Presses IC, 15 Jabs IC
  • 10 Air Presses IC, 10 Jabs IC
  • 5 Air Presses IC, 5 Jabs IC
  • 10 wall shoulder taps IC


  • Paula Abdul back to AO
  • Run up two lights for 2 burpees
  • Run back 1 light for 5 squats
  • Continue all the way back to start



You’ve seen the reviews on Yelp, Open Table, Zagat, and Google.  The perfect reviews across the board speak for themselves.  We have yet to have someone leave hungry and unsatisfied.

Floppy Disk enjoyed the fixins so much we may have to consider branded bibs.

C3PO and T1000 were so eager for larger portions they left Johnny 5 at home so they could get more.

Baio may be a cheapskate and continually taking advantage week after week of the “kids eat free” with Guinness but the results are paying off as both father and son are looking healthy and well fed.

Wrigley has taken the role of calling out patrons who order more food than they can eat and is about to start charging for leftovers.

The more Speedbump eats the more he talks.  If you’ve been there lately the eatin is good.

Chatterbox and Ruckin were missed tonight, they’ve been regulars lately but if they miss another week their standing reservation might get cancelled.

Blue Screen was also absent tonight.  Maybe he’s upset dinner is being served after 4pm or maybe he got lost on the way there with his 2008 Rand McNally special.  A silver alert has been issued and we hope to see you back next week.

Living the 2% Life

What does that even mean?  2% effort? Showing up 2% of the time?

13 pax decided to live the 2% life and came out to Pursuit.  5 Ruckers and 8 Runners

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • This is Pursuit so the warm ups are simple
  • .8 mile run to the second traffic circle up Millbridge Parkway from the clubhouse.
  • SSH, IW, Jimmy Dugan, Calf Stretch, Glida FTH (foot to hand), and LBMC (little baby mountain climbers)

The Thang:

The Big Dipper:  Start at the traffic circle and run to the end of Millbridge Parkway until it dead ends on Lynn Cover.  Take a right and follow back to Millbridge Parkway and back to the traffic circle.  Loop is a little over a mile.  Next time run the loop the opposite direction.  If you look at your Strava map it kinda looks like the Big Dipper.

Continue running the loop in a clockwise then counter clockwise direction until 6:05 and then meet back at the traffic circle to group mosey back.  Most everyone completed 4-5 Big Dipper loops.


Rainy day workouts are my favorite.  Why?  Because you have to commit to them the night before not truly knowing what the morning will bring.  That’s life.  So many times you plan for something to go right and it goes wrong or you plan for something wrong and it goes right.  The challenge in life is to not let your external circumstances dictate your internal decisions and choices and who you are.  This morning may have ended up being rain free and only “wet and moist” but these men decided last night that regardless of the 98% chance of rain in the morning they were going to post.  That makes them part of the 2% today and well done.   Stay part of the 2% because it defines you as a leader and makes you stand out among other men.  Also, encourage and push others to join you in the 2%.


Family Dining by Candlelight

Tonight was the first Clyent Dinner post Daylight Savings so would be getting dark shortly after we started.  The goal was to keep the runs shorts, activity level high, and keep off the vehicular areas with the 2.0s.

19 pax w/ their 2.0s came out for Candlelight Dinning.

This is a late post so I can remember everything.  I know we did a Merkin, Donkey Kick, Big Boy web counting down from 10 to 1.  Mike Tysons were served along with squats and LBCs.  Dips, Derkins, and Step Ups were served for dessert with a side of Burpees

The main takeaway from tonight was the TEN 2.0s out there.  That’s right, the 2.0s outnumbered the pax.  That’s awesome.  Clyent Dinner did not set out to be an evening 2.0 friendly workout but with pax schedules and responsibilities it sort of evolved that way and it’s great.  The pax get a great workout and get to bring their 2.0s along for the ride.

Having your 2.0 seeing you out there working out and working out with you is a huge bonding moment.  A lot of our 2.0s have probably seen a lot more sedentary time than normal this year and Clyent Dinner is another way to get them out there moving.  Personally, Clyent Dinner is one of my most looked forward to workouts of the week due to the time I get to spend with my 2.0 and the meal we grab together afterwards.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Perfect weather and with an early arrival to pre-run YHC discovered that half of the parking lot was full of parked buses.  Due to early voting at MRHS the bus lot is now the voting lot.  YHC doesn’t like change and apparently neither did the person in the 4 Runner who drove up and then drove off right before 5:30am….. jokes on you, you missed a good one.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Mosey backwards loop around the back half of the high school lot to avoid the buses.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Various stretches

The Thang:

  • 20 Merkins, run to median
  • 19 Flutters (2 is 1), run back to start
  • 18 Merkins, run to median
  • 17 Flutters (2 is 1), run back to start
  • Continue until
  • 2 Merkins, run to median
  • 1 Flutter (2 is 1)
  • Mary for the six

