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No running? My a**!

BySchnitzel Apr 6, 2022

Apparently I am known for covering a lot of miles during my Q'ing... I wonder what the Swarm guys would think about that from two weeks ago! Haha

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Surprise, Surprise

BySchnitzel Mar 25, 2022

Man - I was shocked on Thursday morning, when my reminder popped up that I have to Q Swarm the next day. I totally forgot that I signed up for it

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The living Sat-Nav system: Steroid

BySchnitzel Feb 21, 2022

There are so many puns when it comes to our Guest Q's name...so I better leave them out! ;-) The prospect of having another Metro Q - with unhear

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Stinger stings…

BySchnitzel Feb 1, 2022

With 5 seconds to go, around 15 PAX (including RECALCULATING with his normal shorts and sleeveless shirt attire) were anxiously asking themselves

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It’s Just a “Little Dot”

ByDeep Dish Jan 5, 2022

Upon arrival, a few raindrops were on our windshields.  Q and PAX were perplexed as rain was not in the forecast and Q's weinke had very little

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Three Q’s for one workout

BySchnitzel Jan 3, 2022

Looking at the weather forecast last night, it was all apocalyptic for this morning. But our always great mood in Waxhaw seemed to work again and

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Morning delight served at the only site with its own moon (eye)

BySchnitzel Nov 15, 2021

The Lycan is still a very young site and Posse and Dunkin are trying to get more Pax out there. My last two times when I was out there, we were m

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I saw a Snake, Man

ByDoughBoy Oct 14, 2021

Pre-Workout The Wednesday Dromedary spot was open and PreMature asked if I could come on up to Q.  I got to Marvin plenty early to see the ma

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