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Day After Soreness

ByBlue Screen Apr 11, 2022

Asylum less than Lanfill and I did the Spartan race yesterday... a bit more stiffness and sort spots than the usual Monday morning at Asylum. OH

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Sleep-Queueing Can Be Dangerous

ByBlue Screen Mar 10, 2022

Blue Screen queued Asylum with about 3 hours sleep and zombied through the workout.  Oh yea... (Loafer)! Starfish with big boys, lunges, sp

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Weird reference to a 80’s show

BySchnitzel Oct 11, 2021

Asylum is for me most likely the furthest away in the Waxhaw region... on the way I encountered 5 deer! Drive safely when you are coming out to a

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Burn Out

ByDoughBoy Aug 31, 2021

Pre-Workout My call this  Q is to everyone who has not led a workout.  You may think it is hard to step in front of men and tell them what t

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Dreaming Up a Workout…literally

ByAckbar Aug 23, 2021

When I lead Q, I am a nervous wreck and sleep like crap, every time. Same when I preach on Sundays, I'm a nervous wreck and sleep like crap. And

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Lift Stuff Like Men!!

ByChicken Little Aug 18, 2021

DICCS- Given and covered to include all the fun stuff-- cpr, cell phone , do not sue, modify as needed ect.. Warm UP Mosey to entrance and

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Asylum Field Trip

ByMadDog Aug 16, 2021

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Backblast here.  Quick mosey  Warm up  Mosey to the old “201 Central” shopping center We did st

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Barefoot Q

ByIce9 Aug 13, 2021

Prelude Yes, it is true. I Q'd Diesel barefoot. And I arrived at 5:35am with the truck at full throttle, though the workout starts at 5:30. Bu

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