Mosey to the road that goes on the side of the HS

  • Start at speed bump with 10 singe count quality step out lunges
  • Run to street light, 5 burpees
  • Alternate 10 lunges and 5 burpees at every light around the globe
  • Mary for the six

Mosey in front of the HS

  • Captain Therkin Web
  • 1 big boy situp, 4 American Hammers, 2 Merkins
  • 2 big boy situps, 8 American Hammers, 2 Merkins
  • Continue until 10 big boys, 40 American Hammers, 2 Merkins

Long Mosey to the brick alley beside the Middle School

  • Wall sit air presses x 20 IC while we wait on the six
  • 10 donkey kicks
  • 10 wall sit air jabs IC
  • 15 donkey kicks
  • 15 wall sit air presses IC
  • 20 donkey kicks
  • 20 wall sit air jabs IC
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • 25 wall sit air presses IC

Mosey down back path to benches behind Middle School

  • Dips x 30 IC while we wait on the six
  • 10 quick step ups

Mosey to bottom of HS lot

  • 10 plank jacks IC
  • 5 six inch plank jacks IC

Mosey back to COT

  • Mary for last 90 seconds



Perfect morning to post.  Seemed like good number across the board. Threw a curveball today and kept the mileage at about 2.5 miles.  Maybe Chiseled out ran us today.  The initial 110 Merkins/100 Flutter start with some running took a little longer than anticipated.  Could it have been audibled?  Sure, but where is the fun in that.

The buses being in the parking lot definitely gave a different look and made staying alert even more important today.  It actually didn’t seem to impact the workout at all and if anything it kept the drivers from flying down that main road that we cross.

Everyone did a great job today and pushed hard, well done.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.


  • SOB blood drive is this Friday at the Brace YMCA. If YOU did not donate last Saturday, now is your change.  DaVinci is having a post blood drive friendly workout Saturday morning at well if you do donate or just like to modify, this one’s for you.
  • Operation Hot Wheels is Saturday Nov 7. We will be replacing wheel chair ramp boards and paving a section of sidewalk for a local 9th grade girl in need in downtown Waxhaw.  Please let Shop Dawg know if you can help out that day with time and donations are needed.

The Waxhaw Express Tour

Crispy morning for Waxhaw Express this Tuesday, mid 40s.

Solid turnout of 7 looking to work on their speed and tour the Cuthbertson Campus, Champion Forest, and Lawson.

Unofficial DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey the back way around the campus to the drivers ed lot on the side of the high school
  • Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Calf Stretch x 15 seconds, flapjack
  • Dynamic Downward Dog and Upward Dog
  • Dynamic Little Baby Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey to the bottom of Champion Forest for hill repeats

  • Run .3 mile uphill to Chisolm Ct.
  • Recover back
  • Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Mosey on the trail that goes by the old Methodist cemetery into Lawson.  Right on Ringtail, right on Southern Trace to Lawson Dr.

  • Hard run the entire length of Lawson Dr. to entrance on Cuthbertson, about .6 miles
  • new segment “Straight Outta Lawson” was created, congrats Glidah on the crown… for now

Mosey to entrance of the school by crazy cabin guy

  • Hard mosey around the front of the middle school loop and back to COT


A little over 6 miles in the books


Great work today.  The cooler temps definitely made the hill work not as bad even though it still sucked.

Kuddos to Chastain for getting after it today, the man can sprint.

Good to see Smithers out at the Express.  It may not be the 10+ miles you are accustomed to on a workout but hopefully the speed work will help with your distance running.

Premature continues to push outside his comfort zone.

Glidah has become a beast at the Express.

Tool Time and Dasher were up there as usual pushing the pace.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.

IPC Week 3 at Cutty

IPC Week 3



Run 400m
100 merkins
Run 400m
90 squats
Run 400m
80 merkins
Run 400m
70 squats
Run 400m
60 merkins
Run 400m
50 squats
Run 400m
40 merkins
Run 400m
30 squats
Run 400m
20 merkins
Run 400m
10 squats
***Run 800m***



Dasher: 34:35

Tanyatine: 38:36

Bottlecap: 41:44

Doughboy: 44:23

Premature: 46:19

Chicken Little: 48:41

Recalculating: 49:16

Deep Dish: 51:05

Mad Dog: 51:17

Popeye: 53:13

Bread Bowl: 55:21

Ghosted: 57:26

C3PO: 57:57

Turnbuckle: 1:20:55



Pretty good work out there of the most part today.  Dasher has the merkin form down to the most compact fluid movement possible, well done.

Chicken and Recalc were great accountability partners and did a great job pushing each other.  Recalc also yelled out at will to “get down” and other various things throughout the workout.

Ghosted picked the perfect time to start posting.  All his posts have been IronPax and the convergence 5k.  Way to start on top.

Great resolve by TB, keep up the great work